Chapter 1686: The Crimson Sol with No Escape

Heaven Demon Ancestor finally showed terror on his face.

Crimson Sol’s temperature was something he had never experienced before. 

He had also hated the glow of the Crimson Sol since birth. The light could burn its skin and could even cause his body to slowly wither with time.

Imagining himself turning into ashes after entering the Crimson Sol, the Heaven Demon Ancestor started ripping frenziedly at Chu Mu wanting to tear him apart!

Chu Mu not only grabbed the Heaven Demon Ancestor by the body, he also grabbed its soul.

At their level, even with a completely shattered body, an intact soul was enough to revive it. Thus, Chu Mu wouldn’t give this Heaven Demon Ancestor any chance to escape!


Flames pounced forth, revealing a brilliant red scene!

Flames curled around, lava sprayed forth, and bellows of flames roared.

At this moment, the cratered surface of the Crimson Sol was already visible. It was filled...

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