Chapter 1685: Eternal Imprisonment

Chu Mu battled and retreated. He was finding a way to enter the Crimson Sol.

He needed the Crimson Sol’s energy, even if he didn’t know whether the unrefined Crimson Sol energy could give him enough energy.

The tongues of flames at the surface of the Sol already was by Chu Mu. The temperature was something Chu Mu had never felt.

Since birth, he was bathed in this sunlight. This glow was like air, easy to neglect but crucial for survival.

Chu Mu had never thought he would feel the flames of the skies this close up. In fact, if he flew any further, he could reach the surface of the Crimson Sol.

The high temperature was too familiar. Chu Mu felt that he was constantly communicating with this high temperatures.

Chu Mu glanced at the chasing Heaven Demon Ancestor and glanced back at the human world.

From this height, the human world truly was tiny. Chu Mu couldn’t see anything even if he tried.

Suddenly, the star river revealed...

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