Chapter 1684: He Must Be Fighting

“Si la!!!!!!!!”

A crack suddenly appeared from the southern end of the plains. Like a savage beast, it hurtled towards Northern Territory City. 

The city’s walls were split by the crack. It passed through the city’s streets and defenses. From above, it looked like the city had been chopped into two. 

Within the crack was a bottomless chasm. A panic arose the instant the city was split into two. 

The terrifying crack not only appeared in Northern Territory City; it also appeared in the large cities across the human territory. 

Large groups of black-winged creatures flew out from the chasm. Their eyes were a dark yellow color and the instant they saw a living human, these eyes would color with greed. 

The city was chaos. The city guards not only had to defend the boundaries of the city, but also had to deploy more forces towards the crack. 

The roars of soul pets and cries of demon devils could be heard everywhere. Nothing could be seen in the darkness, and it was these moments that were the scariest. When humans couldn’t acclimatize to the situation, their imaginations wouldn’t run wild. And when these terrifying faces suddenly appeared in the darkness,...

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