Chapter 1683: Flying Towards Crimson Sol


There was not much time left. Heaven Boundary Monuments were collapsing, Chu Mu did not know how long they could last.

Meanwhile, one billion Heaven Demons were gathering towards Northern Territory. If he could not kill Heaven Demon Ancestor soon, everything would end.

Not only the people Chu Mu cared about, Chu Mu’s soul pets as well.

Chu Mu did not know how many people he could save once the world collapsed. However, one thing was certain. If he lost any of his soul pets or someone he cared about, that feeling would be heartbreaking!

Chu Mu looked up at the Crimson Sol which only showed a corona.

He leapt up and flew away from the earth surface.

A streak of blinding crimson flash pierced through the sky and shot towards the star river.

Heaven Demon Ancestor saw that Chu Mu actually ignored the one billion Heaven Demons in human territory and sneered.

It spread its wings and flapped powerfully,...

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