Chapter 1679: Heaven Palace Melee!

A gust of wind blew past.

Chu Mu saw a pair of menacing wings and a sneering face.

However, in the next moment, a claw suddenly appeared!

Chu Mu was unable to react. This guy’s speed was too fast!

The claw stretched out and pierced through Chu Mu’s chest!

Da~! Da~! Da~!

Blood seeped out from Chu Mu’s chest, flowed along this demonic hand and dripped onto the ground.

Chu Mu’s hands were still holding up the Crimson Sol energy. When he looked down, he saw this demonic claw already penetrated through his body!

Chu Mu’s expression turned into disbelief.

It had always been him who dug out his enemy’s heart to crush. He never expected someone to pierce his chest while he was defenseless!

Yu Tian began to laugh maniacally. That human face’s muscle started to twist and a strange rash began to appear. That appearance looked extremely disgusting, like a demon that tore open its human mask.

“You are not the only Half Human in this world,” Yu Tian made a creepy smile.

He raised...

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