Chapter 1676: Ten Thousand Year Wheel Level Phoenix Ancestor

“Hahaha, so weak, so weak!” Underworld Demon Lord stepped on the rubble of a palace and its explosively muscular body occupied the space in Heaven Palace.

Behind Underworld Demon Lord, Inferno Ghost Lord manipulated the blood and skewered the corpses of those Heaven Palace Forbidden army soldiers which were killed. Right now, the chain already skewered a few hundred corpses, just like a collection of trophies!

Limbo Flower Queen stood between the two ferocious monsters and appeared like a misfit.

However, the blood mist lingering around it indicated that this publicly acknowledged strongest Undying rank was also very angry.

She did not make a move, only glaring at the chaotic Heaven Palace with a cold gaze.

Other than these three Undying rank, Ancient Flood Dragon Person was already destroying Heaven Palace and Heaven City.

This Evil Dragon ate a large group of Forbidden army soldiers, instilling fear into the rest of them.

The Black Nightmare from Sequence Lands began to throw a barrage...

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