Chapter 1674: Totem Divine Maiden Dai Qing

Purple flame and black flame clashed fiercely with crimson flame’s illumination as background!

Hades Fox God was extremely agile, the black flame and Black Sol’s child could not even touch it.

As it dashed around, its bloody claw had already torn open Black Sol’s son’s skin!

Imperial Concubine Dragon Maiden hovered at the side and watched this battle.

She was unable to join in a battle on this level.

They were very expertized in their control of power. Every attack unleashed was like deploying a chess piece in order to prepare for injuring the opponent in the next move.

Just as Haze Fox God said, a battle was not a clash of strength. Haze Fox God’s battle taught Dragon Maiden a lesson.

Dragon Maiden had always assumed the strongest creature was in Heaven Palace. However, it seemed that this Black Sol’s son and Hades Fox God possessed strength on par with Heaven Palace’s strongest!

Chu Mu took a glance at the battle, Hades Fox God’s strength certainly surprised him....

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