Chapter 1673: The Possessed Bai Yu

Dragon Maiden was easily enraged, especially after realizing that this kind of people would actually hide inside the sacred Heaven Palace. She could not calm herself down and stared furiously at Black Sol’s child.

The skin on her face started to change and gradually became dragon scale. Her hands also began morphing into sharp claws.

Her body merged with Imperial Concubine Dragon and Dragon Maiden rapidly transformed into a half human half dragon form!

Black Sol’s child watched Dragon Maiden’s transformation in disdain and simply allowed her dragon breath hit him.

Chu Mu, Hades Fox God and Dragon Maiden were all Undying rank. Since this Black Sol’s child dared to stand before them alone, it meant this Black Sol’s son was confident to take on three Undying rank all by himself.

“What’s wrong? Is this fellow making you uncomfortable?” Suddenly, Hades Fox God asked Chu Mu.

Chu Mu had been maintaining a strange expression, partly anger, partly astonishment.

Chu Mu did not...

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