Chapter 1671: Severing Heaven Palace’s Lifeline

The Heaven Demons inhabiting below Heaven Palace were all high rank. If these 30,000 Heaven Demons appeared in the human world, no armies in the human territory could oppose them.

Meanwhile, Yellow Spring Emperor’s strength was also fully displayed now. It did not use any powerful technique, but bore through a bloody hole from the crowd of monsters using brute force.

“Let’s go. It has not enjoyed a slaughter for a long time. Let it have its fun,” Hades Fox God told Chu Mu.

“......” Chu Mu was a little speechless.

He could tell that it was really difficult to find an opponent to spar with after reaching Undying rank. That explained why Yellow Spring Emperor did not want to use any technique so that it could enjoy this slaughter for a bit longer.

Alright, the life of an Undying rank was actually rather boring.

With Yellow Spring Emperor opening the path, those Heaven Demons could not hinder their advancement at all.

The densely packed Heaven Demons were swept away by Yellow Spring...

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