Chapter 1670: The Heaven Demon Nest Under Heaven City

“Open the barrier,” Chu Mu told Dragon Maiden at his side.

“No! If they harm Heaven Palace......” said Dragon Maiden.

“Have you forgotten what Human Mother told you??” said Chu Mu.

Dragon Maiden gritted her teeth. She walked to the edge of the wheel platform and started chanting an incantation.

Unlocking the barrier was actually very complicated. Dragon Maiden took a long time to completely remove the barrier.

After the barrier was gone, Dragon Maiden still stared at Yellow Spring Emperor and Hades Fox God cautiously.

Meanwhile, Hades Fox God and Yellow Spring Emperor simply ignored Dragon Maiden and looked towards the other execution ground.

Heaven Palace was still trembling and shaking violently. It could be seen that Underworld Demon Lord’s rage had reached a peak.

Underworld Demon Lord had a short fuse in the first place, and there was also Inferno Ghost Lord which had a similar temper next to it. Once they struggled free, they would definitely...

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