Chapter 167: Eighth Phase Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect (2)

Chapter 167: Eighth Phase Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect (2)

The sound of fighting from the building had clearly startled the Heavenly Devil Insects dominating the center of the club. On top of the large, ancient, temple-like grey building instantly appeared a large cluster of Heavenly Devil Insects. Suddenly, lightning-like buzzing noises rang out, causing everyone to have a headache from their ears ringing!

“Protect your own soul remembrance.” Meng Huazhong once more reminded everyone.

This time, there was a simultaneous release of the Noise Disturbance technique by nearly a hundred Heavenly Devil Insects. The force from the sound wave transformed into a seemingly tangible biting force that unexpectedly instantly shattered those fake mountains. Even the items full of filth on the ground began to exhibit traces of tearing!

Under Noise Disturbance, elemental world soul pets were fundamentally unable to chant incantations, and their minds would suffer from even more serious repercussions.

Ye Qingzi, Zhang Qian, and Feng Qi all chanted incantations to add a mental protection onto the Ice Fire Demon Fairy, the Raging Flame Fairy, and the Rock Meteor Fairy. This way, they would lessen the pain that they had to bear.

“Summon your soul pets.” Meng Huazhong also knew that they had presently entered the true Heavenly Devil Insect nest. He didn’t preserve his strength anymore, and he began to chant an incantation, directly entering a double summon!

Meng Huazhong was very obviously a spirit master. His double summon speed was very quick, and two summoning patterns shot out from both sides of his body. A radiant magnificence shimmered, manifesting into a golden colored enormous winged soul pet and a Dark Clan Rhinoceros!

The gold enormous winged soul pet was one of the most common breed of commander soul pets from the wing type soul pet world - Sunset Magic Roc

Sunset Magic Roc: Beast World - wing type - Magic Roc species - high class commander rank

The Sunset Magic Roc possessed two golden colored wings that resembled the afterglow from a sunset. Each one of its feathers was like an incomparably sharp piece of gold. From far away, the Sunset Magic Roc looked like a sculpture made of gold; its edges were clear, it was energetic and robust, and it was full of powerful aura!


The eighth phase first stage Magic Roc flapped its wings once, and a violent wind was swept up. Including its tail, the body of this Sunset Magic Roc reached a length of over six meters; it truly had strength. Unexpectedly, the one flap of its wings allowed it to fly a dozen meters up into the air!

On the other side was Meng Huazhong’s Dark Clan Rhinoceros. The Dark Clan Rhinoceros had a terrifying bone horn that reached a length of nearly half a meter which respectfully extended from its powerful shoulders. Its body was similar to a Light Rhinoceros, but it was clearly a bit more robust. Moreover, on its tail end wasn’t a furry portion- instead it was full of sharp protrusions. Once they were flung out, they would be able to leave a long mark on its enemy’s body!

The seventh phase ninth stage Dark Clan Rhinoceros, when the Sunset Magic Roc flapped its wings and flew, instantly let out a morale boosting roar technique. The terrifying roar and the aura spat out rushed into the sky, fiercely colliding with the Heavenly Devil Insects’ Noise Disturbance technique!

The Dark Clan Rhinoceros’ terrifying roar lessened the mental pressure on everyone, and protected their minds from suffering any serious disturbance. The four people also took advantage of the opportunity to decisively chant an incantation and summon a second soul pet to enter the fight!

“Devil Tree, triple release!”

Chu Mu had a spirit master’s soul remembrance. As long as he protected his mind, his incantations would only suffer very weak disturbances. He was also the first one to summon his second soul pet.

The sixth phase fourth stage Devil Tree Battle Soldier magnificently appeared from the pattern. Without needing to chant an incantation, it directly used three techniques!

Piercing Branch!

Root Puncture!

Demon Wood Shield!

Piercing Branch flew on an incline up into the sky, instantly piercing through two, Two Winged Heavenly Devil Insect bodies. The two corpses were fixed rigidly in midair.


Piercing Branch had a follow up technique. After impaling those two Two Winged Heavenly Devil Insects, countless extremely tough tiny branches crazily sprouted out of the two corpses. They proliferated in the surrounding area, and they bound together three, Two Winged Heavenly Devil Insects flying across!

Over seventy demon wood roots sprang out of the ground, causing the ground to be changed beyond recognition by these connected roots!

The demon wood Root Puncture's height was ten meters, and attacked those that happened to fly low. It was already targeting those Heavenly Devil Insects that were a threat to everyone!

The Demon Wood Shield was added onto its own body, to prevent it from suffering direct Heavenly Devil Insect Attacks.

“Water Mount!”

The eighth phase Water Moon that Ye Qingzi summoned also possessed elemental willpower techniques. Moreover, its realm was very high, so even under the pressure of this Noise Disturbance technique, it was able to very easily use the water type technique.

A number of waves were pushed forth and from the center of the waves abruptly soared up tall water pillars!

Ye Qingzi’s Water Mount technique wasn’t used to attack. Instead, preserving these water pillars would protect the five soul pet trainers inside the water pillar array, preventing everyone from suffering harm.

With a powerful support soul pet trainer protecting everyone, the other four doing the primary fighting didn’t have any fears of troubles in the rear. They put all their focus on their soul pets!

The Violent Blood Pool Beast and Chu Mu’s Mo Xie were at the very front. The Violent Blood Pool Devil Beast’s destruction power was truly every strong, but its dodging abilities were inferior to Mo Xie. When thirteen Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insects opened up their flesh wings to launch aerial attacks, poison needles from the flesh wings began crisscrossing. Its body that was full of explosive in character muscles was instantly covered in bloody holes. The poison began to infect the Violent Blood Pool Beast.

Seeing his Violent Blood Pool Beast suffer a wound and get poisoned, Feng Qi immediately creased his eyebrows. He let out a rather worried expression, and he planned on recalling it to its soul pet space.

“Purifying Water Heart!” just at this moment, Ye Qingzi’s Water Moon’s purifying poison technique descended upon the Violent Blood Pool Beast’s body.

A soft blue colored water brought something that resembled a spirited small life form that slowly coiled around the vicinity of the Violent Blood Pool Devil’s wound. Those dark red colored poisonous blood droplets, underneath the purifying water, were quickly cleansed out of its body and the Violent Blood Pool Devil’s skin gradually returned to normal.

“Healing Water Heart!”

The soft water light was like a crystalline reflection of a lake on the mottled flickering of the Violent Blood Pool Devil’s bloody wound. The Violent Blood Pool Devil had suffered consecutive attacks from a dozen Heavenly Devil Insects, and it had sustained not small wounds. Healing Water Heart’s effects allowed its fighting strength to slowly recover, and the healing speed of its bloody holes was visible with the naked eye.

Nine Tail Chain!

Nine tails extended in a flash. Each one of these majestic tails locked onto a Heavenly Devil Insect. The soul equipment’s starlight flickered and the tail strength increased. The Nine Heavenly Devil Insects beleaguering the Violent Blood Pool Beats had their bodies twisted. Bodily fluid burst forth, and it instantly removed the Violent Blood Pool Beast’s danger from being attacked.

“Thank you to both of you.” Feng Qi appreciatively said before pouring his attention into controlling the Violent Blood Pool Beast and the Rock Meteor Fairy.


High up in the air, the golden colored Sunset Magic Roc produced an imposing cry. The speed of its flapping wings suddenly quickened and, as it flew backwards, it began to quickly fly in a revolution!


A Wind Blade Ruin whistled through the air. Like an orthogonal disruptive hurricane, it directly broke through a group of over twenty Heavenly Devil Insects that unceasingly spat out venom!

Those twenty Heavenly Devil Insects clustered in one area of the sky recognized the Sunset Magic Roc’s powerfulness. They immediately beat their flesh wings and dodged to the side. Only, how far could these low level creatures actually dodge? After dispersing, at least ten of these Heavenly Devil Insects were cut into pieces by the Sunset Golden Roc’s Wind Blade Ruin!

The fighting power of the five people’s soul pet was extremely strong. Over a hundred Heavenly Devil Insects were rapidly cleared to just half the number. Fifty plus corpses were messily scattered in the expansive courtyard.


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