Chapter 166: Eighth Phase Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect

Chapter 166: Eighth Phase Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect

“Chu Mu, there shouldn’t be a problem if your Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox leads the way in front, right?” asked Meng Huazhong.

“No problem.” responded Chu Mu. He then had Mo Xie maintain her pitiful appearance and check the situation inside this congregation of houses.

The sticky insect fluid had covered the entirety of the spacious room. A few had transformed into black, silk-like serum that interweaved inside the void room.

The Heavenly Devil Insects had given birth to their insect eggs on the walls, and these had been covered in the insect fluid like paste. They were everywhere, and it looked like innumerable black pebbles had been embedded into the wall.

These Heavenly Devil Insects seemed to have already eaten their fill of food for many days and were lying on what they felt was comfortable insect fluid. Their eyes were closed and they were asleep.

The entire room was dark, damp and gave people a despondent feeling. Mo Xie had carefully dug her way in from underground. She let out a disgusted expression, as if she really wanted to directly spit out a ball of flame and burn everything here.

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~~”

Very soon, Mo Xie gave Chu Mu a mental message, informing Chu Mu of the situation inside this large room. Simultaneously, she bitterly expressed that she really did not like this disgusting environment.

Chu Mu comforted the small Mo Xie before speaking to everyone: “There’s approximately fifty insects in number. The strongest should be a ninth phase Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insect. By its looks, it seems to have undergone a bit of strengthening.”

“About what location is it at?” asked Zhang Qian.

“It can’t be seen. My soul pet only detected its aura.” said Chu Mu.

“My soul pet will lead the way. You guys follow behind me.” said Feng Qi.

Feng Qi was also someone who had courage. He immediately had his Rock Meteor Fairy bring him into the room.

“Earthen Rock Armor!” Feng Qi gave his soul pet an order. Once it was issued, the Rock Meteor Fairy quickly completed its incantation, and it added the rock type armor that had the strongest defensive attribute onto Feng Qi’s skin.

The brown colored rock wrapped around, immediately transforming Feng Qi into something like a heavily armored rock person!

An incantation was read out and Feng Qi, who didn’t have a fire type soul pet, decisively summoned the previous sixth phase seventh stage Violent Blood Pool Beast!

“Hou!!!” the Violent Blood Pool Beast fearlessly let out a roar. This roar would allow its aura to instantaneously increase, and for its strength and speed to also grow!

Violent Blood Hammer!

The Violent Blood Pool Beast’s thigh which was full of muscle, strode forwards. A deep radiance of energy instantly gathered on its body, and its enormous figure astonishingly transformed into a form that resembled a light hammer. It fiercely rammed into the adjacent wall with three, Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insects!

Those three Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insects were still sleeping. Once they heard the roar, they woke up and immediately saw the enormous creature charge over. They simply didn’t have the time to beat their wings, and they were squashed by the violent blood hammer transformed Violent Blood Pool Beast. Their flesh and blood went flying!

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~”

When the Violent Blood Pool Beast launched its attack, Mo Xie’s silver body instantly went alight with a vigorous demon fire evil flame. This time, Mo Xie remembered not to use the blood flame!

Without the blood flame’s effects, Mo Xie’s fire type technique power naturally decreased a bit. However, the demon fire evil flame was more than enough to deal with these low level Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insects!

The angry flames let out a violent blasting sound. With a bang, a scarlet red exploded forth and promptly, tongues of flames wantonly extended out into the room. They lashed out at those Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insects that were woken with a start!

The demon fire evil flames illuminated the dark room with a deep red color. The other four people hiding underground immediately went back underground when Feng Qi’s Rock Meteor Fairy used a rock type technique.

Zhang Qian returned to the ground, and decisively summoned his eighth phase Raging Flame Fairy.

The fire pattern rapidly ignited inside the room. Within the raging flames, the silhouette of a spirit type fairy gradually manifested. The surrounding flames quickly retreated inwards, transforming into the Raging Flame Fairy’s fiery body!

An eighth phase Raging Flame Fairy that had further undergone strengthening. Its fire aura unexpectedly was a bit stronger than the not using blood flames Mo Xie!

What the eighth phase Raging Flame Fairy controlled identically was the more powerful fire crystallization - demon fire evil flames. It practically didn’t need to chant into the surroundings as its two hands gave a wave, immediately transforming into two long and large fire tongues. They whirled around and lashed out at the Heavenly Devil Insects using air assault techniques!


When the flames ascended, a sudden piercing insect cry suddenly rang inside the room!

This shout was abnormally hard to hear. It felt like some glossy metals were violently rubbing against each other besides one’s ears, and it caused their eardrums to vibrate a bit.

“Noise Disturbance. Everyone defend your soul remembrance.” the experienced Meng Huazhong immediately said to everyone.

A sound technique!

Sound techniques used sound waves to attack an opponent’s mind. They were techniques that caused people to be jittery. If one’s mental resistance quality was weak, then his eardrum, as well as his soul pet’s eardrum, could be broken. This would render the mind useless.

Chu Mu was a spirit master, so this sixth rank Noise Disturbance technique didn’t affect him at all. Even if he didn’t use soul remembrance protection, he could remain calm and collected.

Mo Xie’s mental resistance abilities would be affected by the weakness or strength of Chu Mu’s soul remembrance. Further including her demonic attribute, this large ranged Noise Disturbance Technique, as long as her furry ears pressed down, would at most make her feel unwell, but wouldn’t cause too large of an impact.

“Mo Xie, get rid of it.”

“Wu wu wu~~~~”

The devil flames on Mo Xie’s body became more exuberant. The scarlet red demon fire evil flames transformed into nine balls that slowly hovered around Mo Xie’s body. As Mo Xie let out a long cry, the nine demon fire evil flames began spiralling downwards. The underside of Mo Xie’s four paws were even more violent devil flames.

Her small body rapidly changed, and the violent flames molded her silver body. Her nine majestic tails wildly unfurled. Unexpectedly, this room was unable to completely hold it in!

“Royal Flame Claw!”

A gorgeous demon fire lotus blossomed on her body, and she instantly disappeared from her original location!


In the next moment, Mo Xie outlandishly appeared in front of the eighth phase Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insect. Her claws fiercely scratched across its head, and the beautiful demon fire left a smear of scarlet red in the dark room!

The Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insect immediately used a wing type technique- Wing Evade. Its body began to waver back and forth, and it just barely managed to dodge Mo Xie’s lightning quick attack.

The claws swept across the Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s stomach location. An incomparably deep gap instantly appeared on the eighth phase Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s armor. The demon fire evil flames used the wound to ignite its body!

The wounded Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insect promptly let out an indignant cry. Its body began rocking, and its four mighty arms condensed four. blood-colored insect lights that attacked Mo Xie!

Mo Xie ran in an arc in the narrow room, easily dodging this attack. However, behind her body instantly appeared six sixth and seventh phase Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insects!

“Nine Tail Chain!”

Mo Xie’s nine soft and long tails instantaneously became heavy steel chains that suddenly swung out. They accurately grabbed the Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insect letting out the blood colored insect light!

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!”

Mo Xie lifted her head, and she let out an arrogant cry. Her majestic nine tails, under the full form offensive soul armor’s effects that instantly attached on top, immediately allowed an enormous force to manifest!

“Gezhi!! Gezhi!! Gezhi!!!!”

Six Four WInged Heavenly Devil Insects were instantly wrung to pieces by this force. A frightening bone cracking sound ostensibly produced at the same moment!

The few Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insects chasing Mo Xie were rather hard to deal with inside the room. Yet, Mo Xie’s wild nine tails had directly killed six of them. Seeing Mo Xie in this monarch form, Meng Huazhong, Zhang Qian, and Feng Qi all let their gazes fall on her, as they let out expressions of astonishment.


Ye Qingzi had seen Mo Xie’s dominance before, and she naturally displayed comparative calmness. She glanced at the eighth phase Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insect fermenting a technique, and she decisively ordered her unrecalled Ice Fire Demon Fairy to use a technique!

Ye Qingzi’s Ice Fire Demon Fairy’s technique output speed was extremely quick. In an instant, it had finished, and the Freeze rapidly enveloped the eighth phase Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insect!

The white-colored black crystal ice crystals wrapped over its body, and even though it unceasingly beat its flesh wings and waved its arms in attempts to shatter the quickly forming ice on its body, the Freeze still proliferated extremely quickly. After shattering one area, the ice substance would once more attack its body.

“Wu wu wu~~~”

Mo Xie was also very adept at seizing opportunities. Her fan of tails, full of flames, abruptly swept forth, knocking the five low phased and staged Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insects flying. She then promptly faced off against the eighth phase Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insect!

Shadow Claw!

The black colored Shadow Claw, attached with scarlet red colored demon fire evil flames on the edge, directly pierced through the sixth phase Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insect that had continually stayed in front of the eighth phase Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insect. Then, she resolutely smashed the eighth phase Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s head!


Unable to dodge, the frozen over eighth phase Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s head was instantly shattered into pieces!

“Well done. Ignore those small Heavenly Devil Insects and charge in!” promptly said Zhang Qian, as he glanced at the slaughtered eighth phase Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insect.

It still was Feng Qi who bore the brunt and directly controlled his Violent Blood Pool Beast to fiercely knock down the wall full of insect fluid, charging behind this congregation.

Meng Hua, who conserved his strength and didn’t summon a soul pet, followed behind. Zhang Qian, who controlled the Raging Flame Fairy was next, then Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were last. The five of them and five soul pets charged into the center of the clubhouse where the courtyard lay.

The courtyard in the center of the clubhouse was extremely wide. It was even comparable to a small battlefield. The ground was originally decorated with several man made sculptures of rock gardens, ponds, buildings and pavilions. However, right now, the entire courtyard in the center of the courtyard was completely contaminated. Insect fluid, insect eggs and insect dung lay everywhere...

The building in the center of the club stood isolated and tall in the expansive district. It was completely built out of a brown colored rock mound. Its original magnificent atmosphere and glorious splendor were presently covered by shadows and dirty insect things, giving others a rather terrifyingly sinister feeling.


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