Chapter 164: Enter Devil Insect Lair (1)

Chapter 164: Enter Devil Insect Lair (1)

Even in the morning, the entire Ao Gu City was still shrouded by a layer of shadow- dark and gloomy. When one stared into the skies, one always saw unusually black-clouded bodies that blocked off the city from the nearby mountains.

The skies were low, and one could often see organisms waving their many meat wings floating through the air, occasionally excitedly diving down to attack prey that they deemed worthy to fill their stomachs…...


In the morning, Chu Mu woke up. However, when opened his eyes, he didn’t see Ye Qingzi.


Suddenly, the sound of running water came from inside the bathroom. When Chu Mu looked over, he just happened to see Ye Qingzi walking out dripping wet.

“You go have a wash too.” Ye Qingzi said to Chu Mu with a smile.

Chu Mu was clearly still staring blankly.

Ye Qingzi had obviously just taken a shower. Her hair was wet, and her white shoulders still had lingering beads of water that slowly slid down her thin and smooth arms.

Ye Qingzi was already beautiful naturally. After brushing up her hair and washing away the fatigue, she gave an even more shocking appeal, easily able to entrance any onlookers.

The reason Chu Mu blanked out was also normal. After all, with such a beautiful woman smiling at him and saying with feelings, “You go wash too.”[1] What man’s imagination wouldn’t go wild?

“When washing, rub this medicine on your body and clothes. If poison is sprayed, then you won’t be corroded, and it also has the ability to hide your aura. This way, it should be safer.” Ye Qingzi walked over smelling nice, and she passed a small bottle of medicine to Chu Mu, but noticed that Chu Mu’s eyes were revealing somewhat strange intentions.

“Oh, okay.” Hearing Ye Qingzi’s words, Chu Mu blushed a little. Of course he took things wrongly. He quickly took Ye Qingzi’s medicine and walked into another bathroom.

“You use ice to shower?” Ye Qingzi looked at Chu Mu hurriedly walking behind the screen and simply asked lightly.

“No……” Chu Mu turned around, looking confusedly at Ye Qingzi, because he didn’t know why she asked this.

“I remember you only have an Ice Air Fairy, and I don’t think you know any water type soul techniques either.” Ye Qingzi said.

“This……” Chu Mu awkwardly scratched his head.

The city was in an abandoned phase. Though there was a bathroom, there wasn’t any water.

Ye Qingzi had clearly used her soul pet Water Moon to clean herself, and since Chu Mu had been spaced out, in order to hide his desires, he had quickly run into the bathroom without thinking about water.

“Moon, get some water for him.” Ye Qingzi laughed, and told her Water Moon to follow Chu Mu.

Chu Mu saw that Ye Qingzi laughed, and knew that she didn’t mind catching him looking at her like that, so he walked undisturbed into the bathroom and unlaced his clothes…...


The seventh level Demon Perfume that Ye Qingzi gave Chu Mu was pretty pricy. If one walked around in the wilderness and didn’t want to get disturbed by soul pets, this aura concealing medicine was a must have, especially since it also had some poison resisting effect.

After washing, Chu Mu felt a lot more spirited. Switching into clean clothes, he brought Ye Qingzi over to leave.

At the same place as yesterday, when Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi arrived, there were already thirty Wogu City soul pet trainers waiting there.

“Strange, it seems like the amount of Heavenly Devil Insects lessened.”

“Yeah, I remember when I walked over yesterday, I could see many Heavenly Devil Insects. When I came today morning, it had diluted quite a bit.”

Soul pet trainers all talked in small voices, clearly noticing the strangeness in the Heavenly Devil Insect lair today.

“Zhang Qian, the lovers you were talking about, is it them?” A decently formidable man first saw Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi walk over, and he immediately asked the guardmaster Zhang Qian beside him.

“It’s them. That guy is the famous Prison Island King - Chu Mu. I don’t know much about the girl, but she rode a seventh phase Purple Robed Dream Beast yesterday, and is also a soul teacher.” Zhang Qian nodded and, as he was talking, he went to welcome Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi.

When Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi walked over to the team, Zhang Qian seemed to have promoted Chu Mu’s name already. Everyone’s gaze fell on Chu Mu, wanting to know what was so special about the recently famous top tier young expert Chu Mu.

“Let me make some introductions. This is the leader of this time’s Heavenly Devil Insect Lair cleaning mission - Meng Huazhong. He’s a famous member of Wogu City’s Soul Pet Palace. This is my friend who’s in charge of Wogu City, third north division guard master - Feng Qi. These are my subordinates.” Zhang Qian said.

“This is Prison Island King - Chu Mu, his situation shouldn’t need my explanation, right? Beside him is Ms. Ye, a soul teacher.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi both slightly nodded towards everyone, not saying much.

“So he’s Chu Mu……”

“Is that little fox on his shoulder the Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox of the legends that is as strong as monarch ranks?”

Zhang Qian’s subordinates all started discussing quietly and almost excitedly. After all, being able to see the recently famous Prison Island King was an honor of its own.

“Since everyone is here, let’s not waste time. Saving people is the key.” Leader Meng Huazhong only slightly looked over Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi before cutting off everyone’s discussion.

“The basic situation, I’ve already told everyone. Everyone should be mentally prepared and raise your vigilance. These Heavenly Devil Insects are abnormally cruel. Additionally, let me warn everyone beforehand. If anyone falls behind when we dive into the Heavenly Devil Insect Lair or anyone’s soul pet gets surrounded by itself, we will not turn around to save you……” Zhang Qian said sternly to everyone.

“Understood!” Zhang Qian’s subordinates all retracted their previous attitudes, and showed seriousness.

“Team two, summon your beast type soul pets to stay in front. Team three, your wing type soul pets will control the skies, don’t let any loophole appear above us. Team one’s elemental soul pets keep up with the pace. Attacking isn’t the main mission, the main mission is to not fall behind……” Zhang Qian again warned all his subordinates.

After doing some arranging, the thirty four people started to really walk into the Heavenly Devil Insect Lair within this area.

Soul pets all had aura, so once they were summoned, the Heavenly Devil Insects would definitely sense it. Therefore, the thirty four soul pet trainers that entered the Heavenly Devil Insect lair didn’t summon any soul pet at first, all choosing a gradual summoning method.

Chu Mu, Ye Qingzi, Zhang Qian, Feng Qi, and Meng Huazhong had to fight the more powerful Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect so during the journey, Zhang Qian’s subordinates’ soul pets were the main fighting strength to avoid the five having used up too much fighting strength before battling the Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect.

As the amount of Heavenly Devil Insect increased, Zhang Qian’s subordinates slowly summoned their soul pets.

These soul pet trainers’ soul pets were almost all mainstream soul pets. Beast World Beast type: Wolf species, Horned Beast species, Blood Beast species, Monster species, Pool Beast species, etc. These were all mainstream soul pets, and almost all of the soul pets had one.

Other than that, the bug type Devil Insect species, Scorpion species, Snake species, Maggot species, and Centipede species were all mainstream as well. Because this time was aimed to defeat bug type soul pets, everyone refrained from summoning their bug types for now.

The mainstream wing type soul pets were the Bird species, Falcon species, Eagle species, Winged Demon species etc.

Wing types were also a necessity for all soul pet trainers, but wing type soul pets in the soul pet world were clearly even more precious. Soul pet trainers with wing type soul pets weren’t common. Zhang Qian only had ten wing type soul pets between all his subordinates.

Demon type species were quite complicated, and they rarely had massive clans like in the beast type, so there weren’t many demon type soul pets that were mainstream.

Elemental soul pets were usually the fairies of each type being the most mainstream. It could be said that of the entire elemental world, almost half of it was occupied by elemental fairies of different types. Zhang Qian’s subordinates mostly summoned those as well.

In the plant world, the Wood type and Vine type were rather common. Mainstream wood types included the Devil Tree species and the Demon Tree species. Vine type soul pets were just as complicated as demon types, and rarely had large groups, so they didn’t have the mainstream species either, at least not in the Western Wingdom.

The Flower type and Grass type weren’t common in the Western Kingdom, so soul pet trainers who commanded them were rare.


“Second Team, let your beast type soul pets clean up the left street’s Heavenly Devil Insects.” As the guardmaster, Zhang Qian was also the commander of this mission.

Three six phase Dire Wolves first leapt out, their Blood Rending Claws ripping through the air and creating a shocking claw glint, immediately ripping three weak Two Winged Heavenly Devil Insects apart.

The ice type fairies all started casting incantations, and the aura of ice quickly permeated the street. Immediately, countless ice swords appeared in the skies like a storm, covering a massive area. The group of Heavenly Devil Insects that pounced towards the people were immediately cut down greatly…...

Iced meat wings, shattered bug armor, broken limbs, and pierced heads scattered the streets messily…...


Within the messy ice shards, Mo Xie’s tail held a compressed blood bottle, and she lightly jumped between the chaotic techniques. Wherever Heavenly Devil Insects died, she ran that way. Occasionally, she would extend her claws, and help a few Heavenly Devil Insects die, allowing her to happily collect their blood.

The reason Mo Xie joyfully ran between the corpse heaps was naturally to collect Heavenly Devil Insect’s blood. Thirty soul pet trainers’ fighting power was still very formidable. After two streets, they had killed two hundred Heavenly Devil Insects. Mo Xie didn’t let a single drop go to waste, and in a short time, Chu Mu had gained blood equivalent to about fifty sixth phase Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insects.


  1. Suggestive because it sounds like pre-sex showering

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