Chapter 1621: Yellow Spring Emperor

After completing the cultivation, Chu Mu realized that not only was New Moon Land covered in snow for a long time, the regions east of New Moon Land was similarly covered by a thick layer of ice.

There would be a snowfall once in a while for the entire year. The temperature would become very cold whenever there was snow, and the usually weak soul pets which could be seen everywhere mysteriously disappeared.

New Moon Land had slowly regained its vitality after a year of recovery and was reopened to the public.

The victory of that war allowed New Moon Land to become a merciless sword. More people started to respect this tiny territory and nobody dared to create a commotion.

It was even said that whenever someone said that he or she came from New Moon Land while traveling in Zhengming Continent and Wupan Continent, the surroundings would be astonished and ask, “Is it that New Moon Land which defeated the various sects from eight major factions?”

At that moment, everyone who participated in that war would be proud.

“Chu Mu, there will be representatives from various major factions coming to our New Moon Land soon. They seem to have noticed something,” Liu Binglan told Chu Mu.

“Who will be coming?” asked Chu Mu.

“Four leaders and ten Gate Masters. They are from Divine Sect, Demon Beast Palace, Elemental Clan and Mu Family Dynasty respectively,” said Liu Binglan.

Although the subjugation alliance which invaded New Moon Land also came from these major factions, the sects within these factions were also hostile towards one another. New Moon Land did not have to treat all eight major factions as enemies just because of that war.

Furthermore, New Moon Land already gained many allies, there were also factions with leader rank fighting strength amongst the allies.

From watching those high and mighty individuals to them personally coming to New Moon Land for discussion instead of calling Chu Mu to their territory, this was sufficient to prove how respectful they were towards New Moon Land.

“Alright, I will meet them,” Chu Mu nodded.


The snow continued to fall and seemed to be endless. The atmosphere was quiet, but it was hard to guess what was hidden behind such quietness.

Chu Mu lied down on the snow-covered roof and watched the falling snow. It added another worry in his heart.

This snow was too abnormal. Why did it not stop after so long?

“Wuwuwu~!” Mo Xie disliked snow, so it kept squeezing into Chu Mu’s bosom. This would allow it to feel warmer.

Chu Mu watched the hazy sky and muttered, “Is Solar Eclipse coming?”

Chu Mu remembered that Elder Li told him that ten thousand years was a wheel.

It was the final few years of this ten thousand year cycle. What would happen during the process of ending this wheel and entering the next wheel?

It was only the awakening of Ancient Flood Dragon Person. It was only the birth of the tenth era’s strongest. It was only indicating that another ten thousand years had passed in this world filled with life.

What exactly was that Heaven Palace which hung high up in the sky manipulating? Why could they act like the ruler of all creations? Or were they just a powerful race isolated from this world?

Why did White Ocean God sweep up a huge wave to hit Heaven Palace? Heaven Palace did not really cause much effect to the world.

Why were the Seven Sins Foxes sealed? What crime did they commit?

Chu Mu lied there and kept thinking while simply allowing the snow to land on his body.

“Chu Mu, what are you doing here?” A gentle voice called out.

Ye Qingzi in a tight qipao dress slowly walked over. The soft and tight cloth material traced out her well proportioned body.

Her cheeks were red, her eyes were bright, her hair fluttered in the wind......

Chu Mu remembered that when he saw Ye Qingzi in Han Tan City for the first time, she was still a little immature.

And now, she was mature, generous and charming. He could not be any more familiar with the fragrance she exuded.

“I’m just thinking what exactly will happen with Solar Eclipse arrives,” Chu Mu opened up his arm and let Ye Qingzi lie down next to him.

“Did you guess something?” Ye Qingzi felt that Chu Mu’s calm mind contained a little anxiety. Perhaps the approaching awakening of Ancient Flood Dragon Person added a lot of pressure on him.

Ancient Flood Dragon Person was an Undying rank creature. Many leaders in this world wanted to reach Undying rank but failed. Just how should Chu Mu reach Undying rank to be able to oppose Ancient Flood Dragon Person.

“A little messy,” Chu Mu hugged Ye Qingzi tighter.

“Wuwuwu~!” Mo Xie was squeezed in Chu Mu’s bosom and grumbled.

Ye Qingzi noticed the cute Mo Xie and hugged it.

Little Mo Xie was furry and warm. Ye Qingzi also liked to hug it.

Mo Xie wriggled its tails and found a comfortable position to continue sleeping.

“Don’t think anymore. If it’s not possible, let’s leave here,” said Ye Qingzi.

“Alright. However, there seems to be another matter that makes me more and more anxious. I just feel that I have grasped onto something, but it slips away when I think more carefully,” said Chu Mu.

“What is it?” asked Ye Qingzi.

“Monument Tear Individual. I don’t know what this identity means. After my trip to Heaven Palace, I saw some important information, as if I have seen through everything. However, all those things seemed to be covered in a veil and hindered my sight,” described Chu Mu.

“Then stop thinking about it, let’s take a walk?” suggested Ye Qingzi as she pulled Chu Mu up.

“Sure,” Chu Mu stood up and accompanied Ye Qingzi out of New Moon Palace.

The streets were still covered in snow. Many children were playing on the streets and their parents would reprimand them.

Some older youths would summon their soul pets to spar with one another in wider places. Seeing their nervous and excited expressions, Chu Mu smiled.

He remembered he was just like them when he was young, so were his soul pets. However, it was really worth reminiscing.

He was able to find sparring partners, able to participate in soul pet tournaments, able to challenge the various Bewildering Worlds.

Now, Chu Mu’s soul pets had reached really high ranks. It was difficult to find a worthy opponent or any place for him to challenge......

Undying rank. Actually, if not for Ancient Flood Dragon Person’s threat, reaching Undying rank or not was not really important to Chu Mu.

He already possessed all the soul pets he wanted, he also strengthened his soul pets to the extreme. Even if he could not get any stronger in future, he already had no more regrets.

Perhaps, what he should do now was to silently watch over the next generation. He would watch them begin from the initial Spirit Disciple, then walk towards the peak step by step, or reach even higher.

Seeing the children and youths, seeing them working hard for owning stronger soul pets, Chu Mu really wanted to return to the past. He would bring his soul pets which did even reach the tenth phase on his long journey for adventure. No matter how difficult this journey would be, it would be better than the current him that lost room for improvement.

However, it was impossible to start anew. When this happened, he would need a child. He could watch his child starting a brand new journey......

Chu Mu took a glance at Ye Qingzi.

Actually, both of them already had such thoughts. However, just like what Old Li said, as they grew stronger, the possibility of Ye Qingzi getting pregnant became smaller. Furthermore, Chu Mu’s bloodline was already somewhat out of the human category, this further reduced the possibility. At the same time, this caused Ye Qingzi who was the wife to feel something missing.

“What are you two doing? A secret date?” Suddenly, a girl wearing a furry bunny ear hat ran towards them from the side.

The girl was already at the teenage age. Her pure smile would always portray her cuteness, tempting others to pinch her cheek.

“Do we need to act secretly?” Ye Qingzi saw Ning Maner’s bunny attire and smiled.

“Who knows? Big brother had cultivated for such a long time. I spoke to him many times and he ignored me. Now that he finally finished his cultivation, you will definitely hold onto him tightly to prevent him from getting snatched away,” said Ning Maner blatantly.

“If someone wants to snatch him, just let her snatch,” Ye Qingzi seemed not worried at all.

“Really?” Ning Maner’s eyes beamed. She ran next to Chu Mu and hugged Chu Mu’s elbow, “Then if I snatch, will big sister give me?”

“Give, why not? A bad man like him is everywhere in this world. I’m not lacking someone like him,” said Ye Qingzi with a smile.

“Alright, then big brother will accompany me tonight,” Ning Maner was full of smiles.

Chu Mu was dumbfounded by the conversation between the two women. He also felt that Ning Maner’s words sounded weird.

What did she mean by accompanying her tonight?

“Why at night?” Ye Qingzi began to interrogate Ning Maner.

Ning Maner immediately blushed and explained, “Big sister, don’t misunderstand. I want big brother to bring me to the highest point to look at the starry sky.”

Ye Qingzi and Ning Maner often joked like this, Chu Mu was already used to it. Most of the time, Ye Qingzi purposely put such temptations before him to test his will.

Chu Mu always ignored their verbal traps. He would not speak a single word most of the time and only listened to them chatting.

“Big brother, do you know that I saw Yellow Spring Emperor from Ocean Species?” Ning Maner told Chu Mu.

Chu Mu raised his brows and asked, “Where?”

“At East Ocean region!”

Yellow Spring Emperor, the highest ruler of the entire Ocean Species!

This era’s strongest had been living deep in the ocean, why did it suddenly appear in the East Ocean which was close to the human territory??

“Did you talk to it?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yeah, he said he’s grateful to us for taking care of its hopeless child,” said Ning Maner.

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