Chapter 1620: One Year Of Snow

After safely leaving Heaven Palace, Chu Mu and Princess Jinrou returned to Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss’s peak.

It was close to the new year right now. Chu Mu raised his head and was unable to see Heaven Palace’s shadow anymore.

It seemed that he could only see Heaven Palace on that day.

After leaving Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss, Chu Mu flew directly towards New Moon Land.

After Yu Suo helped him refine the evil aura at Zhengming Main City, Chu Mu sensed another growth in his strength.

In this trip to Heaven Palace, after that ridiculous matter, Chu Mu felt his strength grew again. His current strength should be close to that ten thousand year Immortal Dark Death King.

However, Chu Mu knew that this was far from enough.

Ancient Flood Dragon Person was confirmed to be the fifth era’s strongest, its strength was definitely Undying rank.

The Solar Eclipse was approaching closer and closer, Chu Mu had to think of a way to deal with Ancient Flood Dragon Person.


After returning to New Moon Land, Chu Mu gave God Dew to Xia Zhixian and told her to set up the Life Extension Formation for Bai Jinrou.

This treatment was a gradual process. Chu Mu made Bai Jinrou stay in his yard while he focused on cultivation.

For some reason, ever since returning from Heaven Palace, Chu Mu had an insecure feeling.

It was as if the sky would suddenly darken in one day. Next, a gigantic dragon would dive down from the pitch-black sky and cause a terrifying disaster in New Moon Land. At that time, he could only stand far away and watch it happen.


The atmosphere in the room always changed when Chu Mu opened his eyes. He did not check what time it was when he opened his eyes, but what season it was.

Snow was falling outside for some time. The snowflakes covered the forest, roads and walls.

Giggles could be heard far away. Chu Mu heard Ye Qingzi’s reprimandation, Ning Maner’s teasing, someone’s persuasion......

Chu Mu smiled in gratification and quietly listened in his seat.

The room was very quiet. Chu Mu took a glance at the furry little Mo Xie which was hibernating in bed.

Mo Xie seemed to sense Chu Mu’s awakening and rubbed its eyes with its tiny paws.

“Wuwuwuwu~!” Mo Xie shifted its petite body and squeezed itself into Chu Mu’s bosom. It yawned and still seemed sleepy.

“Why didn’t you go outside and play?” asked Chu Mu as he rubbed its sharp ears.

Mo Xie did not really need hibernation. It just liked to sleep. However, it seemed to have slept for however long he cultivated. This seemed abnormal.

“Wuwu~!” Mo Xie half narrowed its eyes and still looked sleepy. It lightly wagged its nine tails, and slept again soon.

Chu Mu stroked its fur and leaned next to the window. The world was only left with the giggles from those girls and Mo Xie’s light breathing.

“Why is it so quiet...... quiet to the point it’s scary......” muttered Chu Mu.

The injury to the soul due to snapping the soul pact connection gradually healed. Chu Mu’s first soul pet slot was also freed up.

Other than Mo Xie, Chu Mu always used the remaining four soul pet slots to let his soul pets take turns to come out and train.

After soul pets reached high rank, they could do many things independently. Allowing them to train by themselves was also beneficial.

Meanwhile, Mo Xie would always stay next to Chu Mu. It did not return to soul pet space, but also did not train like Chu Mu’s other soul pets. It would only sleep the entire day and hardly ate anything.

“Sleep,” Chu Mu was a little worried, but he did not know what happened to Mo Xie. He only continued to stroke it and closed his eyes to continue his cultivation.


The snow this time was rather long. When Chu Mu opened his eyes again, he noticed it was still snowing outside.

Chu Mu inspected his room and noticed that the room was slightly different from before. There seemed to be some additional things and some missing things.

There was no more giggling from girls in the yard. It was strangely quiet this time, he could only hear Mo Xie’s light breathing sound.

It was still sleeping, did it really enter hibernation?

Chu Mu stood up and stretched himself.

The cultivation this time had been rather long, but he finally made a significant improvement. It had been some time since he last saw them. He felt that continuing to cultivate like this would not do, it was time he accompanied them.

Pushing open the door, a rather slim maid was sweeping the snow. When she saw Chu Mu walk out, she was shocked.

She hurriedly greeted Chu Mu as Chu Mu walked past her.

He did not see Ye Qingzi or Ning Maner in the yard, so he walked towards Liu Binglan’s Female Supreme Palace.

Female Supreme Palace was also painted white by snow, it was solemn and beautiful.

He walked towards the pavilion by the lake, crossed through the wooden bridge, leaving behind rows of footprints on the bridge.

In the pavilion, Liu Binglan sat there alone. She was looking at the half frozen lake water, her black long hair was not coiled up like usual.

Chu Mu walked next to her, pulled over her chilled hand and warmed her hand up.

Liu Binglan turned to look at Chu Mu, her icy expression slowly blooming in smiles.

“Is there any troubling matter?” asked Chu Mu.

“This snow has continued for too long,” said Liu Binglan.

“How long?” Chu Mu had been cultivating. Honestly speaking, he did not know whether this snow had continued for a few days or a few months.

“One year, since the winter last year until now......” said Liu Binglan.

“One year......” Chu Mu was startled and lamented.

So the giggles he heard during the previous snowing day was one year ago. Time passed by so quickly.

“So quick, it felt like a blink of an eye......” Liu Binglan had the similar feeling as Chu Mu.

Liu Binglan liked snow, because Elder Liu told her that she was born in Sacred Holy Region’s Snow Region.

She was also like ice and snow, quiet, beautiful and cold.

“I went to Heaven Palace once,” said Chu Mu.

“I see,” Liu Binglan nodded and quietly waited for Chu Mu’s next words.

“There’s a group of special women in Heaven Palace, they are called Totem Maidens. These Totem Maidens possess their own isolated space when cultivating. This space is not soul pet space, but the space they use to deploy their formations......” said Chu Mu.

Liu Binglan’s gaze wavered slightly, but she remained quiet.

“Should I continue?” asked Chu Mu.

Liu Binglan shook her head, “Never mind.”


As expected, she no longer wanted to seek her origin. Be it noble or common, New Moon Land was her home.

“Mother, can I ask you a question?” said Chu Mu.


“Why do you dislike him?” asked Chu Mu.

“Dislike? Actually, I don’t know either. Perhaps I dislike him for barging into my world. My world is very little. If a barbaric man makes a mess inside, I may not be able to get used to it,” said Liu Binglan.

“How did you two get acquainted?” asked Chu Mu.

“We met at Snow City. We went to Universe Ice Gate together,” said Liu Binglan.

“Universe Ice Gate......” Chu Mu was surprised.

That was the place he and Mu Qingyi had been to.

Chu Mu could still remember the helplessness and despair Ice Mirror World brought to people. Once there was a reliable person, and that person was of opposite sex, one would instinctively approach the other party......

“Back then, our strength was around Emperor rank. It took longer than you and Mu Qingyi to get out of Ice Mirror World,” said Liu Binglan.

“Before that, you two actually did not have any feelings for each other?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yes, when we wake up, we both felt that it was ridiculous!” Liu Binglan smiled bitterly.

“What about afterwards? Didn’t you two stay together afterwards?” asked Chu Mu.

“Didn’t I say it before? My world is very little. It’s hard to tolerate a barbaric person. He also does not like to live in my tiny world......” said Liu Binglan.

“That’s because he never tried to understand you better,” said Chu Mu.

At first, Chu Mu also felt that Liu Binglan was like a solid ice, it was difficult to enter her world. However, after staying together for a long time, many people would notice that she was far from being cold like how she appeared to be. She was only using her own way to live and interact with others.

“It’s fine. Just leave the misunderstanding be. I also never tried to understand him better,” said Liu Binglan.

“He is not dead,” said Chu Mu.

Liu Binglan looked at Chu Mu and was confused, “Didn’t you say he was buried along with Imprint Valley?”

“Yes, I saw that personally. However, I feel that he is still alive,” said Chu Mu with a serious expression.

“I also felt that. However, if he is still alive, why didn’t he show up? What is he being wary of?” asked Liu Binglan.

Chu Mu shook his head.

If Chu Tianmang was still alive, just what was he being wary of? With Chu Mu’s current strength, not many could match him in the entire human territory. Why was he unable to show up?

“Will you forgive him? If he is still alive and is willing to understand you again, will you accept him?” asked Chu Mu.

Liu Binglan was a little confused. She did not understand why Chu Mu asked so many questions.

“I don’t know. He and I do not have the feelings of a married couple like you and Ye Qingzi. However, I believe you should know that other than you and him, nobody in this world had truly entered my heart. I also won’t allow any stranger to enter......” answered Liu Binglan.

Hearing Liu Binglan’s answer, Chu Mu was a little relieved.

It seemed that the relationship between them was not hopeless, as long as his father was willingly to approach her.

“What’s wrong? Did you get into a conflict with Qingzi?” asked Liu Binglan.

Chu Mu shook his head.

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