Chapter 1619: Leaving Heaven Palace


Heaven City, a Totem Maiden wearing blue attire walked into a white alley.

After reaching the end, this Totem Maiden suddenly fainted. Next, like her soul getting sucked out, a soul drifted out from her body.

This soul slowly condensed into a material state and revealed a beautiful face.

“Finally completed. I wonder if Chu Mu can successfully escape from inside,” muttered Princess Jinrou to herself.

As she muttered, she never noticed an Evil Good Flower thread of holy blue and crimson slowly appearing next to her feet. These flower threads rapidly spread out along the two walls of the white alley, then wrapped up this place.

Bai Jinrou looked at these flower vines and immediately turned around.

Flower petals danced in the wind and rapidly gathered to trace out an alluring body.

The flower petals scattered and Yu Suo appeared in front of Bai Jinrou. Bai Jinrou examined her carefully and was unable to distinguish whether it was Yu Suo or Evil Good Queen.

Bai Jinou possessed mind reading technique. Although she did not use it on Yu Suo, she could vaguely sense Yu Suo’s difference compared to before. It seemed that her aura and attitude had changed.

“Have those seeds been scattered at the relative places?” asked Yu Suo emotionlessly.

“Yes,” Bai Jinrou nodded and asked, “What about Chu Mu? Why is he not here?”

When Chu Mu was reminded, Yu Suo’s gaze showed a strange change. She tried to remain calm and spoke, “He will be here soon.”

“You’re lying,” Bai Jinrou stared at Yu Suo’s eyes.

Before a person with mind reading technique, the wavering in one’s gaze could easily be seen through when lying.

“No, give me the catalyst seed,” answered Yu Suo.

“Where is Chu Mu? What did you do to him?” Princess Jinrou read some dangerous information from Yu Suo’s eyes and immediately became hostile towards Yu Suo.

“You’re annoying!” Yu Suo raised her hand.

Vines instantly grew out from beneath Bai Jinrou’s feet and entangled her body. Some flower thorns with paralyzing effect poked into her body and was turning her body grey.

Bai Jinrou sensed the danger and immediately transformed into her spectral state. She escaped from Yu Suo’s vines.

Yu Suo sneered and chanted an incantation. A blue sealing flower suddenly manifested in the alley. The sealing flower bloomed above Princess Jinrou’s head and restrained Princess Jinrou.

Princess Jinrou wanted to struggle out of the restriction, but realized Yu Suo’s sealing power was too strong. She was unable to block this seal even if she used her Devil Soul’s mental protection.

Bai Jinrou looked at her immobile body. Meanwhile, Yu Suo slowly walked towards her and forcefully took the catalyst seed.

Bai Jinrou looked at Yu Suo and was shocked. Yu Suo had become much stronger and appeared to be more dangerous!


Suddenly, a cluster of black and silver Devil Fire overlapped the vines and burned the area around Bai Jinrou.

Within the flame, Chu Mu walked out.

The flame dissipated and Chu Mu stood there, staring at Yu Suo, “What are you doing?”

Yu Suo maintained her emotionless expression and casually waved her hand. The sealing flower which restrained Princess Jinrou scattered.

She did not want to speak to Chu Mu at all. After obtaining the seed, she turned around and walked towards the wall overgrown with flower vines.

The flower vines opened up and bore a flower vine passage through the wall which led to an unknown place.

“Wait,” Chu Mu grabbed her shoulder.

“Don’t touch me!” warned Yu Suo!

After that warning, the originally gentle Evil Good Flowers on the surrounding walls suddenly turned menacing. Countless poisonous flower thorns pointed to Chu Mu and would shoot out at any moment.

Bai Jinrou looked at these dangerous thorns in astonishment. She felt as if she was inside a flower demon’s body.

Chu Mu let go of his hand and those flower thorns also stopped.

“The soul pact is already undone. You can go your way, I will go mine, we won’t interfere with each other. However, what did you promise me before entering Heaven Palace?” Chu Mu was not afraid of these thorns at all.

Yu Suo’s chest heaved up and down, her head was filled with those shameful scenes.

And this man just had to stand before her with an attitude that wanted to sever their ties.

If he wanted to sever the ties, then let it be.

She also did not want to see him again, so it would be best not to see him forever!

“The remaining God Dew can sustain her life, find Xia Zhixian to set up the formation. Ask whatever else you want to ask at one go!” Yu Suo eventually suppressed the rage in her heart. She felt a little regret and stupid now. Why did she not kill him back at the hall?

“Where are you going?” asked Chu Mu with a frown as he looked at the flower vine passage which led to some place.

Chu Mu had a vague impression of this flower vine passage, it seemed to be connected to the bottom of that darkness abyss.

Chu Mu knew that not only Evil Good Ancestor was there, there were also other unknown creatures. The danger which threatened Heaven City was that dangerous abyss which was filled with man-eating creatures!

“Not your business,” Yu Suo ignored Chu Mu’s question and turned to walk towards that passage.

“How do I leave here?” Chu Mu chased after her and blocked her path.

Yu Suo gritted her teeth and felt that the man before her was really irritating. She took so much effort to make up her mind not to kill him, yet he would not let her quieten down alone.

“Leave where you came from. The restriction there will not repair itself so fast!” Yu Suo told herself that this would absolutely be the last sentence she spoke to Chu Mu!

“Are you staying here?” asked Chu Mu.

Yu Suo suddenly turned around and stared at Chu Mu furiously.

Actually, Chu Mu had another important question to ask her. However, honestly speaking, he did not know how to ask. He just wanted to stall this woman and not let her go away so easily.

However, seeing her attitude, he felt that she would be unable to suppress her anger if he asked that question.

Never mind, he just had to ask the next time. Chu Mu did not speak anymore and indicated that she could go.

Yu Suo walked past Chu Mu. At that moment, the wound from the severing of soul pact started to feel painful again, as if two halves of the original body desperating seeking the other half.

Yu Suo continued walking forward, slowly disappearing into that passage.

Chu Mu looked at her back figure and felt that she became even more unfamiliar.

“What did you do to her? She looked really furious,” asked Bai Jinrou as she walked up to Chu Mu.

“Nothing much,” Chu Mu shook his head.

“You undid the soul pact?” asked Bai Jinrou.


“Why? Aren’t you worried that she will seek vengeance?”

“She probably won’t,” Chu Mu took a glance outside of Heaven City and spoke, “Let’s leave here first.”

“Yeah,” Bai Jinrou nodded.


Chu Mu brought Bai Jinrou and left Heaven City. After flying into the starry sky, he looked down at this white city erected alone on this piece of land.

That white Heaven Palace existed for tens of thousands of years, and would continue to exist for tens of thousands of years. People who lived there claimed themselves to be the royalty and god that were superior to the human race. However, only few knew the cruel and inhuman deeds happening inside.

Through Yu Suo’s memory, Chu Mu also both the orderly, solemn side and twisted, ugly side of Heaven Palace.

Unfortunately, what Chu Mu saw were only fragments of memory. He was still clueless as to the reason Yu Suo jumped down into that darkness abyss. That darkness abyss was the most horrifying hell to Heaven Palace, demons and monsters that treated humans as food lived there!

Chu Mu looked at his palm which held a teardrop.

This teardrop must have recorded her most heartbreaking scene.

Chu Mu felt that he should throw away this Monument Tear which came from a woman who would become a stranger. After his soul recovered, she would have completely disappeared from his world. He could treat it as a really long dream, and would forget it after waking up.

After hesitating for a long time, Chu Mu still decided to keep this Monument Tear into his vessel.


“Young master, how does it feel? This woman should be the ideal partner to you human males, right??” Old Li’s lecherous voice spoke in Chu Mu’s mind.

“Do you believe I will tear your mouth??” said Chu Mu coldly.

“You are both half human, no longer belonging to the human category in theory. The copulation between you two should be justified...... Alright I will shut up, I will keep quiet.”

“I have a question. Answer me honestly,” said Chu Mu very seriously.

“Just ask, young master,” replied Old Li.


Hearing Old Li’s answer, Chu Mu became gloomy.

Bai Jinrou carefully observed the silent Chu Mu. She did not dare to use her mind reading technique. Furthermore, her mind reading technique was unable to read Chu Mu’s mind for some reason. She only knew Chu Mu’s mind was in a mess now......

She only knew this should be related to Yu Suo, but she could not guess just what exactly happened.


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