Chapter 1618

“Older sister, do you know? I discovered a flower at the cliff, it’s so special!” A little girl ran towards another girl cheerfully while holding a flower of holy blue and crimson color.

The two girls both wore blue skirts and had purple hair.

They looked exactly the same and even wore the same outfits......

If one did not look carefully, it would appear as if there was a mirror between them, while the girl in the mirror would be the other party.

“Where did you pick it from?” asked the older sister after carefully examining this flower.

“From the cliff behind Heaven Palace. What’s this flower? It’s so strange, why does it have two types of flower petals?” asked the younger sister.

“This is Evil Good Flower, a type of flower that existed the earliest in this world. The holy blue color represents good, while crimson color represents evil,” said the older sister.

“Good? Evil? What’s good and evil?” asked the younger sister again.

“I don’t know,” The older sister shook her head.

“There’s also something older sister doesn’t know? It wasn’t written in books?”

“There are many things books cannot explain.”

“What are those?” The younger sister was so curious she wanted to ask about everything.


“What’s feeling?”

The older sister smiled. Her smile was calming and gentle. It seemed that she would never lose patience to any question, “I am your older sister, you are my younger sister, we share feelings.”

“I still don’t understand......” The younger sister scratched her head.

“Someone with feelings is willing to share. The person with more feelings will share more. Happiness, sadness, reliance, responsibility......”

“If I make a mistake, will older sister share responsibility with me?” asked the younger sister cunningly.

“I will.”



The moment she embraced evil, she felt something invading into her body. That something drilled through her skin and flesh, causing unbearable pain to her body.

She began to regret it. She did not expect embracing such an evil self would be this painful.

However, whenever she wanted to give up, a bloody face would appear before her.

Her cheek was bloodied, her hair was bloodied, she looked at her with hollow eyes......

Her originally perfect body was already withered to the bones, looking like a dried mummy.

It was difficult to imagine such a perfect body and beautiful face would suddenly become this scary.

She lied to me. Even though she was hung and tortured into a dried corpse, she told me that she was hanging high up like the moon and showering the entire Heaven Palace and human world with her radiance.

Those people...... How could they do that to her? How were they any different from those livestocks used to feed the monsters?

She was the most impartial and respected person, how could those people treat her like that? All of that...... All of that should have been my punishment, the one who made the mistake was me......


It was a black abyss. She kept falling, and her body was cut by the thorny vines during the fall.

Suddenly, she felt as if she was tied up under the Crimson Sol and was suffering the burning torture.

In the blink of an eye, a large group of monsters dashed over and bit her body, splitting her body up to eat......

The most horrifying nightmares filled her mind, she was in such pain she could not distinguish whether the tortured person was herself or her.

The pain from body, mind and soul almost broke her, this demon transformation was even more torturing than death.

She became weaker and weaker. She felt that her soul was almost vanquished by this pain.

She had to find a host. She had to make sure her soul obtained a place of belonging, or else her mind would be completely broken by the illusionary torture.

“Save me, please save me!”

“How do I help you?”

“I just need two soul pacts......”

Soul pact incantation was chanted. A soul pact connection slowly entered her devastated mental world and soul.

When this soul remembrance reached out, she felt someone pulling her out of this painful hell of demon transformation.

“What’s your name?”

“Why are you inside a flower? Are you a human or a flower demon?” asked a youth.

The heart-tearing pain was slowly fading away. The illusionary torture also disappeared from her mind.

Holy blue and crimson crossed over, the sharp flower petals slowly opened up.

At the center, a well-proportioned her slowly stood up. Her hair was crimson, as if it was smeared in blood.

Her lips were also crimson, it was very bewitching.

Her lips curved up slightly. That moment of despair, sadness and fury had completely disappeared, only the freshness of rebirth was left.

This body was still weak, but there was a great space for improvement. She was no longer a Totem Maiden, she was Evil Good Queen. She could use Evil Good Queen’s power to do many things!

She took a glance at the youth and felt grateful. Without him, she would sink in the endless pain of reminiscence......

However, she only smiled and did not speak a single word.

She turned around and left. She had many, many things to do......



Era Hall.

The entire hall was filled with fragrance. All the Evil Good Flowers had bloomed.

Those flowers clustered around the biggest flower at the center.

The flower was closed up tightly like a house. With a gust of unique fragrance, the petals opened up one by one, blooming into the most elegant and beautiful flower.

There was a masculine man lying at the center of the flower. His silver and black hair matched the holy blue and crimson flower petals well.

On his solid chest, there was a well-proportioned woman leaning closely to him. Her purple hair was disheveled, half covering her naked body. That appearance was even more alluring than fully naked, like the scene of a semi-transparent veil covering the scene of a holy maiden bathing.

The man’s eyes were closed, he was in an unconscious and slumbering state.

The woman opened her eyes first. She slowly retracted her arms which coiled around the man’s neck.

The moment she opened her eyes, there was no shock, no rage, no killing intent. She leaned on his chest and had an empty gaze.

After a period of time, she slowly sat up. Her thin waist and curvy hips portrayed her alluring figure.

The difference between a man and a woman could be amounted to this difference in figure, but this difference allowed the woman’s beauty to be breath-taking.

She stretched out her hand and gently stroked Chu Mu’s body.

She slowly stroked from his chest to his neck, just like a gentle woman who received nourishing.

However, the moment her palm approached Chu Mu’s neck, a flower thorn suddenly poked out from her palm.

This flower thorn was extremely sharp and was laced with lethal poison!

She just had to stab it lightly and he would die even if he had a half devil body. This was a poison in the Flower’s Stamen of Evil Good Ancestor, the most lethal protection poison!

Her hand stopped there and began trembling violently.

Yu Suo took deep breaths and kept urging her hand to slap down. However, her mind was in a complete chaos. Sometimes, a youthful face appeared, he reached out to her and pulled her out of the painful hell. Sometimes, the detestable face of Chu Mu appeared. He was merciless and cruel, as hateful as those devils inside Heaven Palace.

“Idiot! Why did you undo the soul pact? Why did you return my Flower’s Stamen?”

Yu Suo slapped heavily on Chu Mu’s cheek.

When the slap landed, her flower thorn was also retracted. Other than an obvious palm print on his face, there was no sign of his skin getting cut and poisoned.

Yu Suo bit on her lips so hard blood seeped out. A teardrop rolled down from her cheek onto Chu Mu’s chest.

She stood up and opened up her arms.

A gust of wind swept up in the hall. All the blooming flowers floated up and weaved into an elegant dress of holy blue and crimson.

All the flower petals and vines in the hall rapidly disappeared along with the wind, returning the hall to its original state.

After cleaning up everything, she took a glance at Chu Mu. Just like the first time they met, her emotion was very complicated.

Back then, she felt grateful yet ridiculous. She became the soul pet of a youth?

And now, she felt hatred and even more ridiculous.

However, so what?

What was there to cry about?

She must not let her weakness flow out from her eyes.

That person who was born a few minutes before her never shed any tears despite suffering all those punishments. What could this little pain and grudge amount to??

She turned and left, Evil Good Flower petals clustered around her, following their queen who had become resolute again......


The fragrance still lingered in the hall and did not dissipate after a long time.

The moment Yu Suo left, Chu Mu also opened his eyes.

He stared straight at the ceiling, the intangible Devil Fire gathered in his palm slowly dissipated after Yu Suo left.

He stared for a long time before finally looking away.

Heat and moisture was transmitted from his spatial ring. He opened his spatial ring and noticed that there was one more Monument Tear inside......

When the soul pact was still existing, he never obtained her Monument Tear.

After the soul pact was undone, she left a teardrop in his heart and turned into Monument Tear.

This Monument Tear should contain all of her story.

Why was she so desperate to stand at the top of the world? Why did she have two personalities? Why did she jump down from that terrifying darkness cliff and embraced such a horrifying thing even if she had to give up everything......

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