Chapter 1617: Embracing Evil

The chanting began. Honestly speaking, Chu Mu never expected to use this undoing incantation one day.

If possible, he did not want to let Yu Suo go so easily. This woman was a dangerous flower with lethal thorns.

However, compared to losing his chastity to her, especially when it would make her pregnant, he still could not accept the latter.

The undoing incantation was transmitted into Yu Suo’s soul. She had been dreaming of this day for a long time. Without the soul pact, even if she could not win against Chu Mu, she could escape from him and not listen to his orders anymore.

Sensing the undoing incantation, Yu Suo hurriedly chanted the incantation as well.

There was a unique connection between the two souls. As both of them started chanting the incantation, this connection was slowly getting pulled by both sides.

The connection was twined around tightly. When they started pulling the connection, both sides could feel their souls experiencing intense pain. It was like their souls getting torn apart!

Chu Mu frowned, and Yu Suo was similarly in pain.

They thought that this undoing process would have been easy, since they were not intimate like the other soul pet trainers and soul pets.

However, when the soul pact was truly getting undone, this pain was actually this unbearable.

Regardless of what happened afterwards, this soul pact was Chu Mu’s first soul pact and also the earliest soul pact. Their souls had almost merged into each other, forcefully tearing away was the same as tearing apart their souls!

Chu Mu gritted his teeth. The soul pact itself was unwilling to break the connection between them, because the soul pact was something that bound the souls. Forcefully undoing it was a torture to the souls.

Chu Mu was resolute and continued to pull apart their souls. He was unwilling to experience the ridiculous event even if his soul suffered severe damage.

Yu Suo similarly wanted to struggle out of this shackle. Her face was extremely pale, she bit her lips so hard blood was seeping out.


Finally, a crisp snapping sound came from the soul connection!

At that moment, Chu Mu and Yu Suo drew a sharp breath. The intense pain in their souls caused their expressions to twist

Chu Mu clutched his chest and his face paled in pain.

This was the second time he undid a soul pact. The first time was undoing the soul pact with Mo Xie due to deception. He felt his soul getting robbed away during that time and he had trouble breathing due to the pain.

Meanwhile, he had a similar feeling this time as well. Even if this was a soul pet Chu Mu did not like, even if this was the arrogant Evil Good Queen, the moment this soul pact which existed for the longest time in Chu Mu’s soul snapped, the pain was indescribable!

Similarly, the pain Yu Suo had to endure was on par with Chu Mu. She took a deep breath and immediately felt a heart-stinging pain transmitted to her soul!

Both of them panted heavily and hung their heads low.

Chu Mu recovered a little faster. He wiped away the sweat on his forehead and looked at the hair entangling on his body, “Can...... Can you release me now?”

Yu Suo raised her head, her forehead and neck moist with sweat.

She panted a few times and spoke, “Did I mention undoing the soul pact will prevent Evil Good Ancestor’s instinct?”

Chu Mu was startled for a moment and looked at her in shock, “You...... What do you mean!”

“You still don’t understand? Even if you undo the soul pact, Evil Good Ancestor still wants your bloodline to complete the reproduction!” said Yu Suo.

“Then why did you agree to undo the soul pact?” asked Chu Mu.

“I will be able to kill you after I wake up. Then, I will forcefully erase this memory and treat as if nothing happened!” answered Yu Suo coldly.

“You vile woman!” cursed Chu Mu.

He returned her freedom out of goodwill and intended not to deal with her anymore in future. Yet she wanted to kill him the moment the soul pact was undone. Could there be anyone even more vile than her in this world?

He should have burned her Flower’s Stamen long ago!

“I’m vile? Can I be more vile than you? When you used Devil Fire to torture me, have you thought about what you......” rebutted Yu Suo as she pointed at Chu Mu.

However, her voice was getting weaker and weaker. A fluffy sensation spread throughout her body, as well as an irresistible impulsiveness.

Chu Mu’s rage was also getting dominated by another feeling.

It was difficult to imagine two enemies who wanted to kill each other suddenly quietened down, then started staring at each other and blushing.

Flowers began blooming in this hall. Yu Suo’s hair also returned to normal.

Her purple long hair stuck to her flawless body, and she had a breath-taking beautiful face. Chu Mu looked at this woman in front of him in a daze, the memories over the years were getting erased.

He suddenly recalled the time when he saw a pitiful girl inside a blue flower helplessly asking for help. Back then, Chu Mu only wanted to help her overcome her problem.

Seeing this mature and beautiful face now, Chu Mu still felt that she was in pain and required his help......


Darkness and coldness existed alongside, viscous fluid covered her body.

Yu Suo slowly opened her eyes. She realized she was wrapped inside a soft object filled with fluid.

Her clothes had been dissolved, her naked body mixed along with the viscous fluid. When she tried to struggle free from this weird object, she noticed that the sticky object felt like her blood vessels, injecting energy into her body......

“What’s wrong with me?” Yu Suo looked at herself and the flower organ in front of her pulsing like a heart.

She tried hard to recall.

Shouldn’t she be dead?

She jumped down from the cliff, it was a certain death.

She only remembered getting further and further away from those detestable faces at the edge of the cliff, because she was falling down.

She remembered falling into a demonic vine abyss which was like a snake den. The huge vines passed her by as she fell. The further she fell, the denser those vines covered around her......

Then, there seemed to be a tunnel suddenly swallowing her up. After that, she lost consciousness.

“Shouldn’t I have been eaten by that most horrifying flower demon in the world?” Yu Suo’s memory stopped at the moment she was swallowed. She was scared and desperate at that moment.

However, she was not dead and was bound by these sticky things......

More accurately speaking, these things seemed to have become part of her. She could even sense another thought and soul inside her body.

She tried to move her body.

At that moment, she felt the darkness in the surroundings wriggling.

In the darkness, an enormous object suddenly appeared. It was a huge demonic flower. Evil marks were densely packed on the demonic flower!

Huge flower vines entangled and spread out. These flower vines filled the surroundings, she could not even see the entire Ancestor Flower due to its size. She had to turn her head to be able to see the full appearance.

Holy blue and crimson, one represented good and one represented evil. Yu Suo stood absentmindedly at the place where all the black-colored vines intersected. She felt that she had fallen into a hell, or else she would never witness such an astonishing scene!

She wanted to escape out of fear.

However, she suddenly felt that everything she saw was closely connected to her......

It seemed that...... These huge and ugly things were part of her!

She slowly raised her hand. All of a sudden, the demonic flower ancestor slowly bloomed.

Within the flower, a demonic princess with blue and red skin manifested!

Its hair was made of fluttering flower threads, its body was made of flower petals. It had a woman’s face and also a woman’s body, but what shocked Yu Suo was that this demonic princess ancestry imitated her appearance!

That face was exactly the same as hers apart from color. Even that body completely matched hers.

Seeing this female demon born from the flower, Yu Suo felt like seeing her ugly self from a mirror!

“This is me...... This is me...... How did I become......”

“This is not me...... This is not me, I’m not like this!”

Yu Suo collapsed, this was more horrifying than a nightmare!

She crawled backwards and wanted to stay away from this hell.

However, where could she escape to?

That female demon opened its eyes. Those eyes were exactly the same as hers. She even felt like staring at her own eyes. She could see grudge, fury and hatred from those eyes!

This grudge, fury and hatred made her desire for power to tear apart all those detestable faces in her memory!

They all deserved to die. They killed her most beloved family using such a cruel method.

At that moment, she no longer backed away.

She looked at that evil self, forcefully suppressed her fear and walked towards it. Just like embracing death and darkness when she jumped down from the cliff, she chose to embrace this fearful and disgusting demonic self!

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