Chapter 1615: Evil Good Ancestor’s Reproduction

Yu Suo’s hair grew more and more. Like flower vines, those thin flower threads stuck to Chu Mu’s skin as if absorbing something.

Chu Mu did not pay attention to these and still concentrated on guiding God Dew’s energy into Yu Suo’s soul.

Fragrance began to exude from Yu Suo’s body, blue and red Evil Good Flowers started to bloom in the entire Era Hall.

Countless flower vines extended out with Yu Suo as the center. The vines coiled around those pillars and spread all over the walls and ceiling.

The flower vines grew denser and denser. In an instant, the entire hall was completed covered in these flower vines. It looked like a house built with vines.

Evil Good Flowers bloomed one after another, decorating the ground into a flower carpet.

The fragrance could easily make one drown in happiness.

Chu Mu opened his eyes and was surprised to see such a beautiful scene.

All of those flowers, vines and threads spread out with Yu Suo as the center. It seemed like countless flower fairies gathering around their queen.

Yu Suo’s hair spread apart like a witch, her face was as white as snow, yet her lips were bright red.

Her eyes were closed and her long eyelashes were purple.

Chu Mu looked at Yu Suo and was astonished.

In normal situations, Yu Suo’s aura was holy and elegant. Even without much decorations, he would give off a sacred presence.

However, right now, this woman suddenly transformed from the perfect existence to an evil witch!

Her alluring appearance was very seductive, yet extremely dangerous.

At that moment, Chu Mu could clearly sense Yu Suo’s soul evolving. Her soul evolution also strengthened Chu Mu’s soul.

However, for some reason, the tenth phase Evil Good Queen somehow gave off an intangible impact to Chu Mu. He felt like she was a poisonous flower, and the poisonous thorn was pointed towards his heart all the time. It would rob away his life if he was careless.

Yu Suo clearly succeeded in evolving to the tenth phase.

After some time, she slowly opened her eyes.

Her pupils were not the usual purple, but a charming crimson. When she made eye contact with Chu Mu, Chu Mu could sense something striking deep into his heart, causing him to be unsure what to do!

“Why are you using mental technique on me?” complained Chu Mu.

“I didn’t,” said Yu Suo calmly.

“Succeeded?” asked Chu Mu.

Yu Suo stretched out her hands. Her skin was no longer human skin, but covered flower petals like scales.

She lightly blew onto her hand. Those flower petals were blown off from her hand and revealed the tender skin beneath.

Chu Mu watched her absentmindedly.

Yu Suo noticed that her clothes were also shed off along with the flower petals and spoke to Chu Mu bashfully, “Turn around!”

She was shedding off her original flower petal layer. This was similar to a rebirth. It was similar to when Chu Mu first met her, she was completely naked after experiencing an evolution.

Compared to the past, she was no longer a young girl. Her well-proportioned body could easily make any man lust after.

Chu Mu opened his mouth, but did not say anything. He was a little charmed by the scene and thought that Yu Suo wanted to seduce him using this method. It turned out that this was a full baptism after an evolution.

Chu Mu did not turn around. It was not because he lusted after her beauty, but he noticed that Yu Suo’s hair coiled around him tightly and he was unable to move.

“Why are you coiling me up?” Chu Mu felt something was amiss.

The alluring fragrance and naked body before him, the hair which coiled around him and prevented him from moving. Could he really believe that Yu Suo had no ulterior motives?

“I...... I also don’t know,” Yu Suo was also confused why her hair would be coiling around Chu Mu.

Furthermore, she could not control her hair at all. Her hair coiled around Chu Mu tightly, as if wanting to obtain something from him.

“Ah!” Suddenly, Yu Suo remembered something and screamed, her face turned pale!

“Why are you screaming now?” grumbled Chu Mu.

Yu Suo’s hair coiled around his neck, limbs and waist, he could not move at all.

“Quick, burn my hair away,” Yu Suo did not even bother about wearing her clothes and shouted towards Chu Mu.

Chu Mu also did not like to be trapped like this and chanted an incantation.

Black and white Devil Fire manifested and rapidly spread onto Yu Suo’s hair.

Usually, it would be easy for Chu Mu’s Devil Fire to burn such things. However, after the evolution, Yu Suo’s fear towards fire had been greatly lessened. Furthermore, her current rank was even higher than Chu Mu, Chu Mu’s flame could not even burn her hair.

“I can’t burn it,” said Chu Mu.

Yu Suo’s expression turned worse, as if she knew her death would be approaching soon.

“What’s going on?” asked Chu Mu.

Yu Suo did not answer.

Chu Mu tapped her and asked again, “Can you hear me?”

“Don’t touch me!” Yu Suo suddenly backed away. However, her hair still coiled around Chu Mu tightly. She was pulling Chu Mu towards her while she backed away.

“I’m not touching you, your hair......” Chu Mu was about to try recalling Yu Suo back to the soul pet space, but suddenly felt a burning hot sensation on his skin.

This sensation came from Yu Suo’s hair. That burning hot sensation spread from his skin into his body, then all over his body!

“You...... What are you doing?” Chu Mu felt the strange feeling and looked at Yu Suo in shock.

Yu Suo did not answer. She just stared at Chu Mu furiously.

“Young master, it’s Evil Good Queen,” said Old Li.

“What’s going on?” Chu Mu could feel that his body was getting more and more abnormal. It felt like a burning beast trying to charge out of his body.

“Evil Good Ancestor will start its reproduction directly after reaching the tenth phase. If there’s no suitable male partner in the surroundings, it will grow a reproduction flower by itself. This reproduction flower is one rank lower than Evil Good Ancestor, similar to Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s split reproduction. If there is a suitable male partner nearby, Evil Good Ancestor will obtain his essence to give birth to a stronger offspring.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu thought he heard something wrong and looked at Yu Suo in astonishment.

Yu Suo’s face was so cold as if there was a thick layer of ice, “It’s speaking the truth.”

“What the heck? Release me, or I will burn your Flower’s Stamen,” said Chu Mu.

“Burn it, I would rather die than do such a thing with you!” rebutted Yu Suo.

“Young master, this is Evil Good Ancestor’s reproduction instinct, she cannot control it. You two are both Half Humans anyway, the success rate should be rather high, quite suitable......” Old Li shamelessly jumped out from Chu Mu’s spatial ring and seemed to be temporarily leaving the scene.

Seeing Old Li running away, Chu Mu’s expression became even worse.

At that moment, Chu Mu clearly sensed those flower threads injecting aphrodisiac flower fluid into his body. Yu Suo was currently stark naked in front of him. No matter how strong his will was, his rationality would collapse soon when Evil Good Ancestor kept injecting aphrodisiac into his body.

“Why are you doing this?” Chu Mu stared at Yu Suo angrily.

Yu Suo was also enraged, “Do you think I want this? How would I know that Evil Good Flower will start reproduction uncontrollably after evolving to the tenth phase?”

“An unreasonable primeval creature as expected,” Chu Mu felt even harder to maintain his rationality.

He already put down their past grudges and no longer minded about Yu Suo’s betrayal in the past. However, that did not mean he liked this woman. Taking one step back, even if he was seduced by this woman and did it with her, it was better than conducting the so-called reproduction with this woman.

“Burn it, burn my Flower’s Stamen,” Yu Suo also gave up by now.

She actually knew that Evil Good Ancestor required reproduction. This reproduction would also use her body as a medium, and the offspring would also be in her womb.

However, she had never imagined the most suitable bloodline Evil Good Ancestor acknowledged was Chu Mu, the man she hated the most!

Chu Mu was also a Half Human, and he had Black Nightmare bloodline. That evil aura was similar to Evil Good Queen, and the Other type was something Evil Good Flower did not possess. Hence, Evil Good Ancestor decided that Chu Mu was the most suitable partner.

However, in Yu Suo’s perspective: She would rather die than to do it with him!

“Are you sure? That’s your heart. Won’t you die if I burn it?” Chu Mu felt that his consciousness was a little out of control nw.

“Burn it, burn my soul along with it,” Yu Suo turned her face to the side and spoke with resolution, “I don’t have to see your disgusting face again!”

“Then goodbye,” Chu Mu would not want to do something like that with her. She also wanted to die anyway.

“I don’t want to see you in the next generation also.”

“I will help you accomplish what you wanted to do,” said Chu Mu.

Yu Suo was startled for a moment and showed a little hesitation in her gaze, then finally told Chu Mu, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

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