Chapter 1614: Strengthening Yu Suo

While Qin Ji had yet to catch up, Chu Mu transferred God Dew’s energy into Dead Dream’s soul pet space.

Without even needing to guide, God Dew’s energy poured into the cluster of energy which was Dead Dream.

Dead Dream’s life force had been feeble and maintained in a weakened suspense state. Chu Mu was unable to reawaken Dead Dream despite using many Immortal Items.

However, as expected of Heaven Palace’s treasure, Chu Mu could clearly sense Dead Dream’s aura getting stronger.

That cluster of faint black flame began violently flickering, gradually becoming a ring of black energy. Within the black energy ring, he could see Dead Dream’s feathers fluttering.

The feathers became denser and denser, while Dead Dream’s life force became stronger and stronger. Chu Mu felt that Dead Dream was resurrecting from the Dead Butterflies in the battlefield.

Dead Butterflies circled around the black energy ring. Each Dead Butterfly also carried a trace of purplish black lightning. The streaks of lightning intercrossed between Dead Butterflies and wove into a network.


A phoenix cry echoed in Chu Mu’s mental world. Within the soul pet space, Dead Lightning danced around Dead Dream’s body. Dead Dream’s body was rapidly being created within the network of lightning and darkness.

Sixteen elegant and bewitching wings filled with dark feathers and lightning appeared. Its body was still beautiful and charming......

Seeing Dead Dream’s reawakening, Chu Mu was elated. He immediately chanted the incantation and summoned Dead Dream.

A dark diagram laced with lightning appeared in front of Chu Mu. Dead Dream flew out from the soul pet diagram.

The moment Dead Dream flew out, it already sensed a powerful foe chasing behind Chu Mu. Lightning flashed in its eyes!


Streaks of dark purple lightning chains shot out from Dead Dream’s body, rapidly weaving into a restriction diagram made of lightning chains and landed in front of Qin Ji.

“Charge through!” snorted Qin Ji as he did not treat Dead Dream’s lightning restriction as a threat.

The golden demon was very agile. It rapidly passed through the lightning restriction without touching any part.

Seeing the golden demon charging straight through the restriction, Dead Dream lightly flapped its sixteen wings!


Lightning butterflies suddenly appeared within the lightning restriction. These lightning butterflies swarmed to the front of the golden demon. Each lightning butterfly was connected with a streak of restriction lightning. As long as any lightning butterfly touched the golden demon’s body, the restriction would chain it up.

The golden demon could avoid those lightning chains, but it could not dodge these pseudo life forms generated from the lightning!

More and more lightning chains wrapped around this golden demon. Its movement speed was getting slower and slower, eventually fully bound by the lightning restriction!

Qin Ji’s expression turned grim. He had never expected this thief to be this strong that his demon soul pet could also be restrained.

Qin Ji took a glance at the white dragon coiling on his body. The white dragon understood his intention and immediately flew out while enlarging itself.

Starry Sky Dragon opened its mouth and bit onto those lightning chains. It forcefully swallowed those lightning chains.

The restriction was dimmed. That golden demon also used its sharp claws to tear away the lightning chains. Its golden eyes stared at Dead Dream furiously.

Dead Dream began chanting again and lightning began dancing around its body.

The lighting bolts blasted to the surroundings and hit the sealing diagrams nearby.

After getting hit by lightning bolts, those weaker sealing diagrams were destroyed.

In an instant, horrifying roars rang out from those sealing diagrams. Once a crack appeared on such sealing diagrams, the creatures inside would madly tear apart the sealing diagrams which imprisoned them!

Soon, a large number of sealing diagrams hit by Dead Dream’s lightning bolts were broken. Huge figures appeared one after another in this dim forbidden palace. Pairs of furious eyes stared at the pursuing golden demon and Qin Ji.

“Damn!” cursed Qin Ji.

A large group of sealed creatures had escaped. Furthermore, these creatures were clearly influenced by that Dead Lightning Phoenix and directed their rage towards him.

If Qin Ji wanted to catch that thief, he had to pass through this group of sealed creatures. However, these annoying creatures would not let him through easily.


Chu Mu turned to look behind and was relieved to see the dangerous Qin Ji getting obstructed by those sealed creatures.

“Good job,” Chu Mu praised Dead Dream which had just reawakened.

Dead Dream was a soul pet similarly familiar with seals and restrictions. It could clearly sense which seals in this forbidden palace could be made use of, and which seals they must not disturb.

By relying on the knowledge of seals and darkness incitation, these sealed creatures were easily manipulated by Dead Dream.

Without Qin Ji’s pursuit, Chu Mu would have an easier time for escape.

Soon, he saw light in front of him.

It was a very narrow door, a lightning barrier was set up on the door. It was clearly to prevent anyone from entering the forbidden palace or any creatures escaping from inside.

Mo Xie jumped down from Chu Mu’s shoulder and lightning waved its claws. The barrier was easily torn open.

After exiting the forbidden palace, Chu Mu noticed he arrived at an unfamiliar place.

There were similarly many palaces in this place, but they were much more solemn compared to Toten Palace!

Furthermore, the style of the pavilions inside was also different from Totem Palace.

Chu Mu turned around and saw that Pavilion of Myriad Pavilions was already behind him. Troops of Forbidden Army soldiers were rapidly flying towards his direction.

“Go, they want to encircle this place,” reminded Yu Suo in a hurry.

“To where?” asked Chu Mu.

“Go to Era Hall, there won’t be any guard there,” said Yu Suo.

Wheel Palace’s Era Hall, when Chu Mu heard those two terms, he somehow felt that this Wheel Palace was related to the ten thousand year wheel and thousand year era.

According to Yu Suo’s direction, Chu Mu found Era Hall.

Yu Suo recited the incantation of the restriction to Chu Mu, and Chu Mu easily entered Era Hall.

Era Hall was ancient and solemn. There were a total of nine pillars inside, various creatures were carved on the pillars.

There was nobody inside the hall.

Chu Mu walked one round around Era Hall and noticed that all the sculptures on the pillars were the era’s strongest Old Li had told him. There was also a sculpture of a Black Nightmare, as well as a creature which Chu Mu had never seen before.

“These are the nine era’s strongest within this wheel?” Chu Mu looked at these sculptures in astonishment.

Chu Mu had seen Hades, Yellow Spring, Ancient Flood Dragon Person, Ancient Beast Soul and Black Nightmare before. However, he had never seen Inferno, Underworld, Limbo Flower and one other creature.

“Leave those things aside first, help me complete the last step of evolution,” Yu Suo told Chu Mu as she had already walked out from the soul pet space.

She gave Chu Mu the God Dew.

Chu Mu nodded and found a place to sit down. He placed God Dew in front of him, while Yu Suo sat down opposite to him and stared at him.

All of Chu Mu’s soul pets had received strengthening from Chu Mu, other than the first two soul pacts. He had never formally done an energy transfer with Yu Suo before, so he was not sure if this could help her complete the evolution.

“Hurry, we don’t have much time,” said Yu Suo anxiously.

“Do you still have other plans?” asked Chu Mu as he saw Yu Suo’s anxious state.

“Don’t ask so much first, concentrate,” said Yu Suo.

Chu Mu probed his soul remembrance into God Dew and slowly guided the energy towards Yu Suo’s soul.

God Dew’s energy was very powerful. Chu Mu realized that his soul power exhausted at a very high speed when guiding the energy. He felt that he might be completely exhausted soon.

“The energy did not leak. This is much more efficient than me absorbing by myself, continue,” Yu Suo smiled.

She originally only intended to let Chu Mu help her steal God Dew, she never expected Chu Mu’s soul remembrance was also able to help her evolve. If she had known that soul pet trainer’s unique strengthening ability could also be used on her, she would have put down all kinds of grudge towards Chu Mu and asked him to help her strengthen......

Chu Mu did not speak. This strengthening process required high concentration.

God Dew’s energy was gentle, it was not so violent compared to the different types of energy Chu Mu came into contact with in the past. However, this gentle energy was just like water, it was hard to grab with water. He could only carefully hold it up and made sure there was no gap in his soul remembrance in order to ensure there was no leakage. Only by doing this, the soul pet would be able to absorb the maximum amount of energy.

With the assistance of Chu Mu’s soul remembrance, this energy absorption process became much easier. Yu Suo could feel a surge of power rising from her soul and charging towards the solid threshold!

Chu Mu closed his eyes and concentrated fully on guiding the energy.

He did not notice Yu Suo’s hair showing a change at this moment. Her hair changed into blood-colored flower threads like a witch!

The flower threads kept growing and started to coil around Chu Mu’s body!

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