Chapter 1613: The Vast Forbidden Palace

Chu Mu found the forbidden palace Yu Suo mentioned.

Chu Mu noticed that this forbidden palace was actually surrounded by a layer of creepy sigil barrier.

This barrier seemed to be a unique energy shackle and completely sealed this forbidden palace. He could see streaks of lightning at the entrance.

Chu Mu wondered just why such a unique forbidden palace was inside Pavilion of Myriad Pavilions. It seemed that every entrance and seam was sealed. Just what kind of creature could be sealed inside this forbidden palace?

Chu Mu summoned Mo Xie and let Mo Xie use its claws to tear open this barrier.

After entering the forbidden palace, Chu Mu abruptly realized the space inside the forbidden palace was extremely vast. He could not even see the end inside this dim palace!

“What’s going on?” Chu Mu examined the dim palace in astonishment.

When looking from outside, this forbidden palace was clearly similar to a normal palace. Chu Mu should be able to reach the end in a blink of an eye with his speed.

However, after entering the forbidden palace, the space had widened several times.

“Young master, this is a classic compressed space. On the surface, it may look like a normal palace, it’s actually very big inside, and very stable. After reaching a high rank, every attack contains immense destructive power. If two experts want to spar, it will cause a big commotion. At such times, this kind of customized compressed space can be used for the sparring,” explained Old Li at the right timing.

“I see,” Chu Mu nodded.

“However, this forbidden palace is clearly not meant for the experts to spar in. Perhaps, it is holding some powerful creatures kept by Heaven Palace,” said Old Li.

Without the need for Old Li to remind, Chu Mu could sense the powerful aura from some creatures. Chu Mu walked deeper into the palace and noticed that the aura came from the ground.

On the ground of the forbidden palace, there were many sealing diagrams. The aura of those creatures came from these sealing diagrams.

Yu Suo told him not to touch these seals.

“Chu Mu, I’m going to start the second break through attempt, God Dew’s energy is a little uncontrollable......” reminded Yu Suo.

“This forbidden palace can hide some energy fluctuations, right?” asked Chu Mu.

“It can, but not completely. Keep walking straight, the end of the forbidden palace connects between Totem Palace and Wheel Palace. After reaching there, the pressure from Forbidden Army will be lessened,” said Yu Suo.

Chu Mu could only follow Yu Suo’s words now. He walked straight towards the end of the forbidden palace.

There were many seals in this forbidden palace, Chu Mu did not dare to fly carelessly.

At that moment, a gust of pure energy surged out from Chu Mu’s soul pet space. This energy spread out to the surroundings like a ripple with Chu Mu as the center!

This was God Dew’s energy fluctuation, Chu Mu was shocked.

If such a vast amount of energy seeped out, leaving aside someone as strong as Qin Ji, any Spirit Immortal rank Forbidden Army soldier could easily detect this energy fluctuation!

The energy rippled out and was weakened when touching the forbidden palace’s restriction. Then, it continued spreading towards the outside.

After several layers of weakening, God Dew’s energy fluctuation was not so intense already.


“Did you sense it?” In the sky above Pavilion of Myriad Pavilions, Qin Ji frowned as he focused to the east where the forbidden palace was located at.

“Sense what?” asked Madam He.

“There seems to be energy fluctuation from the forbidden palace,” said Qin Ji.

“Isn’t it normal for energy fluctuation to be there? When had those creatures sealed inside been obedient?” said Madam He.

Qin Ji somehow felt that the energy fluctuation was similar to God Dew’s.

The forbidden palace was a compressed space. It was unique as its end was located between Totem Palace and Wheel Palace.

In other words, if the thief escaped using the forbidden palace, it was possible to pass through the sealed area inside Totem Palace.

“I will take a look, please take over this place,” said Qin Ji.

“True, that thief seems to be very knowledgeable about Totem Palace and even goddess building. He may also know the secret of this forbidden palace,” said Madam He.

Qin Ji rode on his Starry Sky Dragon and flew towards the forbidden palace.

Qin Ji was unsure the thief was definitely inside this forbidden palace. In order not to stir up any unnecessary panic, Qin Ji made his Forbidden Army guard the exit of the forbidden palace, while he alone entered.

The interior of the forbidden palace was very dim. Qin Ji similarly did not dare to fly inside the forbidden palace. He made his Starry Sky Dragon transform into its mini form and coiled around him.

As he unleashed his senses, he searched for the thief inside this vast palace.

Suddenly, a clear ripple of energy fluctuation swept through from his front.

Qin Ji could not be any more familiar with this aura. It was none other than God Dew!

“He’s really here!” Qin Ji’s eyes immediately turned sharp.

He chanted an incantation and summoned a golden-colored demon.

The golden demon could move around easily in this place filled with seals. Qin Ji’s eyes stared hard towards the direction of the energy fluctuation and chased after the source.


“Failed again?” asked Chu Mu.


“Never mind, I will help you,” said Chu Mu.

“How are you going to help me?” asked Yu Suo.

“I help you guide God Dew’s energy into your soul. This should be similar to strengthening a soul pet,” said Chu Mu.

Yu Suo hesitated a little.

In theory, she was Chu Mu’s soul pet. The most unique trait of a soul pet trainer was the ability to guide energy into a soul pet’s body using soul remembrance to achieve an evolution.

However, honestly speaking, Yu Suo always cultivated by herself and never let Chu Mu strengthen her using the soul pet method.

“Fine. I will......” Yu Suo abruptly stopped halfway.

“What’s wrong?” asked Chu Mu.

“Someone is coming after us,” said Yu Suo.

Chu Mu turned around and noticed a golden silhouette easily avoiding the seals between the tightly packed pillars and heading towards his direction.

“It’s probably the energy fluctuation just now getting sensed by someone,” Chu Mu frowned.

He unleashed his senses. Fortunately, there was only one person, he did not have to worry about getting surrounded.

“Get away from it first. I will attempt one more time. If I cannot succeed, you will help me evolve,” said Yu Suo.

“Fine,” Chu Mu nodded.

“It may be Qin Ji, he’s very strong. Hurry up and transfer that God Dew’s growth energy to Dead Dream. If it awakens, you will have a greater chance of escaping,” said Yu Suo.

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