Chapter 1612: Pavilion Of Myriad Pavilions

On the guard tower, Qin Ji scanned through the area around him.

Suddenly, his eyes beamed and locked onto one yard.

“Hmph, it’s still here as expected!” snorted Qin Ji.

At that moment, Starry Sky Dragon which was circling in the sky descended. Qin Ji jumped up and landed on Starry Sky Dragon’s back. They flew straight towards the place where God Dew’s energy seeped out. Right behind him, many dragons appeared and covered the entire sky with their huge membrane wings.


Shadows cast down onto the ground. Chu Mu looked up and saw the body of that white Starry Sky Dragon.

Its body width was similar to a bridge, its long and meandering body gave off a really strong visual impact.

“Seal this place up!” ordered Qin Ji.

The Forbidden Army quickly encircled the area. Those Totem Maidens and servants strolling in the yard and walkways started to panic, thinking that someone amongst them made a mistake.

At that moment, Qin Ji frowned and inspected this yard with a grim expression.

“What’s wrong?” asked Madam He.

“I sensed God Dew’s energy presence just now. It’s around here, but disappeared immediately,” said Qin Ji.

“That thief is really still here?” asked Madam He.

“Yes. I have instructed my subordinates to search room by room. The result will be out soon......” said Qin Ji.

Right after saying so, a weak energy fluctuation came from a corner in a certain garden.

Qin Ji’s eyes instantly locked on to that spot like an eagle!

At the same time, Madam He also sensed it, it felt like the presence of a specter!

“Specter!” Qin Ji and Madam He looked at each other in astonishment.

Specter was the type of creature with the most unpredictable trail. It could not be sensed even when using sensing abilities most of the time.

If it was a specter which stole God Dew, it could certainly pass through easily in Totem Palace. Furthermore, specters could always pass through some solid obstacles. Its ability in stealing was unmatched.

Qin Ji and Madam He flew towards the corner where the specter fluctuation originated from simultaneously. Qin Ji unleashed his senses and carefully inspected every spot in this garden!

Suddenly, a mini silhouette crossed from this wall to another wall, then hid into a certain room!

Qin Ji and Madam He captured the movement of this little specter at the same time!

“Star Imprisonment!” Qin Ji ordered his Starry Sky Dragon in the sky.

Starry Sky Dragon unleashed its starlight and changed it into a starlight cage, sealing up the room which that little specter ran into.

That specter seemed to have sensed the spatial seal and charged out of the room right before the room was caged!


A thunderous dragon roar rang out. Spectral Hidden Dragon suddenly appeared in front of Qin Ji and Madam He!

Qin Ji and Madam He immediately fell back. Starry Sky Dragon’s tail swept down from the sky towards Spectral Hidden Dragon!


This tail sweep smashed the entire garden. That Spectral Hidden Dragon rapidly dodged this strike.


The moment the battle started, all Forbidden Army soldiers immediately surrounded this region. Dragons flew in the sky or stood between walls, their large heads reached the same height as the roofs.

Qin Ji and Madam He focused on this Spectral Hidden Dragon with a stern expression!

There were various types of dragons in Heaven Palace, most of the Forbidden Army chose dragons as their soul pets.

However, Spectral Dragon was a type never seen before in Hidden Palace. There might not even be one in the human world.

The reason Qin Ji and Madam He were astonished was because it was an extremely rareSpectral Dragon before them, and that Spectral Dragon was a powerful high class Immortal!

At that moment, blue soul pact light manifested on Spectral Dragon’s body. The light rays formed into a soul pet diagram and tore open the space.

The blue diagram flashed, that Spectral Dragon rapidly squeezed into the torn space and disappeared before everyone!

The moment Qin Ji saw the soul pact light, he knew it was a recall diagram used by a soul pet trainer. Hence, he made Starry Sky Dragon seal the space around that Spectral Dragon immediately to prevent that soul pet trainer from recalling this Spectral Dragon.

However, Qin Ji underestimated the other party’s ability. The other party had already created an undetectable crack in this space before recalling Spectral Hidden Dragon. Perhaps other creatures could not escape from this crack, but Spectral Hidden Dragon could easily squeeze through such a tiny crack.

Qin Ji’s expression turned grim. His eyes coldly focused on another direction.

Over there, the soul pact fluctuation clearly transmitted out. It was mixed with spectral aura and Other type aura, there was also the faint energy of God Dew!

That must be the thief!

What caused Qin Ji to frustrate was that the other party actually used a Spectral Dragon and a normal space trick to lure him and the Forbidden Army to this place, then escaped in another direction!

The fluctuation emitted by the thief dissipated soon. It was clear that the other party used an expert stealth method. When Qin Ji rushed over there right after sensing the fluctuation, he was unable to see any trace of the thief......

“He actually got away!” Madam He frowned.

“He won’t escape. I will catch him alive!” said Qin Ji coldly.

“He is running towards Pavilion of Myriad Pavilions. Low rank Miadens, female servants, female Xuan Teachers, Immortal Teachers and female Forbidden Guards live there. There are also some male servants with unclear identities, as well as the relatives and disciples of those people. If we have to interrogate one by one, it will create a big commotion,” said Madam He.

Madam He preferred to suppress every incident. She was unwilling to rile up the matters in Totem Palace.

She preferred quietness, Totem Palace was the quietest place.

“God Dew cannot be brought out of Heaven Palace. Furthermore, if there’s energy fluctuation, there will definitely be a leak in aura. As long as there’s another fluctuation, I will catch him!” said Qin Ji.


Pavilion of Myriad Pavilions was the most complicated palace in Totem Palace. Maidens of high positions, Immortal Teachers, female Forbidden Guards lived here. There were also some low rank servants in charge of miscellaneous matters.

Pavilion of Myriad Pavilions lived up to its name. Various types of pavilions were built, some stacked over one another, some connected by wooden bridges or stone pavements. Without a guide, it was easy to get lost in this place.

The Heaven Palace members in Pavilion of Myriad Pavilions were also composed of complicated backgrounds. There were even those from Heaven City inside here to run errands for Maidens with high position and Immortal Teachers. People from Wheel Palace and Guardian Palace would also visit Pavilion of Myriad Pavilions when there was a chance. After all, only Pavilion of Myriad Pavilions in Totem Palace gathered countless beauties they desired.

Pavilion of Myriad Pavilions similarly contained restrictions. However, there were over thirty gates around Pavilion of Myriad Pavilions. There would always be some people entering using some methods.

After Qin Ji issued the order, these thirty plus gates were sealed up by female Forbidden Guards immediately. There were many people who used illegal methods to enter Pavilion of Myriad Pavilions in the first place. The moment the sealing order was issued, many panicking figures instantly appeared in Pavilion of Myriad Pavilions.

Madam He actually knew the complexity inside Pavilion of Myriad Pavilions. She had thought of the dissatisfaction from many middle rank Maidens and Immortal Teachers getting their privacy exposed due to sealing up this time. This was why she did not want Qin Ji to create such a big commotion.

However, if they did not do this, they could not find God Dew. Despite so, the trouble caused by this was not inferior to losing God Dew.


Within a certain rural palace in Pavilion of Myriad Pavilions, Chu Mu stood in the shade and cautiously controlled his own presence.

The trick of letting Little Hidden Dragon lure away Qin Ji was extremely dangerous. If Qin Ji managed to seal the space in time, Chu Mu would be unable to recall Little Hidden Dragon.

Fortunately, Qin Ji did not act immediately after seeing Little Hidden Dragon. This allowed Chu Mu to successfully escape the goddess building area where the security was the tightest.

“Have you successfully evolved?” asked Chu Mu using mental voice.

“No,” answered Yu Suo.

“Where do we escape to next?” asked Chu Mu.

“Go hide in a forbidden palace at the east of Pavilion of Myriad Pavilions first. However, remember not to alert the creature inside that forbidden palace!” said Yu Suo.

Chu Mu followed Yu Suo’s guide and headed towards the east.

“Did you sense energy surging in your body?” asked Yu Suo.

Chu Mu was focused on escaping and did not take notice of his body. When he used soul remembrance to inspect, he really found some unknown pure energy lingering in his body, as if it was unsure where to go.

“This is the energy in God Dew I cannot absorb. It contains plenty of growth energy. Didn’t your little Dead Dream undergo nirvana again? Pass this energy to it, it will reawaken faster,” said Yu Suo.

Chu Mu’s eyes lit up and felt a burden lifting off his heart.

After Dead Dream exhausted most of its life force in the war, it had been slumbering in Chu Mu’s soul pet space. Chu Mu did not know how to awaken it.

He never expected that God Dew actually had such a usage. If he could awaken Dead Dream, his strength would be another level higher. After all, Dead Dream was already close to high class Immortal rank in the previous awakening. With God Dew’s baptism, it might become even stronger!

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