Chapter 1611: Heavenly Palace’s Imperial Guards

The Heavenly Palace was highly guarded and closed off. Thefts almost never happened. Adding on the fact that the Divine Maiden Building itself had a powerful restriction, no one should be able to get in.

Thus, there weren’t even many people that could enter at all. Placing something like the God Dew in there definitely was safe.

Additionally, the entire heavenly palace knew that the God Dew was placed in the Human Mother’s room. Of the entire Heavenly Palace, not many dared to enter the Human Mother’s room. It was no different from giving up their lives directly.

Yet, the God Dew still disappeared!

Qin Ji’s face was very sullen. Only a few people could enter the Divine Maiden Building without him detecting it, yet none of them would take the God Dew away recklessly like this without warning.

Yet. what confused Qin Ji was, if one wasn’t part of the inner circle of Heavenly Palace and knew everything about the Divine Maiden Building, how could they know the God Dew was in Human Mother’s room, and also know that Human Mother closed off all her senses when cultivating?

The Divine Maiden Building was locked with restrictions. Human Mother’s room also had restrictions. Unless they truly were unbeatable, they definitely couldn’t steal the God Dew from the building with this many guards!

“Come, block all the exits of the Totem Palace, make sure everyone who ever exited is questioned!” Qin Ji commanded angrily.

Heavenly Palace had been robbed before; after all, the Heavenly palace is filled with some of the greatest treasures. However, something as important as the God Dew was often put in the most-watched places, where no one dared to steal it!

Qin Ji’s heart was filled with anger. Going into the Divine Maiden Building and stealing the God Dew was unforgivable!!


After Qin Ji’s commands, the white totem palace was covered in a barrier. This barrier covered the entire place. Other than a few special exits, no one in it could leave.

In the barrier, multiple imposing dragons flew through the skies. White armored imperial guards used their soul remembrance to scan the entire region in search of suspicious personnel.

On the white jade-like floor, teams of black-armored beasts quickly flew through, guarding the most important roads. They theoretically locked down the criminal in the smallest region possible.

Wearing noble dresses in the palace, many women saw the army start moving at such magnitudes and started looking curious.

“What happened?” A totem maiden with a bowtie behind her dress called a guard over.

“It’s Commander Qin’s command to lock down the Totem Palace.” The leader replied respectfully.

“If it’s just some small theft, there’s no reason to move everyone. It’ll bring greater losses to interrupt the daily activities of the palace,” The mature totem maiden said.

“Commander Qin looked very angry, it probably isn’t a normal item…..” The imperial guard leader said.

“Where is Qin Ji?” The totem maiden asked.

“In the goddess pavilion.”

The totem maiden nodded and brought a group of female disciples towards there.

“What was stolen?” A sixteen-year-old totem maiden asked curiously.

“Can it be a seventh rank immortal rank spirit crystal?”

“Every time something happens, there are always some crazy rumors. Sometimes people die and rumors say something was stolen. When things are stolen, rumors say the palace was tidying its ranks….” An older totem maiden said.

“Qin Ji is in Divine Maiden Building, meaning something must have happened, and it definitely is big.”

The lady walking at the front glanced backward at the chittering female disciples.

They all quickly closed their mouths and started practicing their composure. However, from their blinking eyes, they were still greatly curious.

One couldn't blame them. The palace’s life was often calm, like frozen lake water. Once some ripple happened, it brought everyone’s attention.

At the Divine Maiden Building, the lady went towards the Heavenly Guard Tower.

On the guard tower, Qin Ji stood alone staring down upon the entire Totem Palace.

His starry sky dragon flew even higher up and became massive, seeming to encompass the entire palace with its body.

“Qin Ji,” The lady flew up to Qin ji.

“Lady He.” Qin Ji briefly gestured.

“What happened?” Lady He asked.

“The God Dew was stolen.” Qin Ji said.

“God Dew? The God Dew wasn’t put in the Wheel Palace?” Lady He said.

“Goddess is training how to make diagrams.” Qin Ji said.

Lady He didn’t live in the Divine Maiden Building, but as a more authoritative totem maiden, she knew that some totem maidens, when training to make diagrams, would go to Wheel Palace to grab the God Dew to help with recovery after training. This wasn’t a big secret.

“Isn’t it with Human Mother?” Lady He furrowed his brows.

“It was there. When I entered there, the restriction of the room was opened before…..” Qin Ji said.

“Human Mother didn’t notice?”

“She closed all her senses. Even if someone entered her room, as long as they didn’t touch her curtain, she wouldn’t notice. However, she probably sensed something, but just didn’t wake up. She probably didn’t want it to affect her training,” Qin Ji said.

“Why could someone enter the building and even straight into her room?” Lady He questioned.

Qin Ji shook her head, “It only means that this person was incredibly familiar with the pavilion. The person must know that when training, the God Dew would be in Human Mother’s room so Human Mother could nurture it. And not only does the person know her room restriction incantation, they also know that Human Mother cultivates with her senses shut off.”

Stealing the God Dew truly is ridiculous.

Putting aside Totem Palace’s extremely well-guarded entrances, Divine Maiden Building was almost impossible to enter, with restrictions that can deny any expert below Undying rank.

Even if one luckily enters, the God Dew was right in Human Mother’s room.

No one didn’t know how powerful Human Mother was. Stealing from her room, who dared to do that?

“You think it’s someone in Divine Maiden Building?” Lady He said.

“En, that’s the current suspicion.” Qin Ji said.

“No way, people in the building have no incentive to steal it. They, like the goddess, can all enjoy the nurturing.” Lady He said seriously.

The Divine Maiden Building only had a few people. Divine Maiden, Human Mother, Spirit Maiden, Dragon Maiden, and the rest are just servants.    

The servants are all young girls without much soul remembrance. Though they knew every room’s chant, they wouldn’t dare touch God Dew even if they were given a hundred times more courage.

The maidens able to enter the Divine Maiden Building were all high ranking, but they wouldn’t know the incantations…...

“It must be some servant and a high ranking maiden working together then.” Qin Ji said.

“Heng, why eliminate the possibility that the imperial guards took it?” Lady He humphed.

High ranking maidens meant her and her bunch. They were the people with the highest authority outside of the building. Only they would know Human Mother and Divine Maiden’s cultivation habits, and only they could enter the building freely.

“If it’s my people, I’ll crush them to bits! Sorry to trouble you, but can you bring together all the maidens in the nearby region to interrogate them? I’ve already restricted the actions of all imperial guards in charge of this region and will question them.” Qin Ji said.

Lady He nodded and no longer debated with Qin Ji. After all, God Dew was lost. Once the divine maiden is finished training, if there isn’t God Dew, they would definitely be blamed. Both the imperial guard and the maidens would be in trouble then. The task at hand was to find the God Dew.


In a side room of the courtyard, Chu Mu stood by the window and glanced out the window.

On the roofs and beside the walls, massive dragon figures flew back and forth. Hurried steps came from the white jade floor far away. It always felt as if they were trying to surround the room.

Within the room, the maiden that Yu Suo knocked out was still laying in bed in a translucent robe. She was sleeping very deeply, not knowing that there was a man in her room.

Chu Mu naturally didn’t have the time to look at this woman. His eyes stared outside to look for a suitable chance to leave.

The Divine Maiden Building was only a few palaces away from them. Though the places were all connected, there were enough guards to look through each and every one, and eventually find them.

“Let’s leave the room first. We can’t let them know there’s a secret passageway here.” Yu Suo’s mental voice came. "If I could leave, you think I would stay here?” Chu Mu said.

The dragons in the sky were all rather high rank. If Chu Mu created any spatial ripples, they would definitely notice. Chu Mu was waiting for a blind spot.

“Leave the Divine Maiden Building as fast as possible and go to the Totem Palace. The members are rather complicated there, so even if you use dark and space energy, they won’t notice you. However, you still have to be careful of experts like Qin Ji. They definitely will detect the weak energy leakages of the God Dew.

“Pray that I don’t meet anyone too strong.” Chu Mu said.


“......” She had the gall to respond… Chu Mu wanted to burn her Flower’s Stamen away right there and then.

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