Chapter 1610: Stolen Divine Nectar

“It really is put there. The Heavenly Palace truly never changes.” Yu Suo smiled.

Behind that woman’s curtains was a lantern-like lotus seat. Atop the lotus seat was a single pristine water droplet. This water droplet was liquid, yet it also seemed like a pearl that can’t disperse.

Chu Mu was still shocked at the Human Mother’s origin when Yu Suo had already grabbed what she wanted and walked back to Chu Mu.

“She really is the ancestor of all humans?” Chu Mu asked.

“Her blood lineage is. Humans can be split into countless subspecies. Those with higher blood lineage usually had higher status. Those with dominating positions were usually the larger families. Long before that, humans didn’t have that many subspecies. They all belonged to a small nation, and her blood lineage comes from this nation.” Yu Suo said.

“You got what you wanted?” Chu Mu glanced at the thing on Yu Suo’s palm.

“En.” Yu Suo nodded.

“It’s that simple?” Chu Mu said.

Other than entering this Divine Maiden Building through a special secret pathway, the rest of this process had been all out in the open. In fact, even the precious God Dew seemed to be just a normal accessory within the room that was easily stolen.

If it were this simple, why did this woman summon him here?

“Getting it is hard, but taking it out is near impossible,” Yu Suo said.

“So?” Chu Mu asked.

“I’ll use the shortest time to digest this God Dew’s energy. While the God Dew is losing power, we could be discovered by the guards in the Heaven Palace at any time. So, when I digest the God Dew, you have to protect me as much as possible,” Yu Suo said seriously.

Chu Mu’s face turned black. “How is that any different from telling me to commit suicide? That Qin Ji you mentioned before is someone I can’t defeat already!”

“You have to hide. I’ll tell you what places are relatively safe in a moment. When I absorb the God Dew’s energy, I can hide my own aura, but the God Dew’s energy may leak out. So, you have to constantly change positions until I absorb the God Dew’s energy completely,” Yu Suo said.

Seeing Chu Mu still unwilling, Yu Suo continued, “Don’t worry, the disappearance of the God Dew won’t startle the god rank experts within the Heaven Palace. These pseudo god rank item losses will first alarm the Heavenly Palace’s Imperial Guards. The first to search for you is Qin Ji and his team. Though there will be a larger lockdown later, I’ll already have the God Dew’s energy absorbed. Unless they sweep through the entire palace, they can’t possibly find us.”

”You make it sound simple. How about I absorb the God Dew and you help me hide,” Chu Mu said.

Anywhere else, Chu Mu wasn’t scared. However, after seeing just how terrifying the Heavenly Palace is, Chu Mu couldn’t not be scared. One has to know that the Heavenly Palace cursed a flourishing species for ten thousand years in a fit of anger.

“Alright, then in two months, just wait and see Bai Jinrou fall back into the ice coffin. I can tell you very surely that Bai Yu will definitely be unable to get the real art of resurrection from Rong family master. Limbo Flower indeed has the power to revive, but unless the Limbo Flower reaches undead rank, it’ll suffer a great cost. You think that Family Master Rong would allow that to happen to his Limbo Flower for a random stranger?” Yu Suo said.

Chu Mu furrowed his brow and said, “Why didn’t you say so sooner?” 

“You think he would back off even if I told him? Rong Family Master’s Pendant indeed was enough to revive Bai Jinrou. That gave Bai Yu enough hope. Even if he knew he was being used, and that it may be a trap….” Yu Suo said.

“What identity does Rong Family Master have?” Chu Mu asked.

“He’s Wheel Palace’s high ranking Immortal Teacher. He holds all sorts of strange and unique refining techniques, including those that refine the soul and refine soul pets.” Yu Suo said.

Remembering the talk he had with Bai Yu in Nightmare Sacred Realm, Chu Mu felt uneasy. He felt that Bai Yu seemed to know that he couldn't come back safely. The only reason he didn’t say anything to entrust things to chu Mu was because he had full confidence Chu Mu could take care of the person most important to him.

“How long until you can digest this God Dew?” Chu Mu asked.

“Not too long. I’ve already started absorbing its energy. They’ll notice us very soon,” Yu Suo said.

Chu Mu’s eyes widened. How could she just start without him even agreeing?

If her Flower Stamen were not in his hands, Chu Mu definitely would think this was a trap set up by Yu Suo to intentionally harm him.

“Open up your soul pet space, I need to train within it,” Yu Suo said.

This was the only time Yu Suo had ever requested to go back into his soul pet space. However, as a powerful soul remembrance pushed towards him from afar, Chu Mu really wanted to destroy the contract between Yu Suo and him and let her die on her own.

She stole Heavenly Palace’s things and is absorbing the energy to strengthen herself, yet she was making him be her guard. Chu Mu finally realized why this woman wanted him to come with her.

Chu Mu opened his soul pet space. Yu Suo became a flurry of petals that entered Chu Mu’s soul pet space as bits of the God Dew entered Chu Mu’s soul pet space.

As the soul pet space closed, Chu Mu still felt the God Dew’s special energy leaking out like a spring. Anyone with a relatively powerful remembrance could immediately notice it if they checked here even if Chu Mu used his powers of darkness and space to hide.

“Can’t you control it any better?” Chu mu grumbled.

“I can, but every time I try to breakthrough the tenth phase, there will be a sliver of energy I can’t control. So, when I try to break through, try not to be too close to the guards.” Yu Suo said.

Breaking through bottlenecks isn’t something easily achieved. Just like a tide slamming into a cliff, it often needed a lot of attacks before it could succeed. Meaning, if Yu Suo tried to break through the bottleneck multiple times with no success, Chu Mu would continue to be chased!

“I’ll tell you how to avoid them but you may have to do some on-the-spot thinking of your own. If you are truly caught and have nowhere to run, don’t resist. They’ll capture you and bring you to the Human Mother and awaken her….” Yu Suo said.

“What after that? You have a way to convince her?” Chu Mu glanced at the extremely beautiful yet dangerous woman behind the curtains.

“I don’t know, it depends on her mood. It can buy us a bit of time at least…..” Yu Suo said.

Chu Mu was getting a headache from this. He always thought that the devilishly smart Yu Suo definitely had a complete plan of stealing the God Dew and escaping scot-free. Yet, this woman revealed her completely impromptu plan…..

If he knew this, Chu Mu wouldn’t have come to this terrifying Heavenly Palace no matter what she said.

“Go back to my room first from the secret path just now. Though Human Mother closed off all her senses to train, there’s no guarantee that she would awaken right now. If she wakes up now, we won’t even have a chance.” Yu Suo said.

Chu Mu felt Yu Suo absorbing the energy already. He turned around to look at the woman in the curtains.

Suddenly, her brow quivered as if she was about to open her eyes!

Chu Mu’s heart quaked. In that instant, the woman reminded Chu Mu of someone else he knew closely, but this familiarity caused Chu Mu to feel cold.

Chu Mu didn’t dare hesitate and turned to leave the room.

The Human Mother’s room and Yu Suo’s room was only split by a corridor. There was no one along this corridor, so Chu Mu went back to Yu SUo’s room safely.

Opening the room and closing the door, for some reason, Chu Mu felt that there was a pair of eyes staring at him from behind.

It was a pair of eyes that Chu Mu found familiar and nearly fell victim to many times. She was staring at him faintly.

Chu M<u shook his head and cast away the image of her eyes from his mind.

She never opened her eyes, this must be a hallucination from Chu Mu’s mind.


Under the vast starry skies at the top of the guard tower, a white dragon’s half-open eyes suddenly shot open and a lightning shot towards the Goddess Tower.

“What’s wrong, old fellow?” Qin Ji sipped on some sake and asked.

The White Starry Sky Dragon stared at the isolated Human Mother’s building and seemed to notice something abnormal.

“Hui~~~~~” Starry Sky Dragon let out a call to tell Qin Ji what he felt.

“God Dew’s energy movement? The God Dew is with Human Mother, there probably isn’t a thief brave enough to go to her to steal.” Qin Ji lifted up his alcohol and continued sipping.

Suddenly, Qin Ji also furrowed his brows, his movement of drinking stopping abruptly.

“Heng, reckless!!” Qin Ji casually threw his drink aside. His relaxed eyes suddenly turned sharp as he said, “Let’s go and see.”

Starry Sky Dragon unraveled its tail around the Guard Tower and passed through the corridor to the Goddess Palace, heading straight for the room.

Qin Ji fell on the corridor, and cast an incantation to break through into Human Mother’s room.

Qin Ji stood at the entrance and glanced at the Human Mother.

His cold eyes temporarily lost focus but quickly returned to its usual coldness.

He quickly saluted towards the senseless Human Mother and walked towards the lotus seat…..  

Qin Ji’s face grew even colder. He left Human Mother’s room with a cold aura around him.

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