Book 2 Chapter 161 - Brave Stinging Heart

Chapter 161: Brave Stinging Heart

“Resentment Gathering is a technique of the Other World soul pets, and is a special technique of young master’s White Nightmare. It seems that even other White Nightmares do not have it. The chances that your Mo Ye could learn that technique are nigh impossible.”

“But, there are still a few techniques that are similar to Resentment Gathering. For example, the bug type Brave Stinging Heart is a technique that could slowly increase one’s strength in battle.” Old Li said

“Elaborate a little.” Chu Mu immediately said.

“Brave Stinging Heart is an advanced bug type technique. A bug type soul pets’ life force is incredibly resilient, but their fighting strength is inferior to beast type soul pets. They often suffered defeats in the beginnings of battle. If this bug type soul pet had Brave Stinging Heart, then when it gets hurt, its fighting strength won’t fall, but instead increase. If some powerful bug type soul pet had Brave Stinging Heart and continued to fight, its fighting strength could increase an entire phase.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu’s eyes brightened. This Brave Stinging Heart technique would be invaluable to Zhan Ye. After all, the fifth phase Zhan Ye’s fighting strength was even worse than some strengthened fourth phase commander ranks. If it met a real expert, without the power to back it up, Zhan Ye couldn’t possibly display his true advantage.

“Then, how does one obtain this Brave Stinging Heart?” Chu Mu asked.

“The main ingredient, Hibernating Heart, we already have. There’s a few more that young master should be able to gather.” Old Li said, “First, bug type blood is needed. There needs to be a large amount of bug blood to steep and bathe the Hibernating Heart. Since this is the Hibernating heart of a Heavenly Devil Insect, using the blood of Heavenly Blood Insects is recommended.” Old Li said.

“How much?” Chu Mu asked.

“About ten compressed blood bottles.” Old Li said.

“Ten compressed blood bottles?”

“It’s technical jargon, ask that girl with pretty legs- it isn’t too much.” Old Li said.

Hearing Old Li mention pretty legs, Chu Mu specially glanced at Ye Qingzi’s slender long legs. His gaze lingered for a while before looking at the face of Ye Qingzi, who was still trying to make Ice Soul Grass.

“Ye…… Oh, Qingzi, how much Heavenly Devil Insects’ blood is ten compressed blood bottles?” Chu Mu asked.

Ye Qingzi turned her head around and thought for a while before responding, “At least a thousand sixth rank and above commander rank Heavenly Devil Insects’ blood is needed to extract enough. What’s wrong?”

“......” Chu Mu had nothing to say, staring evilly at Old LI.

A thousand sixth phase Heavenly Devil Insects’ blood, and he said “it isn’t too much”?

In Chu Mu’s half devil state, he had casted the strongest ninth rank Heavenly Flame Rite, and he had only killed a thousand Heavenly Devil Insects averaging low phases and ranks. These compressed blood bottles required a thousand sixth phase and above commander rank Heavenly Devil Insects. That was enough to create a blood pool!

“Low rank Heavenly Devil Insects’ blood are also useable, but the amount of blood extractable is just even less.” Ye Qingzi added.

Ye Qingzi looked questioningly at the strange combination of master and servant and asked, puzzled. “What, can Heavenly Devil Insect blood cure your high temperature soul?”

“It’s actually this. I got a Hibernating Heart and want to combine it into a Brave Stinging Heart, so I need this blood to wash and steep it.” Chu Mu said.

“Oh, I can help you with the blood extraction, but the source of blood you’ll have to figure out……” Ye Qingzi said.

“That won’t be an issue. Chu Mu nodded. Heavenly Devil Insects were one of the largest species of bug types, more than big enough for Chu Mu to slaughter.

“I think Ice Soul Grass is still quite difficult for me to concoct, and I don’t have any material at hand anymore. Your high soul temperature won’t damage your soul, right?” Ye Qingzi asked.

When Chu Mu blacked out and Ye Qingzi went to cure him, she had noticed Chu Mu’s excessively heated soul, so she had started to lower Chu Mu’s temperature.

Yet, Chu Mu’s high soul temperature was very strange. No matter what ice type or water type technique that she tried, it was useless. Only when Old Li suddenly talked and told her how to lower Chu Mu’s heat did it work.

Yet, Chu Mu’s soul temperature had only dropped slightly, and she hadn’t truly lowered the temperature completely. She was afraid that Chu Mu, under this situation, couldn’t cast any soul techniques and may even affect his soul pets through soul burning.

“It’s an old wound, it’s no big hindrance.” Chu Mu said.

This time, Chu Mu didn’t stay in half devil for as long, so the side effects weren’t nearly as bad as last time, and Ye Qingzi had also helped him control the temperature in time.

Of course, Chu Mu knew that this half devil transformation had caused his soul wounds to become greater. When the frightening mind-losing phenomenon would’ve happened in two years, this time probably accelerated the process by half a year. Chu Mu had to find some other soul item like the cold pond water to lower his soul heat, or else the next time he turned half-devil, his soul would completely collapse.

The effects of the ice soul grass was basically to alleviate Chu Mu’s high temperature situation. It was probably able to make Chu Mu back to his previous state before using the half devil state this time.

“How long have I slept for?” Chu Mu asked.

“About five days now.” Ye Qingzi replied.

“Is the Hibernating Desolation still active?” Chu Mu remembered Chu Ke said that Hibernating Desolations usually lasted three to five days, but now it had already been five days, but everyone was still hiding in the stone hall.

“This Hibernating Desolation doesn’t seem to be normal.” Ye Qingzi said. As she said this, Ye Qingzi had a flash of worry flicker through her eyes…...

“What’s wrong?” Chu Mu looked at Ye Qingzi and asked.

“My brother went towards Great Broken Sting Valley, and these Heavenly Devil Insects originated from there. I don’t know if he’s okay, so I’m worried for him.” Ye Qingzi said.

Speaking of this, Chu Mu just remembered that the fellow Ye Wansheng seemed to have unfortunately gone towards the origin of the Hibernating Desolation.

Since there was the Hibernating Desolation, it meant that the Great Stinging Valley was in a very lively period. Also, it should have been the first to be affected, so everything pointed to disaster for Ye Wansheng.

“They say that this Hibernating Desolation may last nearly half a month, and the entire north region of Ao Gu region may be affected……” Ye Qingzi said with a downcast look.

“That long?” Chu Mu asked surprised.

“Young master, this is very normal. These years the Great Stinging Valley had always been in an active phase. From what I see, half a month will already be the result of the ugly things being reserved. If it were before, these things won’t get back in their nests without a few hundred days.” Old Li said.

“I can’t wait that long. After seven days, the Heavenly Devil Insect amount will lessen greatly, so I was thinking……” Ye Qingzi furrowed her brows as her gaze fell on Chu Mu. She wanted to say something, but she didn’t immediately open her mouth.

Chu Mu wasn’t the insensitive sort, so he walked up to Ye Qingzi and consoled her, “We can exit from the backdoor of the great hall. Once my soul power is recovered, I’ll go with you to find your brother.”

Ye Qingzi indeed planned on leaving after seven days to go north to look for her brother. Staying in the stone hall now, she wasn’t unable to sit or stand still, afraid that Ye Wansheng would be in danger. Yet, if she walked alone in this area where the Heavenly Devil Insects still wandered, her risk factor was great. She indeed hoped for Chu Mu to leave with her, yet she was also afraid that Chu Mu didn’t want to take such a big risk.

Chu Mu’s sentence immediately made Ye Qingzi recover some spirit, and she gave him a grateful smile.

Ye Qingzi’s previous help had made it so Chu Mu naturally wouldn’t forget it. Plus, he had to collect Heavenly Devil Insect blood anyways. Taking the time now to kill through the less densely covered areas of Heavenly Devil Insect could net him a lot of Heavenly Devil Insect blood.

“Then, you rest well, I’ll ask around if others have ice type medicine and see if I can concoct it.” Ye Qingzi told Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded and laid back down on bed, witnessing Ye Qingzi’s beautiful figure leave.

“Young master, tsk tsk, this girl really isn’t bad at all. Look at that butt and legs- simply beautiful. With a little bit of make-up and a dress like that Princess, she would definitely turn into a little demon that could charm the world. Young master, you have to trust Old Li’s experience of seeing countless people. This girl, if you can do it, do it. Don’t let the opportunity slip!” Old Li had somehow jumped back beside Chu Mu, and he started to speak in a hoodlum tone.

“You best not let her hear it.” Chu Mu said.

“Hehe, young master, if you find a good girl you have to go forward. See these few days? See how well she took care of you? Without her, you would need at least another month before you could wake up. From what I see, the girl is powerful, and she is a high ranked soul teacher. If you get her, you can save a huge expense too……” Old Li continued to egg him on.

“Okay, I don’t need you to tell me.” Chu Mu was too tired of hearing Old Li’s trash, so he flipped around and entered meditation.

Old Li was still bickering nonstop, seeming to not have spoken this fluidly in a long time. He commented on Ye Qingzi from head to tail.

A half man, half soul pet old fellow commenting on a woman’s face, hair, chest, waist, ass, legs incessantly- this feeling was as strange as it gets. Especially when he found the old thing already salivating as he spoke, Chu Mu was even more speechless. He directly lifted the talkative old fellow and threw him out the door, preventing him from disturbing his training.



“What, you’re leaving? What sort of joke is that? The Hibernating Desolation will last over half a month. It’s only been seven days, if you leave, aren’t you running into death?” In the stone hall, Chu Ke looked shocked at Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi.

Chu Ke had no clue what the two were thinking. The Hibernating Desolation wasn’t some young generation fight. One small mishap meant their lives. It meant their bodies being gnawed to nothing. Yet, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi still wanted to leave!

“Chu Mu, are you really leaving? Why don’t you wait until the Hibernating Desolation ends. Its safe here. If you leave, and if there’s another accident…” When Chu Xian heard Chu Mu was leaving, her eyes became red again.

“Ye Wansheng may be trapped in Great Broken Stinging Valley. If we don’t save him, he is in grave danger. Trust me, we’ll be fine.” Chu Mu patted Chu Xian and gave her a smile.

“But, just you two……” As a sister, Chu Xian naturally couldn’t be at ease.


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