Chapter 1609: Woman of Ten Thousand Transformations, Human Mother

Chu Mu stopped inquiring into this mysterious question of his family history. Regarding the information about his mother being a high position Totem Maiden, he didn’t really want to involve himself. 

There were many things that he didn’t need an answer to. At least in his opinion, even if you told her that she was the incarnation of a god, she would still probably answer with her cold “oh”, and then continue whatever she was doing. 

Given that she hadn’t grown up in Heaven Palace and instead in New Moon Land, this already mysterious Heaven Palace was probably a non-existent place to her. She may not even want to find the answer. Moreover, what would she do if she found the answer? Go and meet up with complete strangers, and then rebuild a familial connection? 

For Chu Mu, at least, he wouldn’t and recognize some grandmother he had never met before. There wasn’t much of a difference between strangers and people who were related by blood but whom he had never lived with before. 

“What kind of existence is the Totem Divine Maiden? Are the powerful diagram formations related to species created by the Totem Divine Maiden?” Chu Mu changed the topic. 

“The Totem Divine Maiden is only in charge of one thing,” said Yu Suo,

“One thing? What thing?” 

“Time. Human time!” said Yu Suo.

“How do you control time?” 

Was it possible to control time? One could probably only control history by recording what happened in history. 

“Time doesn’t refer to this instance or the next second. Instead, it’s a broad sense of the word time. For example, the sunrise and sunset, the phases of the moon, and the revolution of the sun.” said Yu Suo. 

“This needs to be controlled? Isn’t it all according to natural law?” said Chu Mu. 

“These are all laws, but they are also natural laws jointly formulated by Wheel Palace and Totem Palace,” said Yu Suo. 

“Why do I feel that this is a bit disbelievable?” said Chu Mu. 

“The birth of all creatures in the world all have a foundation. The natural laws that govern all creatures are also formulated. It is because they formulate these laws that they are high up above. For instance, the person who formulates the rules in a kingdom is the king. The Totem Divine Maiden controls the entire living world’s time.” said Yu Suo. 

“Let’s just go and get the God Dew.” Chu Mu felt dizzy listening to this. He felt that his deep-rooted ideologies were being overturned by Yu Suo. 

The sunrise and sunset, the phases of the moon, and the revolution and cycle of the sun had all been determined by some person in Heaven Palace. This person could only be described as a god. 

Chu Mu was currently still an atheist. Normally, when he referred to a god, he was referring to the undying rank. On the one hand, Chu Mu didn’t really understand what Yu Suo was saying when she told him about these miraculous existences that could truly influence the entire living world. On the other hand, he hadn’t stepped into this realm yet. Indeed, Chu Mu had no clue what kind of strength was needed to control time!   

“What is it? Are you starting to feel inferior from your ignorance?” intentionally asked Yu Suo after seeing that Chu Mu suddenly wasn’t interested. 


There weren’t too many guards in Divine Maiden Pavilion. This made moving very easy for Chu Mu and Yu Suo. 

When they exited Yu Suo’s room, Yu Suo went straight through an elevated corridor towards a floating pavilion. 

The double doors were shut closed, but Yu Suo was clearly very familiar with this place as she chanted an incantation. Upon undoing the restrictions, she pushed open the doors. 

This floating pavilion was very elegant and exquisite. There weren’t too many gorgeous decorations and it gave people a refined and divine feeling. The person who lived here was probably like this. 

There were sparkling pearls connected together, hanging down from the ceiling in the form of a grand curtain. 

The curtain was circular and it prevented Chu Mu from looking inside. 

But inside the pearl curtain, Chu Mu could make out the outline of a woman. 

The woman had very long hair and as she sat there, her purple hair fell along her graceful back all the way to her curvy and full butt. At the end of her hair were some butterfly leaf jewelry combined together. It looked graceful and dignified. 

Chu Mu couldn’t see her face. He was only able to guess that she was silently cultivating. Her eyes were closed and her eyelashes were very long and curved. Her perfect eye shadow accentuated her eyes and eyelashes extremely well. 

It was probably only light makeup which most girls could do, but on her, it was a perfect embodiment, making people feel as if this was a simple drawing, yet filled with rich meaning… 

He walked a few steps, changing angles. He was able to see her lips through the cracks. 

She had the pink lips of a young woman that were like two flower petals. 

“Good looking?” indifferently asked Yu Suo. 

“Yes,” Chu Mu didn’t deny it. 

Although Chu Mu had only seen a rough outline and only a part of her face, he felt that the woman in the curtain was definitely had stunning beauty. 

“Every woman’s beauty has its own unique aspect. However, she is someone who has collected every single beautiful aspect of every woman in this world. If you like refined grace, she will look as graceful as water and pitifully soft when you see her. If you like cold grandeur, she will look as cold as ice, making you feel that you can only look at her from far away. If you like a flirtatious charm, she will have a myriad of different bearings. Ten thousand types of charming beauty will make your soul go crazy. Besides this, she can be cute, weird, wise and intelligent, cold and decisive, hot and passionate, kind, simple, sly and cunning… she has all of this.” said Yu Suo in a calm voice. 

“Is there such a woman in this world?” Chu Mu thought that Yu Suo was exaggerating. 

How could a single person have this many different characteristics and temperaments? In Chu Mu’s opinion, Yu Suo and the Evil Good Queen, with their polar opposite characters, made him already feel so…  

“What was the first feeling you had when you saw her?” asked Yu Suo.

“Quiet, clean, beautiful, a bit enigmatic, a bit unfathomable, but also warm and intimate,” said Chu Mu.

“Yes. This is a rough judgment of female beauty from your heart. Think about it carefully. Do these types of women attract you more?” said Yu Suo. 

Chu Mu carefully thought about it. This did seem to be the case. 

“Take a look at her again,” said Yu Suo. 

Chu Mu did and when he looked past the obscuring curtain, he suddenly discovered that besides the hair color of the person sitting there being different, the woman looked a bit similar to Ye Qingzi! 

In fact, for a moment, Chu Mu felt that this was the most beautiful moment of Ye Qingzi sitting there. 

However, when he carefully looked again, he saw something shocking. 

The woman there had become Bai Jinrou. With her closed eyes, she looked very similar to when Bai Jinrou was in her dormant state. She was so beautiful it looked artificial; yet, it made those who saw her feel heartbroken. 

Due to the obstruction of the curtain, Chu Mu was only ever able to see a portion of her face at once. However, each time he changed angles, the woman’s aura and appearance would change as well. In fact, Chu Mu saw Ning Maner’s reflection a few times - her intimate and familiar temperament that would also make one feel extreme tenderness towards her. 

Chu Mu was so shocked he wasn’t able to say anything. How could such a face exist in the world? She simultaneously possessed the temperament of multiple people and when one looked at her with different states of mind and perceptions, she would become the people one most cared about in his or her heart. It was unbelievable… 

In this moment, Chu Mu had an intense feeling of desire. He wanted to open the curtain blocking his view and seriously look at her face. He wanted to see what on earth she looked like. This way, it wouldn’t make him confuse the people he was familiar with, with this woman. 

“Don’t touch the curtain. The restriction on the curtain can easily reduce you to nothing. When she is silently cultivation, although she can’t sense us walking and talking in her room, if you touch her restriction, even if you’re a perfect immortal rank, you may not even be able to leave this room.” Yu Suo warned Chu Mu in a serious tone. 

“How… how can it be like this? I remember that when I looked at her just now, she didn’t look like this,” said Chu Mu. 

“I told you. She collected every form of beauty of a woman in this world onto her body. Different people will see her differently. For example, you saw a quiet, clean, and beautifully pure beauty. If Ye Wansheng, that lecher were to look, he would probably be some incomparably seductive and sexy woman. Of course, if you were to see her as a sexy beauty… that would only further prove that every man in the world is horrible.” said Yu Suo. 

Chu Mu was letting out a cold sweat. 

“This… this woman is too… too terrifying,” said Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu couldn’t imagine. If this woman was standing in front of him with Ye Qingzi’s appearance and she had the intention of taking his life, what would his state of mind be if he were to see the real Ye Qingzi afterwards? 

“I’m actually a bit curious about how many people you saw just now?” Yu Suo’s lips curved into a smile as she teasingly spoke. 

“One.” Chu Mu calmly responded. 

“Ye Qingzi or Bai Jinrou?” Yu Suo questioned. 

“Two.” Chu Mu changed his answer. 

“Really only two?” Yu Suo looked like she didn’t believe him. 

“This place is too dangerous. Let’s take the God Dew and immediately leave. Have you found the God Dew?” why would Chu Mu speak about this senseless topic with Yu Suo. 

Yu Suo scoffed at Chu Mu’s change in topic. She moved around behind the woman. 

Although she seemed very certain that the woman in the curtain wouldn’t wake up, she still searched through the room very calmly. 

While Yu Suo was searching, Chu Mu couldn’t help but look at the curtain again. 

This time, the woman in the curtain didn’t resemble a woman who Chu Mu greatly cared about. Instead, it was an absolutely beautiful face, but also one that didn’t feel unfamiliar to Chu Mu. 

“This is probably her true appearance,” Chu Mu muttered to himself. 


“Is she the Totem Divine Maiden?” asked Chu Mu.

“No. She’s the Human Mother.” 

“Human Mother??” Chu Mu’s mind was full of question marks. 

“The progenitor of flowers is the Evil Good Queen. The progenitor for trees is the Messiah Tree. The progenitor for humans is the Human Mother. However, the beauty you saw isn’t some ten thousand year old monster. She is just the direct descendant of the Human species’ progenitor. We call her the HUman Mother. Most of the time, she stays in this state, silently cultivating.” said Yu Suo. 

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