Chapter 1608: Liu Binglan’s Past

“I found it.” Yu Suo pointed at a diagram on a page of the book. She handed it over to Chu Mu.

The diagram was a miniature version of a formation valley diagram. The diagram was a fiery red color and it drew the outline of a fox.  

“Seven Sins Fox Corrupted Inferno Monarch. This fire formation valley is in a fire secret realm.” Yu Suo explained to Chu u.

“Where’s the fire secret realm?” asked Chu Mu. 

“Elemental Sect’s ancient land, which is also the fire faction’s secret land. It’s probably located around the eastern extreme of Zhengming Continent,” said Yu Suo. 

Yu Suo turned to the next page where there was a purple-colored formation valley diagram. This diagram’s outline was very familiar to Chu Mu. It was the same as the one in Thunder Valley where Mu Qingyi had brought him to.    

“The Seven Sins Foxes’ curses were really executed by your Totem Palace?” Chu Mu looked at the seven total diagrams and was shocked. 

The Seven Sins Foxes were once incomparably glorious while the Light Kings and Dark Kings were known as the creates with the highest species rank. Who would dare guarantee that they weren’t as prosperous as the great species nowadays? 

However, they carried a heavy species shackle. Totem Palace’s maidens therefore required an enormous amount of diagram formation strength in order to create such an enormous formation valleys. It was these formation valleys that forced the Seven Sins Foxes to carry a curse generation after generation. 

Chu Mu had been chasing after the mystery of the Seven Sins Foxes sealing. He never expected that the answer laid in a heavenly palace that hung high above the human world. It possessed such terrifying strength that it could make an incomparably powerful species instantly decline and suffer from a ten thousand year curse!

Were Heaven Palace’s People really the rulers of all creatures? Were they like gods? 

For some reason, Chu Mu felt a chill. 

“Does it say the reason here why?” Chu Mu asked. 

Yu Suo shook her head and said: “Heaven Palace won’t easily divulge enormous matters like this. The book here is mainly only a record. Only if I urgently need the answer and ask the Totem Divine Maiden will she tell me.” 

“What else does it say here?” asked Chu Mu. 

Such a prosperous species had been reduced to sinned foxes. Was it because they had offended Heaven Palace? 

“The seven elemental demon foxes - the Corrupted Inferno Monarchs, the Fury Thunder Monarchs, the Death Wind Monarchs, the Rock Fox Emperors, the Water Fox Emperors, the Dark Death King, and the Brilliant Light Fox King - they all violated Heaven Palace’s laws and defied the natural dao in an attempt to overturn the world… they will now be seen as sinned foxes!” read Yu Suo. 

“What do you mean by violated Heaven Palace’s laws and defied the natural dao?” Chu Mu was confused. 

What were Heaven Palace’s laws and the natural dao? Did these also come from Heaven Palace? 

All creatures in the world would be born, grow old, and then die. The so-called natural dao was the natural cycle of the strong preying on the weak, the cruel struggle for survival and natural death of the strong, and reproducing another generation. By defying the natural dao, did the Seven Sins Foxes once unify the entire living world and break this cycle of all creatures? 

“What a coincidence. There’s two pages on both their crime and mine.” Yu Suo disdainfully sneered and self-mockingly said, “This vague language has no meaning. To put it simply, the Seven Sins Foxes angered Heaven Palace, so they were met with this punishment. Perhaps like the White Ocean God you saw in the Heaven Boundary Monument, the Seven Sins Fox leader attempted to destroy Heaven Palace. Once they failed, its species was implicated.” 

“How many experts does Heaven Palace have?” asked Chu Mu.

The White Ocean God, an undying rank expert, wasn’t able to defeat Heaven Palace. The Seven Sins Foxes, the once strongest species, had been forced into shackles by Heaven Palace. Chu Mu felt more and more that Heaven Palace was incomparably terrifying. 

An existence like this would be able to easily crush New Moon Land as long as they wanted to. 

When he remembered that the person manipulating New Moon Land’s war from behind the scenes was a Heaven Palace person, Yu Tian, Chu Mu’s heart sank. 

If he really wanted to crush New Moon Land, how would Chu Mu be able to stop him? 

“Heaven Palace also has its own rules. Take for example Yu Tian who entered the human world. He wanted to make New Moon Land his territory, but he could only use the eight great factions there to accomplish this.” said Yu Suo.

“But he’s still a threat at the end of the day,” said Chu Mu. 

“I’ve already set up a death trap for him…” Yu Suo said with killing intent.

The book didn’t contain any more details about the Seven Sins Foxes. However, it made Chu Mu think of the Black Sol’s pair of eyes. 

Princess Jinrou had drawn out the formation from the Black Sol. Chu Mu took it out and handed it to Yu Suo: “Look at this formation imprint. Is there something on this in the book?” 

Yu Suo took the drawing with curiosity. She glanced at this diagram that was similar to the Seven Sins Fox diagram imprint. 

“Where did you obtain this from?” asked Yu Suo.

Chu Mu gave a brief summary of his trip to the Evil Temple.

“Could it be a Black Nightmare?” asked Chu Mu. 

“It definitely is. The only creature that can survive on a Black Soul is a Black Nightmare. The question is what era this Black Nightmare is from and this diagram will be explained.” said Yu Suo. 

As she spoke, Yu Suo flipped through the books in the bookshelf. This time, she didn’t through only ten thousand year old books, but books past this time in order to find a match for Princess Jinrou’s drawing.

Yu Suo was very earnest in her search. Seeing that she wouldn’t be able to find a match among these thick books in a short period of time, Chu Mu took the time to rest on the adjacent bed.  

He had gone straight from Zhengming Main City to Heaven Palace without resting. Chu Mu really was tired and there happened to be a comfortable bed for him to lie down on. 

“There’s nothing. There’s no records of this.” Yu Suo placed back the books on the bookshelf and woke up Chu Mu who had occupied her old bed. 

Chu Mu hadn’t actually slept. He was merely thinking of some things. 

“I guess that’s right. If the Black Nightmare had been sealed by Heaven Palace on the  Black Sol, then Heaven Palace would be too terrifying,” said Chu Mu. 

“I remember a long time ago, the Totem Divine Maiden told me about the creature on the Black Sol. However, that was a long time ago an I don’t remember very clearly what she said. Leave the drawing with me. If I remember what it was or if I find an answer, I’ll tell you.” said Yu Suo.  

“I forgot to ask you, what’s your relationship with the Totem Divine Maiden?” asked Chu Mu. 

Yu Suo wasn’t the Totem Divine Maiden, but she lived in the same place as her. Moreover, from Yu Suo’s tone, they probably knew each other very well. 

“Since when were you so interested in my matters?” questioned Yu Suo.

“Your memory fragments will surface in my mind from time to time. It’s like a connected story that has been separated into several separate narrations. Any normal person will be curious.” said Chu Mu. 

“I’ll take you to see her…” Yu Suo’s eyes suddenly flashed and she faintly smiled as she said, “That’s right, there’s something that you should know about, eh?” 

“What thing?” asked Chu Mu. 

“Your beautiful mother who loves you dearly is actually a Hidden Pupil Royalty member,” said Yu Suo.

“I guessed as much.” Chu Mu wasn’t surprised. 

Liu Binglan’s eyes were a purple color, the same as the royal family, and her cultivation method was different from most people. 

However, Yu Suo mentioning it caused Chu Mu to quickly think of a few questions. 

Since Hidden Pupil Royalty belonged to Heaven Palace, did that mean Liu Binglan could be considered a Heaven Palace member? 

“Aren’t you curious why she appeared in New Moon Land?” Yu Suo looked with interest at Chu Mu. Her eyes looked like they were smiling, but also weren’t smiling. 

Yu Suo’s question stunned Chu Mu. 

That was right. If she was a Hidden Pupil Royalty member, why did she appear in New Moon Land? 

He remembered Senior Elder Liu tell him that he found a baby girl in the icy snow lands and brought her back to Soul Palace, adopting her as his daughter. 

Seeing Chu Mu’s stunned appearance, the smile on Yu Suo’s face became even more demonic as she continued, “Have you wondered why I appeared in New Moon Land?” 

Chu Mu looked at the resplendently smiling Yu Suo and his face turned dark. He said: “Don’t tell me that my mother is some illegitimate daughter of the Totem Divine Maiden. This isn’t a joke.” 

“Your imagination is truly rich.” laughed Yu Suo. She explained, “I’m not sure whether Liu Binglan and the Totem Divine Maiden have any blood relation. But I’m certain that she’s the daughter of a very high position Totem Maiden because the path from Heaven Palace to the icy snow Sacred Holy Region are only known by a few people.” 

“A path from Heaven Palace to Sacred Holy Region??” Chu Mu’s mind was thrown into slight chaos. 

“Yes. There’s a spatial door like that. Otherwise, how else do you think I would appear in Sacred Holy Region? Liu Binglan also probably took that spatial door to New Moon Land. Her cultivation method is different from most people and she has her own independent cultivation space. The truth is that this cultivation space is a Totem Maiden’s diagram incantation world.  Unfortunately, no one taught her how to use it and she used this rare space as her soul pet space… sigh, what a waste. The reason why you people can’t create diagram imprints is because you don’t have the unique cultivation space that Liu Binglan has.” said Yu Suo. 

“...” Chu Mu didn’t realize his mother’s past was this complicated. Moreover, she was a Totem Divine Woman with the strength of a Totem Woman to create diagrams. 

“Very surprising, huh?” said Yu Suo. 

“A bit. So this means that I have a bit of a familial relationship with Heaven Palace…” said Chu Mu. 

“There’s something else. Totem Maidens cannot give birth,” Yu Suo looked at Chu Mu and seriously spoke. 

Chu Mu looked with wide eyes at Yu Suo. 

Totem Maidens cannot give birth? 

Liu Binglan was a Totem Maiden herself. So she couldn’t give birth? Then… then where did he come from?? 

Was Liu Binglan not his mother? Then what about Chu Tianmang?? 

Chu Mu felt that his mind was in chaos. 

“I’m joking with you, hahaha.” Yu Suo covered her smile. Her laugh was gorgeous and the whole room was filled with her melodious laughter. 

Chu Mu’s facial expression froze. 

He had almost believed her just now, and had even begun to doubt his own life. Indeed, Yu Suo’s tone just now had been too calm and it didn’t seem like she was tricking him at all. 

Chu Mu forcibly held back from throwing this beautiful demoness who was playing around with him into his soul pet space. He couldn’t believe that she had used his birth and family background to play a joke. This was unforgivable! 

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