Chapter 1607: The Document Which Recorded Ten Thousand Years

The secret passage was not very long. Chu Mu suddenly felt a little ridiculous while crawling in the secret passage.

A high class Immortal had to infiltrate a secret realm using such a lowly method?

However, it was because of such lowly method that added a gap in the tight security of Totem Palace.

The holy blue colored skirt traced out an alluring round shape, wriggling elegantly yet seductively......

Honestly speaking, Chu Mu felt that this situation was a little awkward. No matter how he disliked Yu Suo, her body was alluring. The two of them were crawling in such a narrow space......

Chu Mu decided to treat it as a fan service. There was probably nobody else who could enjoy this fan service other than him.

Finally, the space became wider.

“There’s no restriction here,” Yu Suo turned around and told Chu Mu.

It seemed that even she felt a little awkward. After entering the area without restriction, she slowly dissipated into countless flower petals. Like a light breeze, these petals easily crossed through this secret passage and reached a well tunnel.

Chu Mu also turned into a cluster of Devil Fire and followed the flower petals.

The well was about ten meters deep and could fit two people in width.

Those blue petals rapidly gathered at the bottom of the wheel, followed by Chu Mu’s Devil Fire.

Chu Mu raised his head and noticed that the top was actually sealed. He asked, “Is your room above here?”

“Yes, hopefully it’s not occupied,” said Yu Suo.

After that, she stretched out her hand and scattered some flower petals up.

These petals flew up and seeped through the sealed top.

There were many experts in Heaven Palace. If they carelessly used soul remembrance, it would be easily caught by others. By using these petals, they could conduct scouting without triggering any mental fluctuations.

“There is someone, but she’s a servant. She’s cleaning now, let’s wait here for a while,” said Yu Suo.

“Alright,” Chu Mu nodded.

The two of them waited quietly, only their breathing sounds could be heard in the well.

The well could hold two people in width, but it was a tight fit. Chu Mu could smell her fragrant breath. This fragrance slowly filled the tight space.

Yu Suo carried two types of fragrance. One was the fragrance of Good Flower, light and pleasing like lotus. However, after transforming into Evil Good Queen, her fragrance would change into alluring poppy.

Chu Mu was currently smelling the pleasing fragrance. However, when smelling it in such a close distance, it was even more dangerous than poppy.

If not for his demand to search for the secret of Seven Sins Fox, he might even suspect this was a honey trap set up by Yu Suo on purpose. This woman had a strange way of thinking. There was no telling if she would try to harm him using different methods.

Although the two of them were not as hostile as before, Chu Mu was still certain that the first person Yu Suo wanted to kill if she obtained freedom was him.

“If you dare to touch me, I will kill you before I die!” Suddenly, Yu Suo’s cold warning could be heard.

Her tone was chilling and her gaze was furious. She really hoped that she was thinner now so that she did not have to be stuck so close to this man!

“......” Chu Mu was speechless after hearing Yu Suo’s warning.

He actually wanted to tell Yu Suo not to try seducing him using this method. As a result, before he could say it, he was treated as someone with ulterior motives instead!

“She’s gone,” said Yu Suo.

Saying so, she immediately flew up, unwilling to stay together with Chu Mu for a moment longer.

Chu Mu could not be bothered to correct her and followed behind her.

It was similarly a sigil diagram and the jade sealing the top slowly opened.

A beam of light shone from the window onto this secret passage opening. When Chu Mu jumped out, he noticed it was a really neat room.

The room was wide. There was a white flower bed placed at the center of the room. He could tell from one glance that it was the bed for a woman.

With the bed as the center, there were dressing table, wooden fan-shaped chair, working table, bookshelf, wardrobe......

There was not a speck of dust here. However, there was no liveliness at all. It was clear that this room had been unoccupied for a long time.

Chu Mu was not interested in the other furniture in this room. He walked straight to the bookshelf.

There were many books on the bookshelf. Chu Mu opened a random book and his expression immediately stiffened.

He could not recognize a single character in the book. The characters looked like various sigils, causing him to lose interest immediately.

Chu Mu took a book and wanted Yu Suo to translate for him, but he noticed Yu Suo slowly walking past every corner of this room, occasionally using her hand to touch those furnitures and decorations.

Scenes of memory swarmed into his head again. While Yu Suo was reminiscing, he was also watching her memories......

It seemed that every item placed in this room had a story to them. Some memories faded away, some pulled the heartstring, some was just a common tale.

When Yu Suo saw a bloody stone, Chu Mu saw another scene which caused Yu Suo’s emotion to fluctuate.


The white gate slowly opened. Blood spread out on the greenish black soil outside the city. It was a horrifying scene.

She stood there and watched this scene absentmindedly and never moved an inch for a long time.

After a long time, she picked up a stone from the pool of blood and left quietly.


Chu Mu remembered that he asked Yu Suo whether she did something for those people when they were still at the town.

Even though Yu Suo did not answer, he also knew the answer now. That bloody stone was put here to remind her of that bloody scene.

The sound of someone walking past outside caused Yu Suo to snap back from her reminiscence. She put this bloody stone back onto the silver plate.

Yu Suo knew that Chu Mu read her memory and spoke with a little stubbornness, “Do you think it’s foolish?”

“A little,” Chu Mu nodded without denying her words.

“In the past, I would feel that when putting in effort to do something, there would be some changes. I was really too naive back then. In a monarchy system, only when the thing you want to do does not affect the authority holders or benefit them, it is possible to be achieved. Once it goes against their will or affects their benefits, all efforts will be easily crushed......” said Yu Suo.

“So you constantly gathered peoples’ support and wanted to become a monarch?” asked chu Mu.

“Yes, it was the same for New Moon Land’s war. After New Moon Land became independent, everyone put their efforts in cultivation and worked hard to develop New Moon Land into a stronger territory. However, the result of becoming stronger is as you can see. New Moon Land was shunned by the other borders, disliked by the royalties, and invaded by the eight major factions. If not for the reinforcement of Nightmare army and Ocean Species, everyone’s effort would have been destroyed,” said Yu Suo.

Chu Mu also understood that principle. The human race was still up to the eight major factions and two royalties. Even though they won this war, it only suppressed the greed of others temporarily.

If it was not only some sects within the eight major factions having ulterior motives, if Yu Suo’s Invisible Kingdom could not infiltrate into the other sects, New Moon Land would have become history......

Yu Suo did not continue this topic. She took over the book from Chu Mu and quickly browsed through.

“Is this the book which recorded diagrams in the human world?” asked Chu Mu.

He just took a book randomly. He was unsure if this book recorded the answer he wanted.

“Yes,” Yu Suo nodded.

Her browsing speed was very fast. There were sigils at the corner of the pages which indicated page numbers.

“This book only has five thousand years,” Yu Suo turned to the last page. Just as she was about to close the book, she suddenly stopped and checked the last few pages.

“Have you seen this diagram before?” asked Yu Suo as she pointed at an illustration in the book.

Chu Mu carefully examined it and felt a little familiarity, but still shook his head.

“What about this painting?” Yu Suo flipped a page.

It was a colorless painting on that page. The painting drew a palace. At the throne of the palace was a creature with the upper body of human and lower body of a dragon leaning there as if slumbering.

“Ancient Flood Dragon Person!” Chu Mu was shocked.

The painting was none other than Ancient Flood Dragon Person!

“Is Ancient Flood Dragon Person also sealed by your Heaven Palace’s Totem Maiden?” asked Chu Mu in astonishment.

“If it’s recorded here, it means a certain Totem Maiden participated in Ancient Flood Dragon Person’s sealing,” said Yu Suo.

“Is there any description on it?” asked Chu Mu immediately.

Yu Suo shook her head, “It only recorded the time of the seal and the power of the seal. It then briefly described what kind of creature the sealed Ancient Flood Dragon Person is. This description is rather simple, so that Totem Maiden only participated in the process, the one who actually sealed Ancient Flood Dragon Person was not her.”

Saying so, Yu Suo threw this book back to the bookshelf.

With a light wave, another book drifted to her from the bookshelf and started flipping by itself.

This book should be recording the diagrams within ten thousand years. Yu Suo was also more careful when browsing through this time.

Chu Mu stood next to her. Although he could not understand the language, he could still understand some ancient drawings.

This thick book had recorded countless secrets!

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