Chapter 1606: Totem Palace

Totem Palace’s guards were certainly more than the other places. After actually reaching Totem Palace, Chu Mu noticed some special colored paintings on the white walls. These colored paintings contained secret mechanism diagrams. One just had to chant the incantation and this quiet palace would immediately become a terrifying slaughter hell!

Heaven Palace’s guards all wore white robes, while most women wore blue attires. Along the way, Chu Mu encountered mostly Spirit Dominator and Spirit Immortal rank people. There was almost nobody weaker than these. This proved that the average strength of people here was much higher than Zhengming Continent and Wupan Continent.

In only one city, there seemed to be countless Immortals.

After walking into the white jade palace, Yu Suo purposely walked closer to Chu Mu and held onto Chu Mu’s arm.

Usually, only Ye Qingzi and Ning Maner would hold Chu Mu’s arm. Chu Mu saw Yu Suo suddenly acting like this and looked at her strangely.

Yu Suo spoke without expression, “Totem Palace does not really allow male without identity to enter. I’m holding your arm like this to indicate towards those guards and Totem Maidens that you have a higher position than me in Heaven Palace. This way, they won’t come forward to question......”

Chu Mu nodded and understood her intention.

Yu Suo felt a little frustrated. The expression Chu Mu had just now could be described as horrified. She was not ugly, did he have to show that kind of expression?

In fact, Evil Good Queen would always tease Chu Mu by blowing into his ears when talking. Facing such seduction and intimate contact, Chu Mu would ignore most of the time. It could be said that Evil Good Queen was purposely challenging Chu Mu’s tenacity.

However, Yu Suo would never do that. Her grudge towards Chu Mu had reached the limit. She took an attitude of mutual sacrifice most of the time if he intended to harass her.


As expected, after entering Totem Palace, many Totem Maidens and guards would look at Yu Suo first, then examine Chu Mu inconspicuously.

Chu Mu was a high class Immortal, this strength was unquestionable. Although some guards thought Chu Mu was unfamiliar, they could sense the Heaven Palace aura from him, so nobody questioned them.

Hence, Chu Mu and Yu Suo successfully entered Totem Palace’s back palace.

“Where are we doing?” asked Chu Mu.

“The place I used to live,” said Yu Suo.

As they continued advancing, Chu Mu saw an isolated jade white pavilion. This pavilion was much more luxurious than the other Totem Maidens’ yards. It looked very eye-catching.

This was clearly the living place of a Totem Maiden with really high position. Both the guards and the style exuded a holistic supreme aura.

“There is another restriction here. I don’t know if that restriction has been changed. If it has, we cannot enter,” said Yu Suo.

Chu Mu carefully examined this elegant and luxurious pavilion. He noticed the guards here were very strong. He could even sense the aura of high class Immortals!

“This is where you used to live? Why are there such strong guards?” asked Chu Mu in astonishment.

There was a guard tower next to the pavilion. A huge white dragon coiled at the top of the tower.

If he did not look carefully, he might assume that was a dragon-shaped decoration on the guard tower. He almost neglected the existence of such a powerful white dragon.

On the single horn of this white dragon, a white-armored man stood there.

This man kept shoulder-length hair and looked different from other guards. He was rather casual and held something like a wine bottle. He seemed to be enjoying wine.

There were over ten Spirit Immortal rank guards. They were not weak, but they appeared to be really respectful towards this man from their gaze.

Chu Mu did not dare to use soul remembrance to inspect this person’s actual strength. That would definitely be noticed by this expert.

“Who is that?” asked Chu Mu.

“One of Heaven Palace’s three royal guard generals, Qin Ji. He should be from the human world. His behavior is a little different from the strict Heaven Palace members,” said Yu Suo.

“His white dragon seems to be even stronger than Magistrate Xiao’s,” said Chu Mu.

“This is not his strongest soul pet,” said Yu Suo.

Chu Mu was shocked. That white dragon was already almost as strong as Dark King, yet it was not Qin Ji’s strongest soul pet??

If this guy was on the ground, would he not be the leader amongst leaders?

“What’s your identity in Heaven Palace? Why is there such a powerful individual guarding your living place?” asked Chu Mu.

“Heaven Palace is divided into Totem Palace, Guardian Palace and Wheel Palace. The highest authority holders are Totem Maiden Goddess, Guardian God and Wheel God respectively,” said Yu Suo.

“They are called gods?” Chu Mu was astonished.

Thinking carefully, Heaven Palace called the ground as the human world. They lived in such a palace in the sky. Furthermore, they were stronger than humans due to bloodline advantage. This Totem Palace was also the most important place in Heaven Palace, the person living in the best pavilion in the palace was certainly qualified to be called god.

“You’re living in this pavilion, doesn’t that mean......” Chu Mu suddenly realized this problem and looked at Yu Suo in shock.

He had thought Yu Suo was some demon who pretended to be a goddess just because of some Immortal aura on her.

The truth was that this woman was really a goddess who fell from Heaven Palace. That explained the sacred aura she carried and how she could easily make others submit to her.

“I’m not Totem Maiden Goddess......” Yu Suo shook her head and was about to explain, but she suddenly frowned and looked towards an arch bridge within the goddess pavilion.

The arch bridge connected straight to the goddess building. There was a clear pond in the yard. Two people stood on the bridge.

Chu Mu had seen one of them before, it was that Mister Yu who was in the subjugation alliance camp.

Currently, he was talking to a lady wearing a holy blue elegant robe and walking towards the goddess building.

As if sensing something, that Mister Yu looked towards the place Yu Suo and Chu Mu were at. The two of them reacted immediately and hid behind a white wall nearby.

“Yu Tian, haven’t seen you in a while,” On the guard tower, Qin Ji spoke to Mister Yu while drinking.

“I took a trip to the human world,” replied the man called Yu Tian with a smile.

“Speaking of which, I haven’t been there for many years, any powerful ones appeared there?” asked Qin Ji.

“They aren’t a match for you no matter how many there are,” said Yu Tian.

“True. Nobody is my opponent in the human world, this Heaven Palace is also very boring...... Goddess is setting up a formation, don’t disturb her. Let Maiden transmit the message if there is anything,” said Qin Ji.

“Then we will visit later,” said Yu Tian.

After that, he and that lady walked away.


Once Yu Tian and that woman left, Chu Mu and Yu Suo walked out.

Yu Tian definitely recognized Chu Mu and remembered chu Mu’s presence. If they were discovered just now, it would be really difficult to escape Heaven Palace. At least that Qin Ji would be a difficult opponent.

“She is setting up a formation, this is a chance. Follow me,” said Yu Suo.

Yu Suo brought Chu Mu to a rather far away place. This should be the yard of a certain Totem Maiden.

As they entered the most rural room, there was a Maiden lying on the bed with only a thin innerwear.

Chu Mu wondered just why Yu Suo took him to a Maiden’s bedroom.

Yu Suo lightly flicked her finger and flower fragrance drifted towards that Maiden. The Maiden immediately slept soundly again after waking up.

Yu Suo walked to a corner and lifted the carpet. Then, she started chanting an incantation.

The sigil manifested from the incantation matched the diagram on the floor. After a flash, the jade floor split apart and revealed a secret passage.

“Good, it’s still here,” Yu Suo revealed a trace of smile as if she recalled something.

Chu Mu looked at this secret passage and spoke, “Why does this secret passage look like it was used for those palace maids to escape from the palace for secret meetings......”

Yu Suo spoke with a little frustration, “Just childish curiosity. It’s a secret passage to escape from there and play.”

Chu Mu took a glance into the secret passage and suddenly saw a scene in his mind.

A little girl wearing a dark blue robe pinched up her skirt and stealthily climbed out from the secret passage. She was showing a cute smile and her eyes sparkled with excitement and curiosity.

Meanwhile, when a slightly older lady at the side saw the little girl, she immediately panicked and closed the window, as if afraid of getting found......

Chu Mu was in a daze for a moment and shook his head.

This seemed to be Yu Suo’s memory flowing into his head.

“You’re quite cute when you were young,” Chu Mu took a glance at the grown up Yu Suo.

Yu Suo knew Chu Mu saw her memory and snorted, unwilling to talk to Chu Mu.

Yu Suo was unhappy that Chu Mu would always see cherished moments in her heart.

“By the way, are you also able to see some of my memories?” Chu Mu suddenly remembered something and asked.

Yu Suo answered in disdain, “I can’t.”

Yu Suo did not want to talk to Chu Mu any further and entered the secret passage first.

The restriction was similarly applied in the secret passage. They must not use any ability carelessly or it would cause an energy fluctuation. Yu Suo could only crawl forward slowly like when she was young.

“Since she is setting up a formation, God Dew may be there,” said Yu Suo.

“Then we don’t have to go to the Guardian Palace?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yes, we can complete both objectives in one trip.”

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