Chapter 1605: The Terrifying Heaven Palace

As they got closer to Totem Palace, Chu Mu noticed more females around them.

There would always be a group of women wearing elegant blue long skirts walking with matching steps. They were beautiful and well proportioned. It added a little scenery to this cold palace.

“What’s there to see about these women?” Yu Suo plainly spoke, “Some of these Totem Maidens may look pure and elegant, but their hearts are even crueler than devils. In their eyes, human life is even cheaper than livestock!”

“You are also a Totem Maiden, why are you depreciating yourself?” asked Chu Mu.

“I never said that I’m not one of them. For some reason, even though many knew that they are devils, those men would do anything to get close to them. Those men always dreamt of plucking the poisonous flower to slowly enjoy....... Hehe, they have seen plenty of such men. Just a gaze and a gesture could make those men obediently offer everything,” said Yu Suo.

“You know that really well. So you’re also using this advantage to gather your faction?” commented Chu Mu.

Yu Suo was frustrated. Chu Mu just had to mock her for every sentence she said.

“Yes, you are my first trophy, a fool who gave me two soul pact slots,” Yu Suo counterattacked.

Chu Mu had long put down those past grudges. He plainly spoke, “Don’t assume every person has ulterior motives. Perhaps, some of these pursuers purely loved them. Although they knew it would be impossible, they still hoped they could obtain it and worked hard for it.”

Yu Suo looked at Chu Mu strangely. In the past, whenever she mentioned this matter, Chu Mu would send her back into soul pet space. Yet he could actually correct her paranoid view with a calm attitude. She even suspected whether he was really Chu Mu.

“You’re saying that when you offered your two soul pact slots......” said Yu Suo coldly as she turned her face to the side.

When Yu Suo mentioned that, Chu Mu also began thinking about this issue.

Why did he offer two soul pact slots to her back then? Was it because she was so beautiful that he was charmed by her? Or because he felt pity for her pitiful plead?

Chu Mu could not remember something that happened so long ago and muddled it over, “At that age, it’s normal to extend a helping hand to those who needed help.”

Looking back at all the past events, Chu Mu was already not so stuck up on the past after experiencing so many things.

Before signing the soul pact with Yu Suo, he was just a youth who was purely seeking the path of soul pet trainer. If he did not meet her, he might be on the same path as a soul pet trainer with most people.

However, because of her, his values changed. His kindness was lost and turned to evil.

He cursed the world, got used to betrayal and had a completely selfish mindset. However, after going through the baptism of Monument Tear and war, as well as many events which struck his heart string, his mindset changed once again.

Saying that he was kind, that was because he treated the entire New Moon Land as something he had to protect. However, when facing the subjugation alliance, he would be cruel instead, and could even be considered evil.

“Pure kindness will eventually be corroded by external factors. Pure evil will eventually bring about numbness and confusion,” lamented Chu Mu.

Every person kept changing between the two extremes, some had a larger fluctuation while the others smaller. However, they would eventually approach a stationary point.

Chu Mu was also unsure if his stationary point had become stable.

Yu Suo stopped walking. She stood at the center of this jade hall and calmly focused on Chu Mu with her purple eyes.

“Are you trying to say that my perspective is still too extreme and immature?” asked Yu Suo.

In Yu Suo’s eyes, Chu Mu was an extreme and incomprehensible lunatic. Everything he did was out of an idealistic mindset. If not for his good luck to possess so many powerful soul pets, he would have died countless times.

However, Yu Suo realized that Chu Mu’s mindset had really changed, perhaps he was also not young anymore.

“More or less,” said Chu Mu.

Thinking carefully, Chu Mu felt that it was meaningless to discuss life philosophy with Yu Suo. This woman was already extremely intelligent, her value was deeply rooted, especially about hatred......

Yu Suo stayed silent for a while and spoke with a low volume, “On the say you met me, it’s the tenth day I jumped down from the cliff and turned into a monster. It’s also the from good to evil you mentioned......”

“Hmm, tell me about it,” Chu Mu nodded.

Yu Suo looked at Chu Mu and hesitated for a moment......

She did not speak in the end and continued walking towards Totem Palace.

After the two became silent, only the sounds of footsteps could be heard in the hall. Yu Suo’s footsteps sounded a little messier than before.


After entering Totem Palace, due to the majority of the people being female, it was a little livelier than the other areas of Heaven Palace.

Suddenly, a dark yellow immortal rabbit jumped past Chu Mu’s front.

The little immortal rabbit was very cute. It was meaty and fluffy, as if urging others to hug it.

Little immortal rabbit looked at Chu Mu and Yu Suo with its pure eyes. At that moment, a little girl wearing a long skirt chased out from a turning hallway.

“Don’t run around!” The little girl hugged that little immortal rabbit up and then looked at Chu Mu and Yu Suo.

“Sister, why are you wearing a veil? Are you afraid of others recognizing you?” asked the little girl.

Yu Suo stood there and looked at the little girl in a daze.

The little girl was about eleven or twelve years old. She was polite and cute like a little princess.

“Yes, there are many bad people here,” Yu Suo smiled and stroked the little girl’s purple hair gently.

“No way, the people here are all nice. The bad person is this brother, his aura is so strange, it feels like those monsters which eat people,” said the little girl as she pointed at Chu Mu.

“......” Chu Mu was speechless.

What was with this world? A Heaven Palace’s little girl easily saw through his core?

He was just thinking about the life philosophy of good and evil, thinking about whether he should be considered a good person or evil person......

Hearing the little girl’s remark, Yu Suo smiled.

“Sister looks so pretty when smiling if you don’t wear a veil. Can I see sister’s appearance......” said the little girl sweetly.

“You will also look pretty after growing up,” said Yu Suo.


“Yes,” Yu Suo maintained her smile, “If you have the chance to grow up......”

Right after saying that, Yu Suo manifested a demonic flower in her palm!

A poisonous thorn appeared on the demonic flower. This thorn easily poked through the little girl’s hair onto her neck.

The little girl’s smile suddenly stiffened. Before she could react, Yu Suo’s demonic flower poisonous thorn already stabbed deep into her neck. The poison was rapidly injected into her body.

The little girl was originally wearing a blue long skirt, but her clothes soon became grey as if she was petrified.

The little girl slumped down slowly, her eyes stared wide open and carried a little disbelief in her innocent look.

Meanwhile, the dark yellow immortal rabbit in her bosom suddenly leapt up and pounced towards Yu Suo.

Yu Suo narrowed her eyes and this immortal rabbit was stopped in midair. Its yellow body immediately turned grey like a non-living thing.

Chu Mu frowned while standing at the side. He looked at the lifeless little girl and immortal rabbit suspiciously.


Clicking sounds of high heels came from the distance. It was clear that someone was coming.

Yu Suo waved her hand. Petals showered onto the little girl’s grey body. Soon, the little girl was decomposed into pollens by the petals and scattered in this hall.


The sharp heels elegantly portrayed the alluring proportions of these Totem Maidens. They took a glance towards Chu Mu and Yu Suo, then continued walking out without noticing anything strange.

After these few Totem Maidens left, Chu Mu looked at Yu Suo confusedly.

She took away two lives in an instant. They were also harmless being like a little girl and a rabbit.

“She is Heaven Palace’s patrol, she looks like a little girl...... Hehe, her actual age may be over a hundred,” said Yu Suo calmly.

“Over a hundred??” said Chu Mu in shock.

That little girl clearly looked her age, how could she be over a hundred years old?

“She was like this when I was three, she was still like this when I was fifteen. She probably recognized me just now, but was unsure. Because she personally witnessed my death,” said Yu Suo.

“She purposely came to probe?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yes,” Yu Suo nodded without any pity, “She took away girls around this age and used their lives to exchange for her current young body. This shocking news was discovered by me. Unfortunately, before I could execute her, I was already replaced...... Hehe, she came to probe me just now because she wanted to take off my veil. However, does she think I’m still as weak as before?”

“Your Heaven Palace is really scary,” Chu Mu felt a chill.

He did not put up much guard towards that little girl just now because he recalled his first encounter with Ning Maner when seeing her.

“Heaven Palace has existed for a really long time, and in a sealed state at that. The sickness and dirtiness inside is something you can’t imagine,” said Yu Suo disgustedly.

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