Chapter 1604: Totem Maiden!

“There is a drop of God Dew in Heaven Palace. Normally speaking, if I want to reach tenth phase, I have to cultivate for a total of ten years without external aid. If I obtain this God Dew, I can easily reach the tenth phase,” Yu Suo changed the topic.

“We are infiltrating Heaven Palace?” asked Princess Jinrou.

“You have to stay here,” Yu Suo told Princess Jinrou.

“Me?” Princess Jinrou pointed at herself.

“Yes, Heaven Palace has another restriction, only people from Heaven Palace can enter. You have to help me with one thing,” said Yu Suo.

“What?” asked Princess Jinrou.

Yu Suo opened her spatial ring and passed a scroll to Princess Jinrou.

Princess Jinrou looked at the scroll confusedly. She saw lines in the shape of a city drawn on the scroll.

“This is the map of Heaven Palace I drew according to my memory. There are twelve big nodes and thirty-six small nodes marked on it. You have to infiltrate to the closest spot you can reach for these twelve big nodes and scatter these seeds near them. Then go for the thirty-six small nodes. The security at the small nodes is not so strict, you have to scatter these flower seeds accurately onto the nodes,” said Yu Suo.

Princess Jinrou took the scroll and the seeds and still seemed confused.

“This is the greatest guarantee on whether we can safely leave here. You can change to your ghost state and even possess a person. Only you can easily infiltrate into these nodes,” explained Yu Suo. As if knowing Chu Mu would worry about Princess Jinrou’s safety, she continued, “Rest assured. There are not many experts in Heaven City. She can handle them even if there are. The truly dangerous is inside Heaven Palace. After God Dew helps me reach the tenth phase, I will set up a life formation to extend Bai Jinrou’s life. Although I cannot completely resurrect her, it isn’t a problem to extend another few years.”

Since it was related to Princess Jinrou’s life extension, Chu Mu had to give it a try.

“Alright, be careful,” Princess Jinrou nodded.


Heaven City’s guards were mostly gathered near the town when the monsters feasted on the people.

This also gave Chu Mu’s group an easier time to infiltrate into the city.

After entering Heaven City, they would be fine by mixing into the crowds.

There were many people on the streets and did not appear any different from humans. However, Chu Mu felt something was missing.

After entering Heaven City, Princess Jinrou separated from the two and went to spread the seeds at those nodes according to the plan.

This was related to whether Chu Mu could safely escape from Heaven Palace, Princess Jinrou treated it very seriously.

Yu Suo told Princess Jinrou that there would be female soul pet trainers with unique attires guarding at every node. What she had to do was to choose one with a weaker will and possess her. Then, she would be able to approach closer to the nodes easily.

When Princess Jinrou reached the first big node, she found those female soul pet trainers wearing handsome attires.

These female soul pet trainers rode on silver dragons, all of them seemed quite strong.

For some reason, Princess Jinrou felt that these female soul pet trainers wearing holy blue colored attire had some sort of relationship to Yu Suo. Otherwise, their style would not be so similar to Yu Suo.


After flying past Heaven City, the holy altar-like Heaven Palace was right in front.

Seeing this grandiose palace, Chu Mu recalled the astonishing scene of White Ocean God sweeping up a huge wave to wash over this Heaven Palace.

“How do we enter?” asked Chu Mu.

There was a restriction at Heaven Palace. Chu Mu could clearly sense the power of this restriction.

Even Undying rank White Ocean God was unable to destroy this mysterious palace, this meant there must be Undying rank experts inside this Heaven Palace. The restriction around Heaven Palace was also not something that could be crushed by force.

“Just walk inside,” said Yu Suo.

“Walk inside?” Chu Mu was surprised.

Yu Suo took the lead, a silk veil covering her face.

Heaven Palace’s white stairs were right before them. Yu Suo walked up the stairs lightly......

After climbing over half of the stairs, the Heaven Palace guards at the two sides remained standing there like statues. They did not even take a glance at Yu Suo or Chu Mu.

As they continued climbing, not a single guard stopped them.

Seeing Yu Suo’s confident attitude, Chu Mu felt that she looked like a queen returning to her own palace. There was not a little incongruity, while he felt uneasy instead.

“What’s going on? Why are they not stopping you?” asked Chu Mu with mental voice.

This staircase was the only entrance to Heaven Palace without restriction. However, there were two Spirit Immortal rank experts standing guard at every big stair. There were at least a hundred people guarding the staircase.

In human territory, Chu Mu could be considered invincible. However, these Heaven Palace guards caused him to feel wary. If they were found out to be invaders, it would probably be impossible to leave!

“They don’t recognize me, while I have the unique sigil and aura of Heaven Palace members. They will only treat me as one of the Totem Maidens. You and I have a soul pact, so you will also carry such sigil and aura. However, if Bai Jinrou was here, she would be blocked. They will notice her even if she hid in your ring,” said Yu Suo.

“Totem Maiden, what’s that?” asked Chu Mu.

“The Heaven Palace women who protect the twelve big nodes and thirty-six small nodes. They have the ability to set up and repair diagrams like me. They are a group of people who receive the most respect in Heaven Palace,” said Yu Suo.

“In that case, you were Heaven Palace’s Totem Maiden in the past?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yes,” Yu Suo nodded.

Chu Mu was enlightened.

It was no wonder only Yu Suo could set up diagrams in the world. The diagram culture was passed down from Heaven Palace.

“Is Imprint Valley’s light diagram related to you?” asked Chu Mu.

“Diagram Valley is something very long ago. It’s perhaps a racial curse set up by a certain god rank Totem Maiden. I’m not sure either,” said Yu Suo.

Only Heaven Palace’s Totem Maidens could set up diagrams. Chu Mu felt that he had grasped a clue on the reason Seven Sins Foxes were cursed.

Yu Suo took a glance at Chu Mu and guessed what he thought, “Totem Palace certainly recorded all the diagrams Totem Maidens had set up in history, especially large formations which affected the world. However, Totem Palace is the place with the strictest security in the entire Heaven Palace. I don’t recommend going there. We must leave immediately after obtaining God Dew. Heaven Palace is scarier than your imagination.”

“Aren’t you a Totem Maiden? Can’t you just walk into Totem Palace like now?” asked Chu Mu.

The Seven Sins Fox incident had always been in Chu Mu’s mind. If he could not get to the bottom of this incident, he would be stuck with this problem forever.

Especially when he recalled the two Light Kings leaning onto each other to wait for Imprint Valley’s collapse, he would feel sorrowful for them. It felt like watching two old friends passing away and yet he could do nothing.

Yu Suo saw Chu Mu’s desperate gaze to find out the truth and hesitated for a moment.

“Fine. Actually, that document was used to be on the bookshelf inside my room. It’s just that I was not interested in such ancient matters at my age back then. I only browsed through a few times when I was bored. I have only read about diagrams over the past thousand years, I haven’t checked those ten thousand years,” said Yu Suo.

“......” Chu Mu was speechless.

Many unsolvable mysteries in this world were related to totems and diagrams. People were unable to explain who set up those totems and diagrams. There were also people trying to study those ancient text and sigils in order to solve the mystery of diagrams.....

In the end, all of those secrets were recorded in a document. This document was left on the bookshelf of a woman.


After entering Heaven Palace, Chu Mu felt as if he entered a giant’s ppe. A single carved pattern on the jade pillar was about the same size as him!

The palace was solemn and quiet. Every person walking past them had a stern attitude. It was as if anyone who laughed in this palace would be considered a sin.

Every person talked with a low volume and maintained stable steps. The only sounds were the clinking sound of armor and clicking sound of high heels.

While walking past those white halls, Chu Mu noticed every person in here carried a unique aura. This aura let them appear more elite when standing amongst normal people. This was probably the superiority from birth.

Just like some high racial rank soul pets, they were born with the aura to rule over weaker creatures. The people here were similar, they were handsome, beautiful and prideful.

“There is also a group of people below that carried such superiority,” Yu Suo told Chu Mu.

Chu Mu took a glance at Yu Suo. When he saw her internal emotion, she would put up a defensive and frustrated appearance. However, she had been peeking at his own emotions all the time......

“Who?” Chu Mu could not be bothered about her.

“Two royalties,” said Yu Suo.

“How are they related to Heaven Palace?”

“I told you that a portion of the people born here will stay in Heaven Palace and Heaven City to become guards. Another portion will be sent to the human world......”

“They are the human royalties in your world.”

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