Chapter 1603: Heavenly Land’s Bloodiness

Princess Jinrou maintained her caution and sensed the surroundings.

There would always be some black dots around Heaven Palace gradually enlarging and then disappearing in some place.

Those should be people patrolling Heaven Palace. The soul pets they rode on were mostly dragons.

After entering Heaven Palace, Yu Suo never spoke a single word. Chu Mu could sense a great fluctuation in Yu Suo’s emotion through soul pact. At the same time, she was suppressing herself from expressing her emotion.

As they approached closer and closer to that white city, the security became tighter and tighter.

“There seems to be really strong creatures guarding the various places around the city. We have to enter this city from another place,” said Princess Jinrou.

“Follow me,” Yu Suo finally spoke.

Yu Suo led everyone around the front of that white city and flew towards an independent town at the side of the white city.

This white town was connected to the white city. However, there were some white city walls separating the town from the white city.

They could sense that the aura of experts in this town was weaker.

The streets were paved with white jade. Various ancient diagrams were carved on the surface.

The buildings were similarly white. They were so clean they looked like they were crafted from ice crystals.

There were no shops. It could be concluded that no form of trade occurred here.

Chu Mu did not see any plants here. Even though the entire region seemed to be filled with a special Immortal aura, something felt missing without the decoration of plants.

People were hardly seen on the white streets. Those people might be staying in the houses or gathered somewhere.

“The living conditions here are not so different from human cities, but everyone born here will undergo strict training. A portion of them will stay in Heaven Palace to become guardians, while another portion will be sent to the earth and manage the human race to a certain extent,” Yu Suo knew about Chu Mu’s question and explained before he could ask.

Chu Mu looked at her. Seeing that she was expressionless, he said, “Your emotion is unstable.”

Yu Suo pretended not to hear it and continued, “Then, those living in this town are the eliminated batch. They were unable to become Heaven Palace guards or agents sent to the human race. So they were exiled to live here.”

“There’s nothing other than houses here. Won’t it be monotonous living here?” asked Princess Jinrou.

“Monotonous?” Yu Suo felt that this word was inaccurate and corrected, “They are already dead people.”

“Why do you say that?” asked Chu Mu.

“It’s about time. We can just watch quietly here,” said Yu Suo.

Chu Mu glanced to the distance and noticed the Crimson Sol had already disappeared by now. A beautiful silver full moon replaced it.

The silver moonlight showered down onto this white town. The scene appeared to be out of a painting.

Just as Chu Mu was about to comment on the beautiful moonlight, the silver moon was suddenly covered with a layer of blood-colored film. This thin film caused the pure silver moonlight to become blurry and the moonlight showering down turned red.

Rumble rumble~!

Suddenly, the ground and the town began shaking!

A gust of wind swept across from outside the town.

Next, scary roars rang out from far away which sounded hungry and savage.

Chu Mu and Princess Jinrou looked outside of the town and noticed black-winged creatures suddenly appearing from the starry sky. There was also a group of powerful creatures dashing towards the town on the flat land. Some strangely-shaped creatures were crawling out from the pits and holes on the rocky ground. Pairs of bloodshot eyes were exuding cruel glows!

They were all swarming towards this white city. More accurately speaking, towards the white town isolated from the city.

At that moment, the doors of those houses in the town suddenly opened. Chu Mu saw many people walking out from inside and gathered on the streets.

Those people were not weak. However, Chu Mu could not understand why they never summoned their soul pets to fight back against the rampaging monsters.

Furthermore, there were many experts inside the city. They seemed to be neglecting this monster rampage, as if they were not worried about the monsters breaching their city.

Soon, the streets were stuffed full of people in this town.

Nobody took the lead and these people just walked out of the town in rows. Their gaze appeared to be strange.

According to Chu Mu’s understanding, when a city was under attack by monsters. The people in the city should be showing a scared or furious gaze. However, Chu Mu saw that those people showed a hollowed gaze.

Even though they had their own thoughts and appeared to be normal people, or could even be considered elites in the human territory, they only walked out of the town like corpses.

There were about three thousand people, none summoned a soul pet in the end.


A rock type monster that looked like a centipede and snake suddenly dug out from the greenish black soil and bit down. In an instant, over a hundred people were swallowed. Patches of blood spilled onto the people in the surroundings.

By now, the crowd started to panic. They began spreading out.

Humans without soul pets were really weak. Those monsters did not even need to use any techniques and could easily tore humans apart or directly swallow them.

Bloody, broken limbs, heads, and tattered torsos scattered around. Bones of those eaten people were soon spat out.

The three thousand people walked out of the protection area. They were completely like humanoid feeds thrown into a group of wild beasts. They were instantly eaten up.

Princess Jinrou shut her eyes and did not dare to continue watching such a bloody scene.

Chu Mu looked at the scene in shock and could not understand why those people did not fight back......

It felt like those people were feeding the monsters with their lives. What was more shocking was that the guards in the city were just standing on the city wall and watched those people getting eaten.

Soon, the three thousand people were all eaten up. A horrifying pond of blood appeared outside the city.

Those monsters which devoured the humans seemed to have calmed down. Some even had human intestines hanging next to their mouths as they returned to their nests satisfiedly.

Heaven Palace was like an Immortal realm. There were white buildings, sacred Immortal aura, as well as a beautiful silver moon. Chu Mu thought it would be a heavenly place literally. However, not long after entering here, he witnessed the most bloody and barbaric scene. He could not understand why those people simply let themselves get eaten.

“How can this be...... Why aren’t they fighting back? Even if they are no match for the monsters, the city guards are very strong. Why aren’t they fighting?” asked Princess Jinrou furiously.

“The moment they are eliminated, they are dead people. In your world, aren’t there acts of using the livestocks to feed the beasts? Just don’t treat them as humans,” said Yu Suo.

She remained expressionless as she watched the entire process.

Her gaze seemed as emotionless as those city guards. It was as if everything was natural.

However, no matter how she disguised it, Chu Mu could sense her emotion fluctuation. There was rage, grudge, sorrow and helplessness!

Yu Suo seemed to have noticed Chu Mu inspecting her internal feelings and coldly swept a glance at him.

With the soul pact, those obvious emotion fluctuations were shared. Chu Mu did not purposely inspect her emotions......

“You actually cared about those people?” asked Chu Mu.

Yu Suo hated such questions which probed her internal feelings. She gritted her teeth and stared at Chu Mu, “So what if I care?”

“Why not save them?” asked Chu Mu.

“Save? This is not the vast world. Humans can only live on this isolated Heavenly Land. There are countless savage creatures also living on this Heavenly Land. They have an endless number and reproduce much faster than humans. Those born in Heaven City undergo strict training from young. Once they are treated as the weak, there is no meaning in their lives. What they can do for Heaven City is to use their flesh and feed those hungry monsters to avoid the city getting attacked,” said Yu Suo.

Chu Mu became silent.

Certainly, Heaven Palace was in a completely isolated environment. If Heaven Palace was constantly under the threat of monster attacks, the value of the weak was near zero. Even if they wanted to escape, Heavenly Land was only this big, where could they escape to?

“Did you do something for them in the past?” asked Chu Mu.

Chu Mu saw a portion of Yu Suo’s memory. It was very fragmented, but some of those fragments appeared to be related to what he just witnessed.

Yu Suo’s purple eyes glowed coldly.

The thing every masked person was scared of the most was to get seen through, especially someone like Yu Suo with personality change. However, be it Yu Suo’s aloofness or determination, be it Evil Good Queen’s seductiveness and indulgence, there was only one thing in her heart. It was also the thing she did not want anyone to touch on.

However, there was someone who could see her heart bare despite all those layers of protections.

This person was also the person she hated the most.

After giving Chu Mu her Flower’s Stamen and completely lost the chance to turn the table around, Yu Suo really tried to interact peacefully with Chu Mu......

However, it could not be helped, this man was truly detesting! Even though she helped him with so many things, he still could not understand how to respect the sacred and untouchable privacy of others!

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