Chapter 1602: Day-Night Wheel (2)


Mo Xie also raised its head and looked at the sun like the others.

Little Hidden Dragon raised its head as well. Although it did not know what everyone was looking for, it did not want to be left out.

Everyone remained quiet for a long time. Just as Chu Mu was about to ask Yu Suo, Yu Suo put her finger on her lips to tell Chu Mu not to talk. Then, she pointed at the edge of the Crimson Sol.

Chu Mu continued looking and suddenly noticed a black shadow line at Crimson Sol’s horizontal axis!

“What’s that??” Princess Jinrou looked at the stretching shadow in astonishment!

Since it could block the Crimson Sol, the object above them would be either really close to them or extremely large!

“Isn’t it what you wanted to see?” Yu Suo pointed at the slowly stretching shadow and continued, “Heaven Palace is located right above this mountain peak. Crimson Sol, Heaven Palace, Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss peak and Black Sol, they all line up on the world axis. Only Crimson Sol moves, which resulted in the sunrise and sunset we see normally. Look carefully.”

As time passed, Crimson Sol also started to slant to one side slowly.

At that moment, Chu Mu and Princess Jinrou noticed the black shadow line appearing on Crimson Sol shifting......

Accurately speaking, Crimson Sol was moving, but that shadow line did not. This caused it to appear at the edge of Crimson Sol.

“That’s Heaven Palace???” Chu Mu looked at that shadow line in astonishment.

If it was as Yu Suo said, Heaven Palace should be above them. When Crimson Sol was right above them, it would be blocked by Heaven Palace. This meant that the shadow line blocking Crimson Sol was Heaven Palace!

Heaven Palace was a narrow and long floating land. When Crimson Sol was right above everyone, they could only see a shadow line!

“I see, so that’s how it is!” Old Li started shouting at that moment, “There must be some special spatial restriction around Heaven Palace. It caused people to be unable to see it even after standing on Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss’s peak. However, no matter what kind of restriction or illusion, Heaven Palace’s shadow would be cast down when Crimson Sol was hanging right above Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss’s peak! If my study on astrology is not wrong, there should only be one day within a year when Crimson Sol appears right above the peak!”

“Obviously, those who came looking for Heaven Palace in the past never thought about using Crimson Sol to see Heaven Palace’s shadow. Furthermore, they had to find it in such a short time within a year, which is the moment we are experiencing now!”

Old Li exclaimed excitedly.

This was a huge discovery for Old Li which loved researching mysteries.

Furthermore, it had to admit that Heaven Palace hid itself really well. If not for Yu Suo’s reminder and especially picking this time to check, they might never find Heaven Palace however long they tried!

Chu Mu and Princess Jinrou were also astonished. They could not imagine such a special Heaven Palace to be located right above the peak of the world. If this information was spread, the entire human world would be stirred up. Even other races might be astonished.

“How many people know it in this world?” asked Chu Mu as he looked at Yu Suo.

“This is a secret belonging to era’s strongest. None would know the true existence of Heaven Palace before reaching Undying rank. Even if they heard about various rumors, they will never find Heaven Palace,” said Yu Suo.

“Why do you know about it? Are you an era’s strongest?” asked Princess Jinrou immediately.

“Me? I came from there,” Yu Suo laughed in self-deprecation.

Chu Mu saw Heaven Palace from the White Ocean God battle in Heaven Boundary Monument, hence he knew that Yu Suo came out from this Heaven Palace.

Princess Jinrou looked at Yu Suo in disbelief. She had never imagined Yu Suo actually came out from Heaven Palace. This was why Yu Suo always carried a transcendence aura.

“Let’s go. This is our sole chance of getting into Heaven Palace, we have to wait one year if we miss this chance,” Yu Suo did not say anything further.

Holy blue light shone from her back and stretched into petal-like semi-transparent wings. She flew straight towards the shadow cast from Crimson Sol.

Chu Mu and Princess Jinrou immediately followed behind.


The higher they flew, the greater the resistance they felt.

An entire floating land only left a thin shadow line after getting cast down. This meant it was still a long distance away from Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss’s peak.

After flying for a while, that shadow gradually became thicker. They could vaguely see this floating land.

“There’s a restriction ahead. I will open the restriction. However, after entering there, you must hide your presence. Bai Jinrou, you must help us keep alert using your sensing ability. Remind us where there is energy or aura fluctuation,” Yu Suo used mental voice to instruct Chu Mu and Princess Jinrou.

Princess Jinrou nodded.

At that moment, Crimson Sol was clearly going to shift. They would no longer be able to see Heaven Palace’s shadow soon.

With the existence of restriction, even if Heaven Palace was right in front of them, they still could not see this unique heavenly land itself.

Yu Suo chanted an incantation and Chu Mu could see a clear spatial ripple in front of her.

Soon, a layer of pale restriction appeared in front of Yu Suo. This restriction was repelled by Yu Suo using some unknown power. She opened up a tiny hole on the restriction.

Looking through this hole, Chu Mu saw a greenish black-colored land.

This appeared like poking a hole on the thin wall paint and seeing the actual wall from this hole......

“Be careful, the creature guarding the restriction is very strong, even Dark King may not be able to fight it,” reminded Yu Suo once again.

After that, Yu Suo signaled Princess Jinrou who could turn into ghost state and possessed a strong sensing ability to enter first.

Chu Mu was worried about Princess Jinrou’s safety and wanted to enter with her. After all, Heaven Palace was an unknown and dangerous place.

Yu Suo held Chu Mu back and stared at him, “Don’t ruin the plan with your manly act now.”

“It’s fine, I can escape faster than you if something happens,” said Princess Jinrou with a smile.

Princess Jinrou’s body began to glow pale blue and turn semi-transparent.

This ability was similar to Little Hidden Dragon. They could transform into a ghost state and recover to their original state according to their will.

Spectral Princess lightly drifted past the restriction. A huge piece of land hanging upside down immediately entered Princess Jinrou’s view.

This felt like flying inside a planet. Even though she was at an extremely high altitude, she could see a piece of land above her!

This piece of land appeared to be a huge wheel shape. It stood vertically, which meant the land stretched towards the sky!

This astonishing scene caused Princess Jinrou to be stunned. It took a long time before she snapped back and unleashed her sensing ability in a hurry.

“There’s no danger, you can enter,” Princess Jinrou reported with mental voice.

Soon, Chu Mu and Yu Suo also flew past the restriction.

Similarly, when Chu Mu saw this wheel-like land, he was astonished!

Try imagining how astonishing the scene of a flat piece of land hanging vertically in the sky could be. This vertical piece of land was none other than Heaven Palace!

“The gravity in this place has a different direction, try get used to it,” said Yu Suo.

Originally, Princess Jinrou and Chu Mu were flying up from the earth. However, after passing through the Heaven Palace restriction, they felt like flying parallel to the ground. They could also feel Heaven Palace’s gravity to be perpendicular to the heavenly land.

Gravity was actually insignificant to people at the level of Chu Mu. It took a while to get used to it.

Meanwhile, Princess Jinrou asked out of curiosity, “Why is Heavenly Palace hanging vertically like this?”

“Some isolated spaces may not share the same directional force with normal spaces. In any case, as long as there is gravity, treating the gravity as down will not really affect anything,” said Chu Mu.

There was no direction in a void space. Chu Mu did not really find it bizarre for Heaven Palace to have such strange gravity.

“Chu Mu, look, there seems to be a city there. There are also buildings completely made of jade!” said Princess Jinrou as she pointed on the wheel-shaped land after adjusting her direction.

Chu Mu took a glance in the direction and saw an entire city almost completely in jade color. It looked really eye-catching and holistic on this greenish black land.

Meanwhile, within that city, there was a grandiose building. That was exactly the Heaven Palace Chu Mu saw in Heaven Boundary Monument!

“They seem to share a similar style as us humans. There are streets, buildings and yards...... So humans live in Heaven Palace,” said Princess Jinrou.

Chu Mu already knew that humans lived in Heaven Palace. However, one thing could be certain. The racial rank of humans in Heaven Palace was very high. Otherwise, how could they live in a sky city like gods and look down on the entire world?

Princess Jinrou had many questions. She would always be curious about mysterious things. She wanted to ask Yu Suo, but noticed Yu Suo’s expression appeared to be strange from the moment she passed through Heaven Palace’s restriction.

Her gaze appeared to be cold, aloof and emotionless, yet at the same time, it seemed to be suppressing a certain feeling from being expressed.

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