Chapter 1601: Day-Night Wheel (1)

Chu Mu remembered little Mo Xie was brought out by Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon from Soul Alliance.

Ling Chan could only act high and mighty before New Moon Land started to develop. There was no way he was qualified to enter places like Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss.

This also proved that little Mo Xie might be taken along with Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon coincidentally from Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss to New Moon Land.

Unfortunately, Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s memory was fragmented, it probably could not even remember where little Mo Xie came from.

“Mo Xie, come here,” Chu Mu called Mo Xie which was sitting on Little Hidden Dragon’s head to enjoy the wind.

Mo Xie turned around and cried out. It pressed lightly onto Little Hidden Dragon’s head and jumped into Chu Mu’s bosom.

Chu Mu hugged the furry Mo Xie with his hands and carefully examined its eyes.

“Wuwuwu~!” Mo Xie looked back at Chu Mu in confusion and even acted coquettishly like a little girl.

Seeing its cute behavior, Chu Mu smiled and poked fun at it, “Just where do you come from?”

Mo Xie looked at Chu Mu with an expression showing that it also did not know.

Mo Xie met Chu Mu at the first phase first stage. It was like a newborn infant back then. Its memory fundamentally started after signing soul pact with Chu Mu. As for the things before it hatched, it would not know.

“Can Mo Xie be related to Seven Sins Fox?” Princes Jinrou came over and stroked Mo Xie’s fur.

When Evil Good Queen stroked Mo Xie, Mo Xie simply treated her as air. When Princess Jinrou reached out, Mo Xie would narrow its eyes and appeared really enjoyable. From this, it could be said that Mo Xie’s attitude was similar to Chu Mu. It would like whoever Chu Mu liked, and ignore whoever Chu Mu detested.

“If its mutation stopped at Seven Sins Fox, I would also think that it is related to Seven Sins Fox and even suspect it is related to the shackle of fate Seven Sins Fox shouldered. However, Mo Xie has jumped out of Seven Sins Fox’s range and changed to Hades. Hades Fox Noble is fundamentally different from Seven Sins Fox,” said Chu Mu.

“Ten thousand years is a world wheel. There will always be some illogical creatures appearing within this ten thousand years. Speaking of which, when will it be its next mutation? Its next mutation should be the key mutation. We can more or less judge its origin,” said Yu Suo as she looked at Mo Xie.

Old Li also came out at this moment and spoke while stroking its beard, “According to this mutation pattern, the next mutation should be Undying rank. It seems that there isn’t any creature reaching Undying rank due to racial mutation. More importantly, there shouldn’t be any creature with Undying racial rank, right?”

After Old Li said that, Chu Mu, Bai Jinrou and Yu Suo also started thinking.

Undying racial rank......

Even and ancient creature like Messiah Tree which was called a god tree could not reach Undying rank directly at tenth phase.

Similarly, Evil Good Ancestor’s tenth phase could not reach this godly level. There had to be a period of time for cultivation to reach Undying rank.

Meanwhile, amongst the Five Undying Legends, Limbo Flower which had the highest racial rank only reached peak Immortal rank at tenth phase.

The Light King and Dark King in the past also only reached peak Immortal rank after their sins were pardoned......

After examining this matter carefully, Chu Mu was surprised to notice there really was no creature with Undying racial rank in this world!

Mo Xie’s racial mutation had a pattern. Each mutation would cross over a major rank. Its current racial rank was Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor at around low class Immortal rank. Then, its next mutation would definitely reach Undying rank......

However, what would Mo Xie mutate into next time??

The highest racial rank of soul pets was only at peak Immortal rank. There was no creature in this world which had Undying racial rank, how would Mo Xie mutate?

“Looks like Hades Fox Noble should be its last racial mutation. Now that I think about it, it had been so many years since its last mutation. There’s no sign of its bloodline starting to mutate,” said Yu Suo.

Hades was already Mo Xie’s last mutation?

Chu Mu hugged the furry Mo Xie and looked into its silver eyes......

Those eyes were pure and familiar. Seeing those eyes, Chu Mu felt like seeing his own eyes. All emotions and thoughts could be understood.

Sometimes, Chu Mu even felt that his connection with Mo Xie was not just merely the short period of time since signing the soul pact. He was unable to experience this unique connection with his other soul pets. It seemed that it would be impossible to form such a connection even after dozens of years.


While everyone was seriously thinking about Mo Xie’s origin and the next mutation, Mo Xie stretched out one of its tails and tapped into Chu Mu’s soul pet space. It used its tail to sweep some of the snacks Ye Qingzi prepared for it and chewed on them pleasantly.

Mo Xie would never think about such complicated problems with Chu Mu and the others. What it was thinking about was that this nack tasted delicious. Should it share some with Little Hidden Dragon?

Little Hidden Dragon was the most potential competitor of Mo Xie. It was not because Little Hidden Dragon was strong, but because only Little Hidden Dragon which could freely cross through space would steal its treasured snacks. Also, it could do nothing to prevent Little Hidden Dragon from stealing its snacks.

“Don’t just think about eating, look at the fat on your tummy,” Chu Mu pinched Mo Xie’s abdomen.

Due to not fighting for a period of time, Mo Xie had really gotten fatter. It was only eating and sleeping all the time.

“Wuwuwu~!” Mo Xie reluctantly kept the remaining food in Chu Mu’s spatial ring and waved its nine tails.

Suddenly, Mo Xie’s ears stood up as if it noticed something. It turned its head and focused on the highest peak of Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss.

“This place is the highest Myriad Heaven Dragon Mountain,” said Yu Suo as she pointed at the highest peak.

The mountain stood tall and alone in the vast sky!

Raging wind swept past from the mountain peak, stirring up weathered sand. The sand became a unique sand crown under the sunlight and lingered around the mountain peak.

The surface area above the mountain peak was large. It looked like a sharp tower of a castle from afar. However, after truly flying onto the mountain peak, the peak looked like an uneven plain.

Little hidden Dragon carried the three people and one racoon and landed on the highest place of the mountain peak. Taking a glance into the distance, everywhere was filled with empty rocks.

At such a high altitude, wind was the sculptor of art. The entire mountain peak was the sculpting rock, allowing it to carve as it liked.

This carving process had to go through hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of years. There were many rugged rocks piling on the mountain peak unevenly.

“The entire mountain peak is flat, but why are there so many Time Stones?”

Time Stone was one of the hardest rock in this world. It was said that Time Stones were not created by nature, but transformed from the corpses and bones of some creatures. They could exist for an extremely long time in this world.

There were many Time Stones on the mountain peak. The view looked solemn and ancient.

After reaching the mountain peak, Mo Xie seemed to have discovered something and kept dashing between those Time Stones.

However, it returned to Chu Mu’s shoulder after a while and looked disappointed.

“What did you discover?” asked Chu Mu.

Mo Xie shook its head, it seemed that it also did not know what it was looking for.

“Heaven Palace is above us,” said Yu Suo as she pointed above at that moment.

Princess Jinrou raised her head and sensed above with her soul remembrance. However, there was no sign of Heaven Palace other than the starry sky.

Chu Mu raised his head, he similarly did not see that unknown Heaven Palace.

At this moment, Old Li also raised its head and muttered, “Many powerful individuals from the human race and other races also reached here before, because they found out about Heaven Palace’s existence from some documents. However, after they reached here and looked up, they would not see anything. Further up would be the void sky where even powerful Other type creatures could not survive. They believe in what they see, so many people think that Heaven Palace is just a fictional existence......”

“Chu Mu, did you see?” asked Princess Jinrou.

“No,” Chu Mu shook his head.

There was no point flying up any further. This mountain peak already represented the highest point of this world. Flying any higher would be the void sky.

There was no air in the void sky, only boundless darkness and spatial storms. It was no different from alternate dimensions. Heaven Palace could not be built in such a chaotic region. Even if it could be hung highly like the stars, no life forms could exist there.

“There’s a restriction,” Yu Suo looked up and calmly spoke, “This restriction hides it away from peoples’ eyes, yet it can look down on the entire world like the sun and moon. It is like a time wheel, hanging on the world axis between Crimson Sol and Black Sol. Just look up from here, you will see its existence soon.”

Yu Suo maintained her posture and did not say anything else. She simply focused on the sun quietly.

The sunray shone onto their faces. This place was already in the starry sky domain. There was no concept of day or night. They would only see the dazzling galaxy and a huge burning crimson sun.

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