Chapter 1600: Heading To Heaven Palace (2)

Where exactly was Heaven Palace? Was it an isolated space?

Chu Mu had such doubts in his mind.

Evil Good Queen did not tell him the location of Heaven Palace. She only told Chu Mu that it was not a place anyone could enter.

Heaven Palace was mysterious and ancient. Even White Ocean God was unable to destroy it in the past. It was hard to imagine just how powerful the creature which existed in Heaven Palace was.

Chu Mu knew Yu Suo came from Heaven Palace, but he did not know what this woman wanted to do by going there.

He remembered that in her memory shards, she was standing on the edge of a dark cliff. When she jumped into the bottomless abyss, there was a crowd of people next to the cliff.

Chu Mu did not know what exactly happened. He believed that this trip to Heaven Palace would allow him to find out about her story.

Heaven Palace would definitely be an extremely dangerous place. Chu Mu actually did not plan on taking Princess Jinrou along.

Unfortunately, once Princess Jinrou heard that he would be going to Heaven Palace, she was even able to retract her prejudice towards Evil Good Queen......

Her curiosity was something Chu Mu could not suppress.

During the stay in Guang Moon Palace, Evil Good Queen had been helping Chu Mu to refine the evil aura.

Evil Good Queen was about to reach the tenth phase. Although the evil aura could improve her level, it was still Chu Mu’s energy. Evil Good Queen only refined the energy and returned it to Chu Mu. This allowed Chu Mu’s strength to gain significant growth.

After the tenth day, Chu Mu’s Devil Fire was under complete control. Black and silver were clearly separated, there was no more signs of dominance.

Chu Mu would take a few years to refine the evil aura if he did it by himself. He knew that Evil Good Queen was able to solve this problem for him, but he never expected it to be completed in ten days and also allowed him to grow stronger.


After Devil Fire was suppressed, the three of them headed off to Heaven Palace.

Most humans flew by using soul pets, it was interesting that the three of them could fly by themselves.

Flying from Zhengming Main City to World Spine, it did not take long for the three of them to reach that huge mountain range which separated the two pieces of human continents.

“Where are we going?” asked Princess Jinrou.

“There’s a place called Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss, have you heard about it?” asked Yu Suo.

“Yes,” Princess Jinrou nodded.

“Heaven Palace is above Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss.”

Above Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss? In Chu Mu’s impression, Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss should be representing the highest sky in the world. That place must be the third layer of the sky!

“There’s a Heaven Palace in that place? Or are there many people living there?” asked Princess Jinrou.

“You will know after you reach there,” Yu Suo did not say anything more.


World Spine was long and vast. The three of them were flying high in the clouds. The World Spine which crossed through human territory looked like a world dragon lying on the earth.

This was the first time Chu Mu arrived at the World Spine. The area of this endless mountain range was just a little smaller than the human territory.

World Spine Mountain Range was the territory of beast race. When looking down from above, one could see various kinds of beasts moving around in the high mountains. There would always be groups of winged beasts flying past.

For some reason, when looking at the blue sky, it felt that the sky here looked larger than the human continent.

The mountains did not always appear below the clouds. There were occasionally some humongous entities above the clouds. Those were the peaks of tall mountains. However, after reaching the peak of such mountains and continuing to fly at such altitude, there would be another mountain at some place which was even taller, giving off a huge pressure.

“Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss means there are ten thousand mountains with different altitudes like these. Back when the dragon race was still the strongest representative amongst the Demon race, there would be groups of dragons flying around the peaks of all these mountains. However, there’s only emptiness now,” Old Li recalled the past.

“You’re saying it as if you lived for tens of thousands of years,” said Chu Mu.

“I saw them from some Demon race documents. Does young master know which is the strongest dragon race in the world?” asked Old Li.

Chu Mu was unable to answer Old Li’s question.

The highest racial rank amongst the dragon race Chu Mu had encountered was Martial Cloud Dragon. It could reach Immortal rank at the tenth phase, its strength approaching the Five Undying Legends.

However, it was obvious that Martial Cloud Dragon was not the strongest dragon race. Would the strongest dragon race unknown to mankind be at the highest point of this Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss?


The moment dragon race was mentioned, Little Hidden Dragon appeared to be excited.

It called out in Chu Mu’s soul pet space and wanted Chu Mu to let it out.

Chu Mu actually did not want to summon Little Hidden Dragon, not because he disliked it, but it was too lazy. Even if he summoned it, it would maintain its mini state and sit on Chu Mu’s other shoulder.

This caused Chu Mu to suspect whether he was actually the mount of Mo Xie and Little Hidden Dragon.

Fine fine, stop grumbling,” Little Hidden Dragon would not stop pestering Chu Mu, so he eventually summoned it.

Little Hidden Dragon maintained its ten meter body. Princess Jinrou flew onto Little Hidden Dragon’s back first, then giggled towards Chu Mu.

If there was a way to save stamina, nobody would like to fly at the peak of the sky with thin air. Hence, Yu Suo took one spot without hesitation.

Next, Mo Xie jumped onto Little Hidden Dragon’s head and yawned like a kitty while stretching its frontal limbs.

Little Hidden Dragon flapped its wings reluctantly. If it had known this would happen, it would rather sleep in its soul pet space and not work for nothing like this......

“Your little dragon has enough strength to fly to the highest point of Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss now. After reaching the real Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss, we have to be careful. There are guards of the dragon race there,” Yu Suo reminded Chu Mu.

“Are they guarding Heaven Palace?” asked Chu Mu.

“Well, something like that. Later on, I will let Dark King attract their attention. It’s best not to alert these guards, or we may not be able to leave there,” said Yu Suo.

Little Hidden Dragon continued flying higher and higher towards Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss.

The color of the sky gradually changed. It was no longer the charming blue color, but an ice cold black color.

Raging wind blew in the sky, the erected mountains looked sharp and intimidating. Little Hidden Dragon had flown to a really high point by now. When looking down, those mountains which they flew past only looked like creases on the ground.

There were still mountains in front of them. Old Li said that there were ten thousand mountains for Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss. Little Hidden Dragon probably flew past half of them.

Wing type Immortal rank creatures could reach such height, this could not be considered the real highest point.

As they continued flying, Chu Mu could sense the surroundings were filled with stagnant spatial elements.

As he looked up, he could see the crimson sun above getting bigger and bigger. The crimson sun seemed unable to light up everything in the sky. He could feel the temperature from the sunlight, but the surroundings were still empty.

“There’s nothing here,” said Princess Jinrou.

“Yes, after the last batch of dragon race living here were killed, this place has become barren.” Yu Suo nodded.

“The last batch of dragon race? Why is it the last batch? Was the dragon race also exterminated?” asked Princess Jinrou.

“It’s not considered extermination, I can only saw they are no longer suitable to survive in this era. The entire race is declining. Humans have their human cities, demons have their demon forest, ocean species have their ocean. Beasts have their beast mountain range. However, the dragon race lost their true dragon nest...... In this world, there will always be creatures which reached the peak in the past, and eventually eliminated after years of reproduction and mutation. The more suitable races would replace them. There was only one race and place which could truly last for eternity......” said Yu Suo calmly.

Princess JInrou looked at Yu Suo, it was easy to see from her eyes that she wanted to know the answer.

Yu Suo also took a glance at Princess Jinrou and pointed up.

Princess Jinrou immediately understood what the race and place Yu Suo talked about meant. It was Heaven Palace which they were heading to!

“Oh, right,” Yu Suo seemed to have remembered something and spoke to Chu Mu, “Little Hidden Dragon’s mother Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon came from Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss. It...... I can’t count the number of years properly, but there should be survivors in the last batch of dragon race that was killed.”

“It came from here?” Chu Mu was surprised.

From Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss to New Moon Land was a distance that crossed half of the beast race’s territory and more than half of human territory. Back then, Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon should be at Dominator rank. Just how many years did it have to fly to reach New Moon Land?

“Shashasha~! Shashasha~!”

Little Hidden Dragon also heard Yu Suo’s words and cried out.

Chu Mu heard Little Hidden Dragon’s voice and felt sorrowful......

Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s memory was fragmented. After it escaped the enslavement from Soul Alliance, it should be trying to fly towards its home instinctively.

However, it flew towards Eternal Ocean.

This meant the fatigued Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon already forgot the path to return to Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss. It even chose a direction completely opposite of Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss. In the end, the vast ocean and sky became its burial ground.

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