Book 2 Chapter 160 - Soul Teacher Ye Qingzi

Chapter 160: Soul Teacher Ye Qingzi

Heavenly Devil Insects were pack animals- always attacking together and returning together. However, they were also a group of extremely selfish beings. Once a fellow member was heavily wounded, other Heavenly Devil Insects would tightly follow behind. Once they found out it could no longer fight back, they would start to attack that wounded member. Such a scene often happened, especially during times like this Hibernating Desolation, because all ten thousands of these Heavenly Devil Insects were hungry devils.

Devouring the same species could lead to a an elevation in power. At this time, surrounding the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect were a group of eight and ninth phase commander ranks. They were still probing at the terrifying monarch, wanting to know if it was truly harmless and could be dealt with as they pleased.

Finally, a Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect started an attack. Closely following, other Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insects let out snarls, and they leapt greedily towards the ninth phase monarch.

The ninth phase monarch let out a furious roar, and waved its tattered wings and blackened arms around crazily, causing the nearby mountain structures to shatter.

The ninth phase monarch’s strength was still there, but it was still just a near-death struggle. With the frenzied assault from the eight Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insects, the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s wounds got even worse, and its limbs were starting to split.

Watching the cruel dismembering scene, the crafty Old Li actually had a look of great patience.


A Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s six arms forcefully ripped open the ninth phase monarch’s chest. With arms like knives, it cut crazily and, after burying its head, it started eating the monarch’s innards!

“Soul core?” After its chest got ripped open, Old Li immediately saw the soul core that was thrown aside.

The price of a soul crystal was much higher than a soul core, but the ninth phase monarch’s soul core could still sell for at least a million gold!

Seeing the soul core, Old Li couldn’t help but be disappointed. However, such a result was expected by Old Li. This ninth level monarch clearly hadn’t undergone any strengthening, having only a high phase and rank. The chances that it would make a soul crystal were very low.

Glancing sideways, Old Li was just considering whether he should go and steal the soul core from the hands of those Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insects when suddenly a Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect spit out the innards it couldn’t chew perfectly in front of Old Li.

The thing spit out should be a special innard. It had the green and sticky saliva of the Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect on it. This saliva could melt through even the rocks of the stone hall, but it couldn’t really corrode this innard.

“Can it be the Hibernating Heart that only very rarely is made in powerful bug type soul pets?” Old Li’s eyes instantly let out light. Turning his big head left and right, he made sure none of the other Heavenly Devil Insects had noticed.

“Sou~~~~” Old Li’s figure flashed and immediately pounced towards the sticky Hibernating Heart and quickly put it in his own space, and he escaped from this place full of burnt corpses…...



Darkness and white flames both felt cold, yet Chu Mu strangely felt his consciousness was constantly sustaining a burning torment…...

The side effects of becoming a half devil had once again put Chu Mu into the burning of his high temperature soul. Chu Mu felt as if he fell into the depths of purgatory, facing the most obscene torture.

This torture continued for a very long time. Chu Mu almost felt as if he would permanently reside in this hell, unable to free himself.

After an unknown amount of time, Chu Mu slowly felt a feeling of coolness. Following that, it was as if a cold spring were injected into him, causing him to feel unspeakable pleasure.

Finally, Chu Mu slowly awoke in this feeling of coldness.

Opening his eyes, Chu Mu saw a stone wall. This wall was lit with a dim yellow light that also projected a graceful shadow.

The projected shadow was expanded, and maybe because of posture, its full chest, thin waist, and supple bottom had come together to create an exquisite curve that was lithe yet full of allure, causing Chu Mu to almost lose his mind.

Slowly turning over, Chu Mu could already guess who it was. What caused Chu Mu to be surprised was that this girl, whose side was towards him, was currently using her soul remembrance to mix medicine, carefully and vigilantly with a skilled technique…...

Chu Mu laid there, staring at the beauty trying to mix a medicine. Sometimes, he stared at her pretty and serious face, sometimes he looked at her thin and soft fingers, and sometimes his eyes slid down further, looking with hints of impurity at her curvaceous body.


Ye Qingzi hadn’t realized that Chu Mu was awake already, as she was still combining different ice type medicines and soul items in different proportions to try to create something. Yet, to combine these same type but different spirituality medicines and soul items to create a powerful medicine for Chu Mu’s strangely high temperature phenomenon was unusually difficult.

A cloud of black air rose up, a sign that the originally blue medicine had suddenly went bad. Watching another set of precious medicines wasted, Ye Qingzi furrowed her brows, looking disappointed.

“Old racoon, this method doesn't seem to be right……” Ye Qingzi turned around, wanting to ask the old raccoon man who could talk, but her gaze instead made direct contact with the peeping Chu Mu.

Ye Qingzi was slightly startled, but quickly realized that Chu Mu was already awake and had probably looked at her like that for a while now.

A hint of embarrassment flashed through her eyes, but Ye Qingzi quickly regained her normal self and smiled a faint and beautiful smile, “When did you wake up?”

Chu Mu felt a little guilty, so his face also reddened and said with embarrassment, “I’ve been awake for a while, and uh…… I didn’t know you were a soul teacher, so I was watching you concoct the medicine.”

In the soul pet world, other than soul pet trainers, there were other special careers. Soul teachers were one. Soul teachers were pharmacologists, and it was just an honorable name for pharmacologists. After all, medicine was usually describing low level healing or antidotal medicines. Soul items were of a higher form and had more effective materials. Type strengthening, power increasing, crystal forming, growth and morphing, healing, soul healing, and poison curing…...Soul items’ medicinal uses were very vast, and only real soul teachers would have researched deep into it.

Soul teachers were ranked by soul item level. Chu Mu currently couldn’t tell what rank soul teacher Ye Qingzi was. Usually speaking, if one could concoct a certain level soul item with a 10% success rate, then one was that rank. The specifics, Chu Mu didn’t really know, only knowing that a soul teacher’s rank was decided by the Soul Creed.

The Soul Creed was like the Soul Pet Palace, but its influence wasn’t as widespread as Soul Pet Palace, and so it wasn’t able to cover all cities. Chu Mu didn’t really know much about the Soul Creed since he hadn’t had dealings with soul teachers before. However, one must say that soul teachers were a bunch of very wealthy people, because they could turn cheap medicinal materials into expensive soul items. It was definitely a profitable business

Chu Mu himself had only learned the bare minimums of concocting soul medicine. He knew some basic combinations of soul items, but to tell him to concoct them would be tough.

In reality, Chu Mu wasn’t really interested in soul medicine making. If he had to take up a side job, Chu Mu still prefered to be a hunter.

Soul teacher was a technical job. High costs with high returns. A hunter was simply a matter of endurance. Low cost, high risk, and if one was lucky, insane rewards too.


“It’s good that you’re awake. Your wounds haven’t healed yet, rest some more.” Ye Qingzi said with a smile.

“What are you making?” Chu Mu opened his mouth and asked.

“Ice soul plant, a soul item with quite a strong ice poison. This raccoon man said this would be good for your body, but such a high difficulty soul item is still challenging for me so I’m currently trying.” Ye Qingzi said.

“Young master, you sure are lucky to meet such a soul teacher, or else who knows when you would’ve woken up? Truly thank the heavens, thank the heavens.” Old Li jumped in front of Chu Mu, and he started speaking unrestrictedly.

Seeing this ugly old man jumping around in front of him, Chu Mu directly pulled at the old thing’s long ears and said with his remembrance, “Old thing, running away at the first sign of danger?”

“Young master, young master, you mistake me. I actually very laboriously helped you clean up the battle. I picked up all those Heavenly Devil Insects’ soul cores and crystals, and……” Old Li naturally knew not to offend young master and immediately attempted to fix things with soul cores and crystals.

“Oh? How many.” Chu Mu let go and asked.

“Lots of soul cores, so I only grabbed one hundred sixth rank and above soul cores. There were about eleven soul crystals of varying rank, of which there was one seventh rank and three sixth rank soul crystals……”

“Just that much?” Chu Mu stared at Old Li. Chu Mu knew this sly old fellow, and he knew that most of his words were watered down.

“Oh, two seventh phase soul crystals and four sixth rank soul crystals……”

“The soul crystals above sixth rank, I want them all. The rest, you can keep for yourself. If you save a single soul crystal above sixth rank, I’ll throw you into the soul pet palace for auction.” Chu Mu was too lazy to take the old fellow’s bullshit and directly said to him.

“Ugh…...young master…..” Old Li looked over with a sad appearance. Old Li’s escaping ability was top tier, but no matter how top tier he was, he couldn’t possibly outplay Liu Binglan. If Chu Mu said anything bad about him, Liu Binglan would definitely throw this sneaky old thing into the seventh layer of Soul Palace’s prisons.

“Young master, there’s one good thing that I stole from the ninth phase monarch’s corpse without regard for even my own life.” Old Li immediately said.

“What good thing?” Chu Mu asked.

“It’s a Hibernating Heart.” Old Li said.

“Hibernating Heart? What’s that for?” Chu Mu asked, not understanding.

“Young master, it’s something amazing. Hasn’t your battle soul pet Mo Ye always been lacking in offensive techniques and powers? Didn’t you want to continue to strengthen it? This Hibernating Heart is one of the best strengtheners.” Old Li said.

“How so?”

“Your Mo Ye has an incredible life force and battle endurance. This is something normal soul pets can’t match. If it could learn something similar to your White Nightmare’s Resentment Gathering and constantly increase its strength in battle, then it would become extremely strong.” Old Li said.

Hearing Old Li’s words, Chu Mu was immediately interested.

Just as the old fellow said, if Zhan Ye also could learn Resentment Gathering, as an incredibly endurable soul pet, if it could constantly gather resentment and constantly improve, even foes with powers much greater than it could be defeated!


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