Book 2 Chapter 16 - Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox vs Blue Nightmare

Chapter 16: Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox vs Blue Nightmare


The silver eyes had transformed into a scarlet red. Mo Xie’s battle intent had reached its pinnacle and, without a need for Chu Mu’s order, a terrifying demonic aura swept forth, striking back at the violent and bitingly cold gale, completely reversing its direction. In a savage manner, she launched herself towards the three Blue Nightmares!!

Six glorious tails suddenly spread open. On top of each one of them were raging Demon Fire Evil Flames!

Six Tail Lock!!

The six Demon Fire Evil Flamed tails suddenly transformed into six fatal shackles that brought with them six torrential waves of flame, as they ruthlessly smashed at the fifth phase ninth stage Blue Nightmare!!


In front of the now sixth phase seventh stage Mo Xie, the fifth phase ninth stage Blue Nightmare had no way of resisting. The bewitching blue colored flame body was ruthlessly launched backwards by the strike. It tumbled backwards, directly into the deep chasm, and fell into the depths, causing a shocking pithole to explode at the very bottom.


The two Blue Nightmares suddenly registered the enemy’s attack, and they let out indignant roars. Two balls of flame abruptly condensed in their respective hands, transforming into two, three meter long blue flame lances.

The four nightmare flame pikes launched straight through the air, leaving four arcs of imposing blue flame in their tracks. The pikes shot towards Mo Xie’s location!

“Fire Mirror!”

At the same time, Tian Ji completed a soul technique incantation; suddenly, a strangely deep blue fire adhered to the two Blue Nightmare’s bodies. The two Blue Nightmare’s eyes then abruptly ignited with an even further exuberant abstruse flame!!

The moment the abstruse flame was ignited, the four Nightmare Flame Lances that were flying in the air rapidly split apart, and each lance became two!!

The four Nightmare Flame Lances had shockingly become eight, blocking off all of Mo Xie’s escape routes.

“Ning, Ice Wall.”

The Ice Air Fairy instantly produced a resonant shout. The Ice Air Fairy didn’t even have to chant an incantation to cast such a mere second rank ice type technique. The moment it waved its hands, six ten meter tall Ice Walls immediately appeared, respectively arising in front of the eight spears.

The Ice Air Fairy’s control had reached a certain realm, so the six Ice Walls didn’t directly face the Nightmare Flame Lances. Rather, they arose at a slight angle so that the Ice Walls would not only stop the Nightmare Flame Lances, but also alter their trajectories!

The ingeniously placed Ice Walls managed to redirect six of the Nightmare Flame Lances, causing them to lose effectiveness. As for the remaining two, for Mo Xie who was extremely fast, they weren’t of any problem.

“Mo Xie, Death Assault. Attack the fifth phase fourth stage Blue Nightmare!”

By the time Mo Xie nimbly dodged the two Nightmare Flame Lances, her running speed had reached a level where others could hardly see her clearly. Superimposing Death Assault’s terrifying speed increase of 1.5 times, the charging Mo Xie astonishingly transformed into an exceptionally gorgeous streak of fire that rushed through the vast, sandy ground!!


The rapid flaming silhouette instantly split into three. These three imposing, flaming silhouettes were abnormally clear and ostensible. Immediately, they became three domineering Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Foxes. The Blue Nightmare that had lost a majority of its physical strength over the last 10 minutes revealed a terrified expression!

Illusion Evil Flame Claw!

From a phase and stage perspective, it lacked one phase and three stages. Moreover, with the effect of the three illusions, Mo Xie’s attack power was increased to an apex!!

Three ghastly claws respectively slashed through the fifth phase fourth stage Blue Nightmare’s neck, abdomen, and head.

The Blue Nightmare’s body, normally swathed in blue nightmare flame, had currently been completely ripped apart by red, bloody claws!!


A delayed miserable and penetrating shriek reverberated around the windy sandy stadium. It reached the audience seated high above, causing those who heard it to feel a terrifying feeling!

The fifth phase fourth stage Blue Nightmare's body had begun to split into pieces. The surging scarlet flames began to swallow the fire on its body until, finally, it lay in the ground, cut up into multiple pieces.

“Demon Fire Proliferation!”

In battle, there wasn’t a single moment of rest. The moment the Blue Nightmare died, Chu Mu ruthlessly made Mo Xie send the deadly Demon Fire into Tian Ji’s mental world.

Tian Ji didn’t make the same fatal mistake as Guo Xian, and he quickly used his soul remembrance to guard his soul in his mind!

“Hong Hong”

The violent burning evil flame surged in Tian Ji’s mind. Despite using soul remembrance to defend, the third remembrance spirit teacher Tian Ji still suffered some soul damage from the Evil Flame!

Tian Ji’s face instantaneously turned pale, and his body fell forward into a half kneel, as he began heavily panting.

“Ning, Ice Meteor!!”

Even until this moment, the intense offensive still hadn’t stopped!!

Chu Mu was not someone who gave his opponents a chance to catch their breaths. He ordered the Ice Air Fairy to use the long ranged Ice Meteor, attacking Tian Ji directly!

The Ice Air Fairy’s incantation speed was exceptionally quick. It seemed that in the same moment Tian Ji half knelt on the ground, a layer of ice had astonishingly appeared fifty meters above his head. The frosty ice quickly transformed into an ice meteor that brought with it a surging frozen air, as it smashed towards Tian Ji’s head!

Everyone couldn’t help but suck in a breath of air as they watched this scene. They felt like it was their heads that the Ice Meteor was hanging above of, creating an incorporeal cold!!

Tian Ji grit his teeth. Clearly, he could feel the terrifying Ice Meteor above his head. However, after his soul suffered from the formidable Evil Flame attack, he was momentarily unable to use any soul technique. He could only forcibly order his fifth phase sixth stage Blue Nightmare to help defend himself!!

The fifth phase sixth stage Blue Nightmare had no choice but to abandon its planned attack. It ignited two balls of flame in its hand and threw them into the air!

The two balls of abstruse blue soul nightmare fire flew through the air in an arc. It shockingly managed to intercept the fatal Ice Meteor, when it was only five meters away from Tian Ji!


The ice meteor instantly exploded above Tian Ji’s head, and the ice fragments fell onto his body...

The ferocity of Chu Mu’s attacks had become a habit. The moment the opponent was at a disadvantage, his onslaught would become a torrential storm that relentlessly attacked without rest!

Mo Xie, whose mind and soul was linked with Chu Mu, had an absolute tacit understanding with him. Without a need for Chu Mu’s order, she had already launched another ruthless attack towards Tian Ji!!


Mo Xie’s speed advantage allowed her Blink technique to be even more brilliant. The continuous claw strikes from various different angles rendered Tian Ji unable to use any soul techniques. He could only forcibly make use of the fifth phase sixth stage Blue Nightmare to defend himself!

Mo Xie’s Blink frequency was extremely fast. The people sitting in the audience could feel the imposing fire silhouette multiply as Mo Xie quickly blinked around the Blue Nightmare’s circumference. Her claws even ripped apart the air, causing a plethora of sparks to fly!

“Rapid Freeze!”

Suddenly, six gorgeous threads of ice appeared under Chu Mu’s feet. Under his control, they ran along the ground, rapidly extending!

The fifth phase ninth stage Blue Nightmare that had fallen into the crevice had just climbed out when the Rapid Freeze technique appeared right in front of it!

The Rapid Freeze technique Chu Mu that had learned wasn’t complete. Nevertheless, his soul remembrance had reached that of a sixth remembrance spirit teacher. With a soul connection with the Ice Air Fairy, the ice type soul pet, Chu Mu’s ice type technique control was not much inferior to the Ice Air Fairy’s. Moreover, Chu Mu’s Rapid Freeze wasn’t meant to wound the fifth phase ninth stage Blue Nightmare. Instead, he wanted to momentarily restrict its movements!

The ice type had the absolute advantage over fire type. Thus, even though it was a mere Rapid Freeze that was used by a sixth remembrance Spirit Trainer, it was still able to inhibit the Blue NIghtmare’s movements!

The fifth phase ninth stage Blue Nightmare originally wanted to return and assist Tian Ji, but it was currently being delayed. Tian Ji had no choice but to consume a large amount of soul power to use various methods of defense on himself, as he strenuously defended with the fifth phase sixth stage Blue Nightmare against Mo Xie’s attacks!

“I’ve never seen Tian Ji forced into such a difficult situation. Moreover, the opponent only has two soul pets!”

“This Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox is too terrifying. Perhaps its innate speed talent is virtually unrivalled amongst the commander rank. Otherwise, how else could it exhibit such a shocking rate of attack at its phase and stage!”

From the moment the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox appeared, this battle had been completely controlled by Chu Mu. The powerful young man, Tian Ji, had unexpectedly been suppressed to the point where he couldn’t even retaliate. Many people even found it hard to believe that this Blue Nightmare Palace young man who often fought one versus three was the genius, Tian Ji. He was now unable to even change out soul pets

“Tian Ji cannot lose so easily…” Lu Lishan seemed to somewhat understand Tian Ji. He could see that Tian Ji had only been oppressed by the Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox’s powerful continuous attacks. If he had a bit of time to recompose himself, he would definitely have enough strength to launch one last attack.

However, looking at the situation now, Lu Lishan only believed that Tian Ji still had enough strength for one final attack, but didn’t believe that he could reverse the situation under the Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox’s attacks. This was because the eighteen year old Prison Island King absolutely would not give him the chance to retaliate!


Tian Ji grit his teeth. During this fight, his Blue Nightmares didn’t manage to exhibit their true fighting prowess. Instead, he had been perpetually been restricted by Chu Mu.

Tian Ji couldn’t help but admit that when it came to fighting, this fighting veteran of Prison Island King was truly exceptional. Perhaps even people stronger than him would be defeated through his various restriction techniques.

Finally, Tian Ji’s fifth phase ninth stage Blue Nightmare freed itself from Chu Mu’s Rapid Freeze restriction. After regaining its freedom, the strongest Blue Nightmare let out an indignant nightmare-like howl. Surprisingly, it didn’t go over and save Tian Ji, but rather exposed its terrifying devil nature. A wave of Nightmare Flame was conjured and it swept forth towards Chu Mu!

Tian Ji directly commanded his Fifth Phase Ninth Stage Blue Nightmare to attack Chu Mu. This was basically following the principle "Offense is the best Defense". Such a tactic was called ‘Abandon Attack’ in the soul pet world.

“Tian Ji has a lot of courage, and he is very cool-headed. Even while his defenses are being broken, he didn’t call the fifth phase ninth stage Blue Nightmare back to him, but instead had it directly attack the opponent soul pet trainer. Presumably he’s determined that the Ice Air Fairy has expended so much magic power that it cannot resist the Blue Nightmare. He thereby forces Chu Mu to call the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox back to him.” explained Zhou Luleng.

Everyone nodded in agreement. They felt that Tian Ji’s method was the only way for him to recover from this disadvantaged battle stage. After all, Tian Ji was ultimately still a representative of the strongest members of the younger generation. He could not lose just like that.

Everyone had approved of Tian Ji’s brazen, but farsighted battle techniques. Xia Guanghan, however, indifferently spoke a few words: “Tian Ji will definitely die.”

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