Chapter 1599: Heading To Heaven Palace (1)

New Moon Land was currently sealed up. New Moon Land possessed a vast amount of resources, so its recovery was much faster than the sects in those major factions.

Furthermore, Yu Suo’s Invisible Kingdom possessed a huge influence in the entire Zhengming Continent. Currently, those sects which joined the subjugation alliance were facing the fate of getting swallowed by other sects. They could no longer attack New Moon Land again.

As New Moon Land’s position suddenly rose up, many factions stayed away from New Moon Land in awe. The reason they did not come to show goodwill was due to taking into consideration the Ancient Flood Dragon Person threat, as well as New Moon Land’s current sealed state. They did not allow any faction to get closer at all.

After this war, New Moon Land also became an independent territory in Zhengming Continent.

Chu Mu had nothing to worry about the current New Moon Land. After all, this territory only needed time to develop and nurture future talents to protect this land.


With Chu Mu’s current strength, it would not take long to travel between New Moon Land and Zhengming Main City.

After crossing through half of Zhengming Continent, Chu Mu appeared above Zhengming Main City while covered in black Devil Fire.

Nobody had not heard of Dual Evil Half Devil Chu Mu in Zhengming Continent by now. Chu Mu caused quite a commotion after entering Zhengming Main City. Discipline Palace, Grass Sect, Mu Tuan clan and the other sects kept an eye on Chu Mu cautiously.

Grass Sect had more or less been controlled by Yu Suo’s subordinates. Mu Tuan clan had also become a clan with just a name. Divine Sect’s Discipline Palace still had Vice Sect Master Du, so they were safe.

However, with Yu Suo’s rate of control, it would not be long before Divine Sect organized a Sect Conference to expel this Vice Sect Master Du Xian out of Discipline Palace.

Chu Mu did not really have to care about those. He was not only a human leader, but a really powerful human leader amongst the leader rank now. The number of people who could oppose him could be counted in one hand in the entire human territory.

Not only did those people not trouble Chu Mu, they steered clear from him.


In Guang Moon Palace, Evil Good Queen stood in the yard with a semi-transparent attire and examined Chu Mu with sparkling eyes.

Chu Mu’s evil aura was even denser. This pure evil aura was enough to let Evil Good Queen reach a level higher. So she was looking at Chu Mu like looking at a delicacy, wanting to suck away all the evil aura from Chu Mu’s body.

Bai Jinrou stood at the side, her eyes glared with hostility towards Evil Good Queen. This woman knew Chu Mu would be coming and yet wore so scantily. She really had ulterior motives.

“Black Nightmare is the vessel of evil. This war has been so devastating, all the grudge will gather into your body. You cannot completely digest the grudge with your current soul remembrance,” Evil Good Queen walked to Chu Mu’s side.

At that moment, the black Devil Fire seemed to be leaning towards one direction. The flame seemed to be attracted towards Evil Good Queen.

“Look, they seem to like me as well,” Evil Good Queen curled her lips up and lightly pressed her index finger at Chu Mu’s heart position.

Black-colored energy slowly flowed out from Chu Mu’s heart and wrapped around Evil Good Queen’s finger. The energy slowly flowed into Evil Good Queen’s body like a river.

Evil Good Queen closed her eyes, she seemed to really enjoy this feeling of evil aura lingering around her. Chu Mu could see her purple hair color slowly changing to red. Her pure purple pupils also started to glow red.

After Evil Good Queen drew away the evil aura from Chu Mu, Chu Mu could clearly feel his high body temperature slowly cooling down. Like a sand hourglass, his black Devil Fire and silver Devil Fire gradually returned to a balanced state.

This hourglass flowing speed was not really fast. Evil Good Queen retracted her finger and took a glance at Princess Jinrou, “Let me borrow your lover for one night and help him relieve his pent up energy?”

While saying that, Evil Good Queen purposely approached closer to Chu Mu and took him to her room.

Although Princess Jinrou knew that Evil Good Queen was only going to absorb the evil aura Chu Mu could not control, she still felt uncomfortable after hearing those provocative words.

She could not understand why so many people in Zhengming Main City treated such a woman as a saintess. How could a person wearing such a revealing attire and showing such a seductive smile be related to a saintess?


After entering Evil Good Queen’s room, Chu Mu immediately caught wift of a dense fragrance.

This fragrance could cause a person to hallucinate. When Chu Mu turned to look at Evil Good Queen, it even made him feel this woman was no different from being completely nude.

Chu Mu knew what that fragrance was and coldly grinned, “You used this method to build your authority?”

Evil Good Queen knew what Chu Mu was being sarcastic about and smiled without minding it, “Yes, those charmed men will give me everything. This is the easiest method for me to obtain authority.”

Since Evil Good Queen frankly admitted it, there was nothing Chu Mu could say.

“That’s a lie,” Evil Good Queen looked at the speechless Chu Mu and giggled, “Flower nurtures life and is also the mother of nurture. This fragrance certainly has aphrodisiac effect towards humans, but I used it for reproduction between flowers. Think about it, other than you who can enter my room, there are a total of seven restriction formation in the flower garden outside the door. The flower carpet inside the room has a Hidden Fatal Flower Formation which can kill a high class Immortal. There’s also an extermination formation above your head......”

“Oh, that’s quite some protective measure. Why didn’t you set up these formations in Wanxiang City?” commented Chu Mu.

“Are you blaming me for not showing up during the war?” asked Evil Good Queen. Seeing Chu Mu not answering, Evil Good Queen explained, “Aren’t you suspicious about why only Wupan Navy and Ning Family sent up leader rank individuals? There has to be other leader rank individuals supporting the eight faction subjugation alliance in the dark.”

“Never mind, forget about that. Refine the evil aura in my body first,” Chu Mu did not continue on that topic.

“Not in a hurry,” Evil Good Queen shook her head.

“What are you up to this time?” asked Chu Mu.

“Long ago, didn’t I tell you to go to a place with me?” said Evil Good Queen.

“I don’t remember,” said Chu Mu.

“The time has come, we can go now,” said Evil Good Queen.

“I’m not interested.”

“Then settle the evil aura yourself.”

“......” Chu Mu became speechless. Was it because he never punished this woman for too long that she started throwing a tantrum?

Evil Good Queen was observing Chu Mu’s expression the whole time. As long as Chu Mu showed any signs of being unhappy, she would behave herself. After all, Chu Mu was the master. Although Evil Good Queen had somewhat understood Chu Mu’s temper, she still had to know when to stop.

“Where?” Chu Mu thought over carefully. The place Evil Good Queen wanted to go usually contained great benefits, so he did not refuse immediately.

“A very dangerous place,” Evil Good Queen decided to keep him in suspense.

“How long?” asked Chu Mu.

“Less than a month. It’s best to bring your new lover. Her Devil Soul sensation and mind reading technique can let us complete the mission faster,” said Evil Good Queen.

Chu Mu looked at Evil Good Queen coldly.

Evil Good Queen changed the topic, “You should know that my rank increases very slowly. That’s because Evil Good Ancestor’s racial rank is even higher than Limbo Flower. My objective this time is to reach tenth stage paragon state. Limbo Flower is the strongest branch race of Evil Good Ancestor's Good property. Limbo Flower possesses resurrection technique. In fact, after my ability improves to a certain extent, I may also be able to completely resurrect her.”

“What rank do you need to reach?” asked Chu Mu directly.

“Undying rank,” said Evil Good Queen.

“You have a method to reach Undying rank?” asked Chu Mu in surprise.

“Yes, Evil Good Ancestor is a god rank creature in the first place. It’s on the same rank as Messiah Tree. It’s natural for me to reach Undying rank,” said Evil Good Queen.

Chu Mu lamented. If Evil Good Queen reached Undying rank, soul pact or Flower’s Stamen would not be able to restrict her. Chu Mu suddenly felt that this Evil Good Queen was even more dangerous than Ancient Flood Dragon Person, and she was right next to him.

“Also, don’t you want to know the origin of your little Mo Xie?” asked Evil Good Queen.

“Mo Xie’s origin??” Chu Mu was startled and looked at Evil Good Queen in astonishment.

Evil Good Queen reached out and rubbed Mo Xie’s furry ears.

Little Mo Xie looked at Evil Good Queen in confusion while laying on Chu Mu’s shoulder. It then closed its eyes and continued to sleep.

It was rather strange that despite most of Chu Mu’s soul pets unable to endure his high body temperature, Mo Xie was able to calmly sleep on his shoulder. Chu Mu even felt that this heat made it feel really comfortable instead.

“A creature which can keep mutating racially...... This fellow doesn’t belong to this world. Otherwise, how can it ignore the laws of life in this world?” said Evil Good Queen.

“Do you know where it came from?” asked Chu Mu as he took a glance at the sleepy little Mo Xie on his shoulder.

Evil Good Queen shook her head, “I don’t, but perhaps there is an answer there.”

“The place you said is......”

“Didn’t you see it from my memories? The place where I jumped down the dark cliff,” Evil Good Queen smiled in self-depreciation.

“Heaven Palace!”

Chu Mu looked at Evil Good Queen in astonishment.

She was going to Heaven Palace. Chu Mu still could not forget the shocking scene of White Ocean God sweeping up all the ocean in the world to strike Heaven Palace.

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