Chapter 1596: The First Creature Born In This World

After entering Evil Temple, the Devil Fire on Chu Mu’s body flared up uncontrollably.

His Devil Fire seemed to be attracted to some force and slanted towards one direction. Chu Mu was unsure where to go in Evil Temple, so he decided to just follow the direction his Devil Fire was attracted to.

“My sensing ability is restricted,” whispered Princess Jinrou next to Chu Mu.

Princess Jinrou’s sensing ability was much better than Chu Mu. If even her senses could not spread out in Evil Temple, it meant that some powerful restraints existed in Evil Temple.

Chu Mu’s sensing ability was not really affected. Perhaps just as what Bai Jinrou said, this Evil Temple welcomed evil existences like him.

Bai Yu had come to this Evil Temple several times. Back then, his strength only allowed him to wander around in the outer area of Evil Temple.

Chu Mu and Princess Jinrou directly passed through the strange stone palace labyrinth at the outer area and entered deeper into the temple.

No creatures could be seen in Evil Temple, Chu Mu also could not sense any life force. However, some rotten corpses often appeared in some black wall corners.

Chu Mu could not tell what species those corpses belonged to. However, this meant that even though there was no creature in Evil Temple, this was still a dangerous place.

As they continued walking, black Devil Fire appeared in the Evil Temple labyrinth.

Devil Fire almost filled up the entire passage. Seeing such a scene after turning around a corner, Bai Jinrou was spooked.

“This path seems to be sealed by the flame,” said Bai Jinrou.

Evil Temple was a huge labyrinth. A human’s physique was like the seams between those walls, humans looked very little in this temple.

Each wall was also protected by some sort of restraint. It was possible to destroy the wall, but it would take lots of stamina to do so.

More importantly, nobody could predict the consequences of forcefully attacking these restraints.

In this huge Evil Temple labyrinth, many passages were filled with differently-colored Devil Fires.

Green, blue, white, silver, they coincidentally matched the Nightmare ranks.

Chu Mu was able to pass through some flame paths directly with his current rank. It meant that these sealed paths acted like a rank restraint, blocking those creatures with lower ranks.

Chu Mu and Bai Jinrou encountered mostly white and silver Devil Fires. However, they encountered black Devil Fire which was several dozens times more powerful than the flame paths they encountered before.

Black Devil Fire crackled, as if a group of chained devils trying to pounce towards them. The thick evil aura caused Princess Jinrou to feel very uncomfortable.

Chu Mu stood there and faced the black Devil Fire. Currently, his own black Devil Fire was also slowly seeping out from his body. The interesting thing was that his black Devil Fire uncontrollably slanted towards the black Devil Fire path ahead. It seemed as if his black Devil Fire was trying to merge with the black Devil Fire path.

Chu Mu hugged Princess Jinrou and spoke, “I will bring you over, but you better maintain your spirit protection.”

Chu Mu was still able to endure the black Devil Fire of this degree.

Princess Jinrou nodded and smiled, “Does this count as you bringing me into the sea of flames?”

“Be serious, it may become dangerous,” said Chu Mu in a serious tone.

Princess Jinrou rolled her eyes, what a humorless guy!

Chu Mu created a spatial barrier to shield him and Princess Jinrou.

Chu Mu was somewhat resistant towards black Devil Fire. However, it did not mean wild black Devil Fire could not damage Chu Mu. If there were even stronger elements along this path, Chu Mu might not be unharmed.

After flying into the black Devil Fire path, a smoking hot aura bashed towards him, while his black Devil Fire appeared like returning to its home, spreading out to welcome the flame.

Chu Mu’s flying speed was very fast. After flying straight through this flame path, he felt he had reached deeper into Evil Temple.

The Evil Temple area here was different from the outer area. Most of the outer areas were black and cold walls, while black flame was burning in the ceiling here.

Cold rock surface beneath his feet, while a sea of black flame hung in the ceiling. There were occasionally clusters of black flame falling down, causing Chu Mu to dodge them cautiously.

“This feels like entering a starry sky with meteors raining down,” said Princess Jinrou creatively while hugging Chu Mu’s neck tightly.

Chu Mu was not so romantic, because the Devil Fire raining down could not be underestimated. If the remaining path would have to be completed in such condition, he was unsure if he could safely leave this place.

Hence, he could not enjoy watching the clusters of flame falling from the ceiling so leisurely like Princess Jinrou. He had to concentrate hard to dodge them all.

The remaining path was in such condition. As the frequency became higher, even the ground started to be covered in black Devil Fire.

Unknowingly, both the ceiling and ground became a sea of black Devil Fire. There were constantly meteor-like clusters of black Devil Fire constantly falling down.

“Should I help you block some of the flame?” asked Princess Jinrou as she watched Chu Mu weaving through the rain of black Devil Fire with some difficulty.

“No need. This Devil Fire will directly damage the soul. If you use your spirit barrier, the Devil Fire may directly burn your soul,” said Chu Mu.

He was more or less a high class Immortal rank Dual Evil Half Devil. Furthermore, his type was also fire, he was not so weak to be unable to endure in such an environment,

However, Chu Mu was a little confused. This Evil Temple’s black Devil Fire was really densely-packed now. Other than a Half Devil at his level, what other creatures could enter here??


Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew towards them from the front. Chu Mu was surprised to notice all the Devil Fire in the area clearly slanted!

Chu Mu unleashed his soul remembrance and immediately sensed a huge cluster of darkness and fire mixed energy!

Chu Mu continued to fly forward. After turning past a labyrinth corner, the space in front of Chu Mu was boundless darkness.

This place seemed to be the end of Evil Temple labyrinth, as well as the center of Evil Temple. The vast darkness seemed to be in a perfectly circular abyss with rumbling flame on top and pitch-black darkness below!

Meanwhile, in between the darkness and flame, there was an energy entity made up of flame and darkness!

It felt like facing a black sun directly, and Chu Mu was standing right under this burning flame filled with darkness aura.

The heat radiating from the energy felt even hotter than the rain of black Devil Fire before. Any creature that did not reach high class Immortal rank would definitely be reduced to ash after entering here.

Princess Jinrou already used her spirit barrier, but the high temperature still caused her to feel uncomfortable.

“What...... What is this?” Princess Jinrou raised her head and looked at the top of this black sun.

This huge energy entity was like a burning planet, destructive energy covered its entire surface. Chu Mu was already very strong, but his flame technique might only be on par with the flame tongue spat out by this energy entity.

Princess Jinrou knew that even though this entity looked right in front of them, they were still far away from it. It was only because this entity was too huge that it looked so close. If the flame covering it was red, it could even be treated as the sun.

“Black Sol?” At that moment, Old Li’s voice could be heard.

Since Old Li could recognize it, it definitely knew something. Chu Mu immediately asked Old Li to explain.

This Black Sol was really too astonishing. Chu Mu suspected whether he could endure the intense heat if flew to the surface of this entity. Even an evil existence like him might be burned to ash.

“Three layers of upper sky is ruled by Crimson Sol. The so-called Crimson Sol is the sun you can see, the source of energy for all creations. Meanwhile, the three layers of lower sky is ruled by Black Sol. The source of energy for all creations in the three layers of lower sky is this Black Sol,” said Old Li in a serious tone.

“Old Li, does that mean they represents sky and earth respectively?” asked Bai Jinrou.

“Yes, one is the heart of the sky, while the other is the heart of the earth. The energy they generate is absorbed by plants. With plants, other creatures start to manifest. They are the sources of the two worlds, and the sources of all life forms,” said Old Li.

“In that case, the Nightmare race should be born from this Black Sol?” asked Chu Mu.

“Then, is it possible that Nightmare is the first creature born in this world?”

Old Li thought through for a while and felt that this hypothesis might be true.

All creations relied on Black Sol and Crimson Sol. They existed first, then brought life to all creations. Black Nightmare was the highest bloodline in the Nightmare race, it might be the creature born from Black Soul’s element, darkness and space properties, then branched out into various subspecies of the Nightmare race.

“Chu Mu, you’re going to become the ancestor of the world,” Princess Jinrou giggled as she looked at the black Devil Fire on Chu Mu’s body.

Chu Mu never expected the Nightmare race to be the first creatures born in this world. If this was known by human researchers researching on soul pets, it would cause a huge upheaval!

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