Book 2 Chapter 159 - Same Species Devour, Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect

Chapter 159: Same Species Devour, Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect

The white clothed guard’s words were very cold, and they weren’t loud, but everyone inside the stone hall could hear them.

“You… what are you saying!!” suddenly, Chu Xian whose face was still hanging with tears, became angry. Her face was flushed red, and her red eyes glared at the white clothed guard!

“Hmph, you’re making a cynical remark. Saying that there will be one less threat evidently means you feel like you’re inferior to and are not Chu Mu’s opponent. You hope that he’ll disappear earlier. If you have the ability, then fight a battle with Chu Mu. I’ve never seen someone who doesn’t want to face a battle so much. What are you glaring for, aren’t the princess’ guards all outstanding?!” Chu Xi was also angry, and she had an arm on her waist while pointing and cursing the white clothed guard!

The gazes of the Chu Family youngsters cast over. They never expected Chu Xian and Chu Xi to be so courageous, criticizing the actions of the princess’ guard right in front of him.

“Are you two courting death?” the white clothed guard’s face instantly darkened, and his gaze coldly swept over Chu Xian and Chu Xi.

Chu Xian and Chu Xi simultaneously felt an imposing killing aura, and unexpectedly couldn’t help but step back a few steps.

“The two of you are so presumptuous. Why haven’t you apologized to Lu Donghe?!” Chu Ke saw Chu Xi and Chu Xian being like this, and he instantly berated them. He wanted to control this inharmonious atmosphere.

“Such a nasty person. Could it be that I shouldn’t scold him?!” Chu Xian was still submerged in the sorrow of Chu Mu, and she could not control her emotions. Why would she be bothered about what status this person had?

“Senior sister is right, this person should be scolded!” instantly said a Chu Family young member who entered the stone hall with Chu Xian.

Presently, a few other Chu Family disciples who had been saved by Chu Mu immediately came over. Perhaps they wouldn’t dare offend Princess Jin Rou, but that white clothed guard’s words were truly irritating. If Chu Mu hadn’t been so courageous and saved them, they fundamentally would not have been able to enter the stone hall alive. For a while, the five people were all staring at the white clothed guard, Lu Donghe.

Lu Donghe’s face grew more and more dark. His soul remembrance suddenly discharged, and he forcibly pressured these five people’s bodies. Using a killing intent, he used an imposing tone to say: “Five pieces of trash. Hmph, you want to die, eh?!”

Ye Qingzi’s brows creased. Although she didn’t want to become enemies with the princess’ guard, this fellow’s words really had been enraging. Promptly, she stood up...

However, just at this moment, Ye Qingzi felt the onslaught of an eminently cold and serene aura. Unexpectedly, she couldn’t help but let out a cold shiver!

Her soul remembrance condensing, Ye Qingzi’s gaze instantly followed to the origin of the cold aura. Yet, she shockingly discovered that Chu Mu’s whole body was displaying a faintly discernable cold devil flame. He stood there like a demon, behind the white clothed guard, Lu Donghe. Even the princess’ spirit master guard was unable to detect Chu Mu’s existence!

“The person who wants to die is you, eh?”

The ice cold sword-like voice rang out, and practically everyone felt the envelopment by a cold air!

The back of Lu Donghe’s body shivered, and his soul couldn’t help but tremble. He abruptly turned around, and he was unexpectedly so shocked that his face turned deathly white!

Although Chu Mu had already undone his half devil state, his body still had a few remnants of the violent devil flame. This flame was the white demonic devil flame that caused the soul pets of others to coldly shiver!

“Chu Mu!!”

“He didn’t die! He didn’t die!!”

“How is that possible? How did he survive the ninth phase monarch?!”

Cries of shock suddenly rang out in the silent great hall of the stone hall. Everyone’s gazes were fixated on the strange appearance of Chu Mu!

Chu Mu’s body still had remnants of the half devil’s effects. His pupils were totally different, and his tall and straight body were adhered with an indistinct cold flame.  Silently standing behind someone else, his abnormally evil stance gave others a feeling of arrogance and dignity seeping through his bones. That devilish nature was further displayed without restraint!

Everyone present was a young generation member. Where would they have seen a soul pet trainer exhibit such a mysterious and evil temperament? Therefore, when their gazes fell on Chu Mu, everyone was stunned by his posture.

Chu Mu’s hands slowly extended and from behind, he grasped the neck of the white clothed guard, Lu Donghe: “Let me see if you dare be rude to her again, and I’ll wring apart your neck!”

The terrifying cold intent spread from behind his neck to all over his body. The steel, pincer-like hands made Lu Donghe feel as if, as long as he had even the slightest intentions, his weak bones would be wrung apart. Such a feeling continued to remain even after Chu Mu released his hands.

Cold. Cold to the bones. Cold to the depths of his soul. Lu Donghe simply didn’t realize that Chu Mu would be so terrifying!

Lu Donghe could be certain that Chu Mu would kill him and moreover, he wouldn’t hesitate to do so!

Finally, under the pressure of death, Lu Donghe came to terms and panickedly retreated to the side. He was still in panic as he stood there and, for a while, his soul was still trembling...

Chu Mu…” seeing Chu Mu stand in front of her, Chu Xian’s emotions were like water bursting the dam. She unexpectedly threw herself into Chu Mu’s embrace and tightly held him.

Chu Mu held her and quietly comforted her, waiting for her to slowly adjust her emotions.

When Chu Mu comforted Chu Xian, many people stood around Chu Mu and used gazes of admiration and astonishment to look at Chu Mu!

A ninth phase monarch. Furthermore, he was in a situation where the sky was full of flying Heavenly Devil Insects. As a young generation person, Chu Mu was unexpectedly able to flee from the devilish clutches of death. This was too hard to believe!

Standing to the side, Princess Jin Rou who was indifferent about the things from earlier, was now extremely shocked. She really wanted to know how Chu Mu had escaped. Could it be because of the mysterious strength just displayed on his body? What on earth was that strength?

“Chu Mu, you are truly extraordinary. Quickly tell us how you escaped from the claws of the ninth phase monarch. Is it that you have another even more powerful main pet aside from the White Nightmare and the Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox? What is this main pet?” Chu Xi’s view of Chu Mu had completely changed. Her expression was that of adoration and love-struck. She was itching to throw herself into Chu Mu’s embrace like Chu Xian...

“I can’t tell you guys clearly in a short period of time. Let me rest first.” said Chu Mu.

These words of Chu Mu abruptly made Chu Xian discover Chu Mu’s body was full of blood stains. Strangely, when Chu Mu had outlandishly appeared, she hadn’t noticed it.

“My flower type healing and water type healing effects are very good. Allow me to help you?” said Chu Ke’s younger sister, Chu Xin.

The fight with the princess had already caused Chu Mu’s status to rise. It made several Great Chu Family young generation members exclaim in astonishment. Yet, during this Hibernating Desolation, Chu Mu’s heroic saving of the five Great Chu Family disciples then escaping a ninth phase monarch and a large group of Heavenly Devil Insects made everyone more feel more respect for him. Naturally, there would be people who wanted to get to know him.

Chu Mu glanced at the beautiful young lady of the Great Chu Family, but faintly laughed as he shook his head, saying: “Thank you. My friend’s healing abilities are very good. There’s no need to trouble you.”

Chu Xin opened her small mouth to say something, but after the good looking girl next to her whispered something into her ear, Chu Xin’s face flushed with a hard to see pink spot...

“I thought you were definitely dead…” seeing Chu Mu slowly walk over, Ye Qingzi maintained a calm tone of voice as she spoke to Chu Mu.

“Haha, I was lucky. I’d like to trouble young lady Ye to help heal me and my soul pets. I wouldn’t be at ease if it was someone else.” Chu Mu cracked a smile.

“Let’s go to the stone room. You can also rest.” said Ye Qingzi.

“Yes.” Chu Mu nodded his head and followed Ye Qingzi to the great hall and then into the stone room.

The stone room was very unique. It had a bed and a few simple decorations. It wasn’t very fancy, but neither was it very crude...

“My soul has been burned. Does young lady Ye have any healing methods for this?” asked Chu Mu.

“Call me Qingzi.” a light smile rose on Ye Qingzi’s face.

“Oh, ok.” nodded Chu Mu.

“Soul Water Heart has healing effects on your soul. Your body is also fully covered in wounds and bloodstains…” Ye Qingzi looked at Chu Mu.

The black clothes on Chu Mu were a bit shabby. Wounds were all over his body, and even his stomach was slightly caved in. It made Ye Qingzi feel as if this fellow had personally participated in some fight, otherwise, how could he be covered in so many wounds?

“You blocked many attacks for you soul pet, eh? With your condition… Chu Mu?” Ye Qingi was preparing medicine. She turned around, but discovered Chu Mu already lying on the bed with his eyes closed. His handsome face was abnormally tired and pale. There was even a trace of unwiped blood on his lips.

Seeing Chu Mu’s beaten appearance, Ye Qingzi helplessly shook her head. She then specially looked a few times at the sleeping Chu Mu. A bit of curiosity rose in her heart; she was curious as to how this man escaped from the ninth phase monarch’s attacks. Moreover, earlier, the stone hall had swayed a few times - did this have anything to do with him?



The area above the stone hall was covered in scorched corpses. These corpses were piled together and emitted a strange nauseating stench.

However, in the middle of this large pile of corpses was a short and tiny legged figure quickly moving about. It seemed to be searching for something.

“Haha, another soul crystal. These few will do. Whatever. I’ll count them again in a bit. That brat’s half devil state is truly terrifying. Even at this stage, he was able to annihilate nearly a thousand Heavenly Devil Insects. Following him really will yield a future. It really will yield a future.” Old Li cracked apart his large leopard cat mouth and let out a loud laugh.

Old Li had lived for hundreds of years. He was a soul pet without fighting strength, but he had his own hiding and fleeing abilities. It would be very hard for demon like him to attract the attention of these carnivorous Heavenly Devil Insect Corps. Presently, this fellow had taken advantage that the soul crystals the Heavenly Devil Insects hadn’t discovered and swept through the battlefield, collecting all the treasures.

“Huh? That ninth phase monarch?” buried amongst the corpse pile, Old Li’s two eyes lit up as he suddenly discovered the ninth phase monarch not too far away.

Presently, the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s numerous wings had been burned to nothingness, and its body was covered with burn marks. Clearly, it had been heavily wounded by the ninth rank Heavenly Flame Rite.

Yet, surrounding the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect, he found many high phased Six Winged HEavenly Devil Insects. These fellow were all greedily eying the wounded Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect. They were beginning to get restless.

“Same species devour. Interesting. Perhaps I’ll be able to steal soul cores and soul crystals here.” Old Li rubbed his hands together and let out a cunning expression.


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