Chapter 158: Ninth Rank Heavenly Flame, Thousand Bug’s Extinction! (2)

Chapter 158: Ninth Rank Heavenly Flame, Thousand Bug’s Extinction! (2)

Cold air spread to the nearby region like countless ice swords, passing straight through the nearby Heavenly Devil Bug’s body and piercing deep into their souls!

Raising up the proud devil fire with both his hands, Chu Mu started channeling the Heavenly Flame energy. The head of his pitch black hair stood on their ends, and he immediately transformed into an evil-infused crazed demon!


Mo Xie lifted her head and let out a stern foxcall. Demon fire evil flames and blood flames burned inside and out. The burning energy and Chu Mu’s ghostly soul devil fire occupied the space at the same time!!

Double royal flames - Heavenly Flame Rite!!

Under the effects of the double royal flames, the seventh rank fire type technique immediately raised to the eighth rank. Its powerful flame aura made even the restless Heavenly Devil Insects back off.

“White demonic devil fire - Heavenly Flame Rite!”

The White Nightmare also had the technique Heavenly Flame Rite. After morphing into a half-devil, Chu Mu also inherited all of the White Nightmare’s abilities, and with the addition of his soul master spirit, he could create an even stronger technique!

Seventh phase ninth stage half devil’s white demonic devil fire was even more powerful. When Mo Xie’s double royal flame Heavenly Flame Rite shot straight down through the Heavenly Devil Insect cloud, the white demonic demon flames fell almost simultaneously and completely coincided with Mo Xie’s Heavenly Flame Rite!

“Chong Mei - Heavenly Flame Rite!”

Chu Mu’s soul pet power power wasn’t assimilated by the half devil state. Chu Mu’s body was still full of soul power, and as long as he had soul power, Chu Mu could cast Chong Mei, overlaying the third layer of Heavenly Flame Rite!

Chu Mu’s Chong Mei imitating the Heavenly Flame Rite was almost the same strength as the half devil state Heavenly Devil Fire. This beam of fire was slightly slower than the first two beams, but it quickly combined with the two previous techniques!!

The sky pressured downwards as three vibrantly distinct flame pillars fell from the skies, like three overlaying meteors streaking down!

The dark skies were split in two. The moment the fire pillars landed, the thunder-like screeching noise suddenly disappeared, leaving the space silent!

“Hong long long long!!!!!!!!!!!”

Suddenly, an energy that could shake the Chu Mountain main mountain blew up on the stone palace, causing the entire unbelievably sturdy stone hall to sink. This castle-like structure then experienced massive shaking and even had cracks manifesting!!


In the next moment, three glorious and majestic fire dragons rolled their flame bodies and, as if raising their heads to roar, they raged upwards!!

Countless Heavenly Devil Insects gathered like black clouds. The flames on the three fire dragons danced wantonly. Three differently coloured radiances led by the white demonic devoured the entire Heavenly Devil Insect crowd, including the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect!!

The firelight was eye-piercing, burning the entire space. The fire type technique that completely reached the ninth rank had transformed into the most terrifying energy for destruction, frantically burning away at the cloud of Heavenly Devil Insects’ bodies!

White devil flames, red flames, blood red fire, the three flame dragons’ power stirred the entire Chu Mountain mountain range. The burning fires even completely burned through the black cloud made by thousands of Heavenly Devil Insects, as if the flames from a blazing sun, dispersed all the darkness!

The Heavenly Flame Rite’s flame dragon effects had a very powerful fire transmitting power. The thousands of Heavenly Devil Insects were gathered together, so when the three almost overlayed fire dragons rolled into them, it spread crazily…...

The fire dragon’s attack range wasn’t very far, incapable of covering the thousands of Heavenly Devil Insects, but with the inflamed bodies of Heavenly Devil Insects frantically moving about, to escape the technique’s range, the flames spread even faster, and burned a massive area…...

The dazzling flames burned within the darkened skies, creating both hot and cold auras at the same time. The burning of body and soul was expanded as the fires were spread further and further. More and more Heavenly Devil Insects were rolled into the terrifying tongues of flames.

A thick burnt scent wafted through the air. Firelight revealed Chu Mu’s slightly pale face.

Chu Mu stood on the stone hall. The first burnt Heavenly Devil Insect corpse fell from the skies, landing in front of Chu Mu.

The next moment, two more disfigured Heavenly Devil Insects fell…...

Following that, more and more bodies started falling, like a flaming storm that streaked across the dark night sky, and densely impacted the stone hall and the cliffs near Chu Mountain. Immediately, in a hundred meter radius from the stone hall were wavering flames and the disgusting scent of burnt insect corpses.

An entire Heavenly Devil Insect group, containing almost a thousand Heavenly Devil Insects, had all been burnt to a crisp under one technique. How shocking was such a scene? Maybe even Chu Mu didn’t expect for the ninth rank Heavenly Flame Rite to create such a frenzied spreading effect, killing almost a thousand closely grouped Heavenly Devil Insects!


Suddenly, a massive, half-dead body slammed into the roof of the stone hall, creating a massive bang.

Chu Mu’s gaze went through the mountains of corpses and was surprised to find that it was the ninth phase Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect!

Having been affected by the toxicity, the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s defense had dropped below the ninth rank. This time, Chu Mu’s Heavenly Flame Rite was already stronger than the original ninth rank technique, and it was cast towards this ninth phase monarch, but still, Chu Mu didn’t expect for the ninth phase monarch to get mortally wounded by his Heavenly Flame Rite!

“Young master, quickly, hide. This act of yours has attracted the entire Heavenly Devil Insect army, look!” Old Li’s voice suddenly transmitted over.

Chu Mu lifted his head. As more corpses fell, the flaming clouds in the sky slowly faded and the terrifying bug type aura again started covering everything…...

The Heavenly Devil Insect’s army was countable in the tens of thousands. Chu Mu’s ninth rank Heavenly Flame Rite had only killed the vanguard of the Heavenly Devil Insect army, which were all low phase and rank Heavenly Devil Insects. The real scary Heavenly Devil Insect army was still hovering in higher skies above the black cloud!

Suddenly, the black sky collapsed downwards and a terrifying bug clan hurricane started, unrooting the structures near the stone hall!!

The sky fell. Clearly, this was the true Heavenly Devil Insect army diving downwards. The murky mass gave Chu Mu an unprecedented pressure!

At the front of the entire army, a massive black organism broke through the air like a dark meteor, creating flames with air friction alone as it fell. Just as Chu Mu was about to retract his gaze, he was shocked to see that this organism had ten meat wings, as if the black clouds were draping downwards!

Ten winged Heavenly Devil Insect!!!!

A massive tidal wave started in his heart, causing Chu Mu’s entire body to shiver!!

Chu Mu could feel himself getting locked onto. WIth over hundreds of meters between them, it felt as if it only needed a blink of an eye to catch up!

“Mo Xie, Night!”

At this time, how could Chu Mu still dare to neglect it? He quickly retracted Mo Xie and Ye into his soul pet space and leapt straight towards the cliff behind the stone halls!!

The pressure got closer and closer, and Chu Mu started having trouble breathing!

The aura of the Ten Winged Heavenly Devil Insect had already enveloped Chu Mu, causing Chu Mu’s very soul to shiver.

Dropping about thirty meters, Chu Mu finally saw the little door spoken of. Casting Devil Phantom, Chu Mu dashed into the small door that was only able to fit one person entering sideways!!

Though it was said to be a small door, Chu Mu could tell it was completely used as an airway. Chu Mu wasn’t fat, but even then, he felt tight pressed passing through.


Almost at the same time Chu Mu passed through the tiny door, a loud song erupted. Everything behind the stone hall shattered into powder. The energy was only a rock wall away from reaching Chu Mu!

Looking back, Chu Mu could see that, between the powdered rock, he could see the arm, strong like steel, of the massive organism!

Chu Mu knew the organism’s scariness, so he didn’t linger and immediately followed the narrow staircase deeper into the stone hall!

The stone hall were very sturdy. From the outer layer to the inner area was at least thirty more meters. The hall was completely built by emptying out the mountain and sculpting it. Unless it could destroy the entire Chu Mountain main peak, it was impossible to truly hurt the people inside.

Once he reached the safe haven, Chu Mu’s heart was still pounding incredibly, and cold sweat flowed down his neck. This time was truly too close. One had to know that the organism outside was a Ten Winged Heavenly Devil Insect, not inferior to the terrifying presence of the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor!

This was the first time Chu Mu that had seen such a scene, and the terrifying nature of the Heavenly Devil Insect had left an inerasable mark in Chu Mu’s mind.

Chu Mu’s mental state had also changed a little in this experience of life and death.



“Long long long~~~~~~”

Within the stone hall, one could clearly feel the shaking from outside, so everyone’s faces weren’t exactly happy. After all, a power able to shake the entire stone hall was definitely at the ninth rank, meaning there was a very powerful Heavenly Devil Insect outside!

“Did Chu Mu not come in?” Princess Jin Rou’s eyes swept over and suddenly noticed Chu Mu was no longer beside Ye Qingzi and asked.

Princess Jin Rou had been escorted into the stone hall before, so she didn’t know of the things that happened after. In the hall, she was still healing her own soul pets. Only after she managed to have their wounds under control did she notice that Chu Mu wasn’t there with everyone.

“Princess Jin Rou, it was like this……” Chu Ke, who was always by the Princess’s side, immediately approximately described what happened before.

“He went to lure the ninth phase Heavenly Devil Insect monarch and didn’t come back in time?” Princess Jin Rou heard this and also felt lingering fear. She didn’t expect Chu Mu to be this daring, provoking the honor of a ninth phase monarch.

How scary was a ninth phase Heavenly Devil Insect monarch? Even she herself didn’t dare to easily provoke it, and there were still countless Heavenly Devil Insects nearby too. Didn’t this mean Chu Mu must be dead?

“Incorrigible. Thinking he’s invincible. This is fine, we’ve lost ourselves a threat.” The white clothed guard beside Princess Jin Rou said with an apathetic tone.


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