Chapter 157: Ninth Rank Heavenly Flame, Thousand Insect Obliteration! (1)

Chapter 157: Ninth Rank Heavenly Flame, Thousand Insect Obliteration! (1)

“Wu wu wu~~~~~~”

Mo Xie’s nine majestic tails ferociously swung, knocking those dozen weak and small Double Winged Heavenly Devil Insects bothering her flying. After freeing herself, Mo Xie immediately began to run...

Chu Mu’s body was falling, and it happened to land on the running body of Mo Xie. Using the time the ninth phase monarch was assembling its body, he had Mo Xie directly run to the stone hall.

Chu Mu was currently a seventh phase ninth stage half devil. Perhaps he had a larger advantage when it came to rank and strength, but it would still be extremely hard to contend against a ninth phase monarch. Moreover, the surrounding environment was a field of black, like a black cloud pressing down. Increasingly many Heavenly Devil Insects were gathering, and if he didn’t leave, Chu Mu really would be buried here.

“Gezhi Gezhi Gezhi!!!!”

The Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect was clearly angry. Its two red eyes once more shot out a red colored insect light that extremely accurately shot towards the running Mo Xie.

Chu Mu turned around, and his pair of flickering white devil flame eyes began circulating an evil lustre. The devil eyes then transformed into two pale white sinister light beams that crashed into the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s corroding insect light!

The white colored halo mixed with the red colored halo. It was like a white and red colored liquid splashing together in midair and, of the two Heavenly Devil Insects flying through this area, one was instantly ignited by a white flame and transformed into ashes. The other fused into the red light halo and ceased to exist...

“Continue running!” Chu Mu said to Mo Xie.

“Wu wu~~~~~”

Mo Xie’s speed was extremely quick. As the ninth phase monarch chased, she had already run two hundred meters, and was getting close to the stone hall.

After running fifty meters, a large mass of black colored flesh wing appeared in front. In these flesh wings one could faintly make out the thick bug armor of Heavenly Devil Insects. It was a dozen Heavenly Devil Insects cutting them off in front!

“Mo Xie, Illusion Royal Flame Claw!”

Chu Mu decisively jumped off of Mo Xie’s body. He left the front end for Mo Xie and, as he followed Mo Xie’s movements, his hand swept through the air, instantly ripping open a spatial crack of white colored devil flames!

The devil flames crack reached ten meters long, and was like a mural being ripped apart by a blaze as it flew towards the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s flying trajectory!

The Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s eight arms danced about, and they fiercely chopped at the undodgeable devil flame fissure. The energy form devil flame fissure was unexpectedly instantly chopped into many pieces. The ripping force immediately became non-existent, but this technique could be considered to have caused a slight obstruction to the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect...

Ahead, Mo Xie lept up, and her body rapidly transformed into four; the sixth level soul claw was attached to her claws!

Royal Flame Claw!!!

Four claw blades flitted through the air. The long, Royal Flame Claw marked as eighth rank in might instantly killed eight different phase and ranked Heavenly Devil Insects. The corpses were set on fire, and they gently fell down from the location where Mo Xie swept past in her Flame Dance tracks!

The nine tails dispersed, and each majestic long tail was like a lock that firmly held back a Heavenly Devil Insect’s body!

The strength of Mo Xie’s tails was even stronger than her claws. Especially when attaching the full form offensive soul armor’s affects, the bone-wrenching’s might had reached the eighth rank!

“Ge Ge Ge Ge!!!!!!!”

The Nine Heavenly Devil Insects instantly had their insect armor and skeleton broken by Mo Xie’s nine tails. Their bodies became warped as they were promptly thrown away at those assaulting Heavenly Devil Insects flying from all four sides.

“Go up.” Chu Mu used Devil Phantom, but was still unable to keep up with Mo Xie’s speed. Seeing the stone hall approach, Chu Mu immediately spoke to Mo Xie.

The Heavenly Devil Insects had already been eradicated in front, and Mo Xie’s Flame Dance was used. Carrying long flying flames, she jumped up to the twenty meter high stone hall.

“Night, help Mo Xie!” Chu Mu quickly chanted an incantation, summoning the unobstructed moving at night Night Thunder Dream Beast in front of him.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast ran out of the pattern that melded into the black night. It rapidly jumped next to Mo Xie, and its black eyes used Dream Underworld!!

Mo Xie continuously changed locations above the expansive stone hall, dodging diving attacks of the dozen encircling Heavenly Devil Insects.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast ran past, and as the dreaming waves of Dream Underworld were dispersed, they immediately caused over half the Heavenly Devil Insects to enter a sleep. These sleeping Heavenly Devil Insects instantly fell from the air.

Once Mo Xie and the Night Thunder Dream Beast disposed of the Heavenly Devil Insects above the stone hall, Chu Mu promptly followed the flaming tracks from Mo Xie, and he floated above the stone hall.

However, just as he flew halfway up, a black figure knocked straight towards Chu Mu. Its speed was extremely quick, and it rendered Chu Mu unable to dodge!!

A bone crunching force caused Chu Mu to feel severe pain. In the next moment, his body was knocked by the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect into the thick stone wall!!

The stone hall’s thickness was nearly ten meters and further divided into several levels. Each level was constructed by incomparably hard rock and could resist an eighth rank’s attack. However, the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s charge caused Chu Mu to crash and fall into a deep part of the wall, disintegrating a large part of the stone wall!!

The water screen battle armor’s effects had already disappeared. The sixth level soul armor and half devil skin allowed Chu Mu’s defense to reach the eighth stage, but the ninth phase monarch’s attack still made Chu Mu feel a pain as if his internal organs were being ruptured. It was as if his devil fire molded body was unexpectedly caving in.

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!”


Mo Xie and Night simultaneously discovered Chu Mu’s crisis, and they instantly jumped down from the stone hall. Mo Xie’s nine tails quickly transformed into iron ropes. Eight of the tails rapidly held still the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s eight flesh wings, while the other halted its body.

“Wu wu wu wu!!” Mo Xie firmly held the ground, and forcibly pulled the ultra strong ninth phase monarch up!!

Mo Xie’s nine tails could be both hard and soft. The ninth phase monarch’s strength was extremely terrifying, and if Mo Xie was still in her six tail form, her tails would definitely be torn off. However, the nine tails were the strongest offensive weapon of a Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox. In its soft form, without a ninth rank in strength, it was practically impossible to rip them apart.

The ninth phase monarch of the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect had its wings firmly restricted. For a moment, it was unable to exhibit its explosive ninth rank strength, and it was forcibly lifted up by Mo Xie’s nine tails before being resolutely smashed into the stone hall’s steps by her!!


The stone steps were instantaneously smashed. The Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s body armor was exceptionally high, and Mo Xie’s Nine Tailed Mallet didn’t deal it any real damage. It barely managed to shake it up a bit!

“Night, Lightning Chain.”

Having been saved, Chu Mu had no time to rejoice. He swept his eyes over the surrounding group of Heavenly Devil Insects, and he immediately spoke to the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

“Hui~~~~~” lightning flashed between the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s horns, rapidly completing the brewing of lightning.

“Pi!!!!!!!” five long chains of lightning carrying the strength of darkness struck down. Four of them accurately hit four Heavenly Devil Insects, and moreover transformed them into conductors of the lightning chain, causing that group of Two winged Heavenly Devil Insects to be completely paralyzed and successively fall from the air to the ground.

“Mo Xie, leave!” Chu Mu swallowed a mouthful of blood back down and instantly jumped onto Mo Xie.

Mo Xie also knew that the ninth phase monarch was hard to deal with. She once more used Flame Dance and jumped on top of the stone hall!

“Night, Night Dance. Mo Xie, Instant Assault. Run at full speed!”

Chu Mu immediately gave his two soul pets an order.

The Heavenly Devil Insect’s perceptive abilities were not strong. After the Night Thunder Dream Beast ran into the black night, these Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insects practically could not find it.

Mo Xie used her absolute speed and ceaselessly changed speeds. She jumped, moved to the side, and dodged the torrential hail of Heavenly Devil Insect techniques on the very top of the stone hall!

White demonic devil flames swept up, dual royal flames burned, and dreamland was used!

Without the impedance of the ninth phase monarch, Chu Mu and the two soul pets would be able to charge out of the Heavenly Devil Insect’s siege. They saw that the abruptly falling cliff in front of them had already neared, but the black sinister flesh wings had charged over again, giving Chu Mu practically no path to travel.

“Mo Xie, Devil Pupil Demonic Scare!”

Mo Xie’s mental strength was still very full. Her two silver pupils released a powerful mental wave that overlayed Chu Mu’s soul remembrance effect and instantly entered the pupils of two seventh phase Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insects.

Mind Control!

The two Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s blood red eyes immediately lost color. Six arms brandished about, promptly grabbing a few smaller in stature Heavenly Devil insects and directly biting them to death!

“Have your fox control the Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insects to use their wing bones to stab the back of the Heavenly Devil Insect monarch’s neck. That’s the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s weakest area!” suddenly, Old Li’s voice transmitted through Chu Mu’s mental world.

Chu Mu swept his gaze over Old Li hiding in some crevice in the stone hall. He was unable to scold that unvirtuous fellow who had earlier fled from his soul capture ring, and promptly had Mo Xie follow Old Li’s words to mind control.

The only thing in the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s eyes right now were Chu Mu and Mo Xie, who had made it incomparably angry, and it was currently chasing them. How would it expect that two Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insects were being controlled by Mo Xie...

The two Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insects simultaneously extended their extremely poisonous wing spurs and fiercely stabbed them into the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s body!

Numerous soul pets had poison immunity towards same species soul pets. The Heavenly Devil Insect happened to be one of the few that didn’t have immunity, and after the Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s spurs stabbed into the ninth phase monarch, the red colored poison instantly spread through its black body.

The Eight winged Heavenly Devil Insect let out a painful cry. Every four of its arms respectively grabbed a Six winged Heavenly Devil. After angrily crying out, it ripped these two seventh phase Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect into pieces - blood and flesh splattered everywhere!

“The Heavenly Devil Insect’s poison will cause very great harm to the Heavenly Devil Insect’s body defense. Its monarch defense will definitely fall below the ninth rank, and its life force will weaken… however, it’s still best to flee…” Old Li’s voice transmitted over and was very close to the top of the stone hall, one could see a short figure flash by. Its speed was unexpectedly still much above Mo Xie’s!

Chu Mu didn’t have the time to pay attention to this old fellow. He swept his eyes over the cloud of congregating Heavenly Devil Insect Corpse above him. Then, he looked at the ninth phase monarch continuing to chase him.

There wasn’t even a distance of fifty meters, and as long as he could charge over and jump down, he would definitely see the stone halls small entrance. However, under the terrifying pressure of the near thousand commander rank and under Heavenly Devil Insects, he would probably still be slightly slower. Yet, if he was slower, in front of the near thousand Heavenly Devil Insects and the ninth phase monarch, Chu Mu and his soul pets would definitely die.

At a time of life or death, Chu Mu forcibly had himself maintain calm. In the next instant, Chu Mu closed his eyes and chanted an incantation!

“Mo Xie, Heavenly Flame Rite!!”

Chu Mu spoke to Mo Xie with unwavering determination. His two eyes abruptly shot open, and suddenly, an even more violent white demonic devil flame burned in his pupils!!


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