Chapter 1562: Yellow Spring Vs Bixi (2)

Splash! Splash! Splash!

The waves were constantly splashing up from struggling slaps.

Giant Tortoise Bixi had to exert a great force to lift its limbs and move its body. Weight sigils were applied to all parts of its body, it could not exert its strength no matter how strong it was.

It could not swing its limbs to get rid of those heavy water sigils. However, those water sigils could not be destroyed using normal brute strength.

Little Yellow Spring Calamity knew it was time to continue its attacks. Its agile body dove straight into the ocean and rapidly swam in the ocean.

Soon, little Yellow Spring appeared near Giant Tortoise Bixi. Its body was in the ocean and easily evaded a slow attack from Giant Tortoise Bixi.

It circled around Giant Tortoise Bixi and began swimming in circles with Bixi as the center.

Little Yellow Spring Calamity’s swimming speed was extremely fast. Its tail stirred up the water and gradually generated a huge water funnel below Giant Tortoise Bixi!

Water funnel began sinking, dragging Giant Tortoise Bixi down. In an instant, a gap without any water appeared in the ocean.


Suddenly, the forces blocking the water disappeared. The surrounding water turned into ferocious monsters and swarmed into this gap.

The power of water could not be neglected. Using millions of tons of water to bombard a single spot could destroy a city.

Giant Tortoise Bixi was currently at the center of this funnel. Its body was restricted by water sigils, and the surrounding water slammed down onto its body. No matter how strong its defense was, it could not completely endure this impact and shockwave.


It felt like the ocean instantly caved in. Giant Tortoise Bixi’s body severely dented under the pressure of this force. Its robust body was just like a duckweed under the pressure of millions of tons of water, getting tumbled around by the currents.

This time, little Yellow Spring learned the lesson. It did not give Giant Tortoise Bixi any chance to recover. When Giant Tortoise Bixi was unable to fight back while getting crashed by the surrounding water, its body transformed into a crimson yellowish lightning and drilled through Giant Tortoise Bixi’s body!

This attack was extremely fatal. The attack pierced through Giant Tortoise Bixi’s chest area near the heart. If the force was a little bit stronger, the attack might destroy Giant Tortoise Bixi’s heart.

Giant Tortoise struggled for a long time before finally stabilizing itself. There were countless bruises and dents on its rock-like muscle. Its furious aura was also greatly weakened. A horrifying blood hole opened up near its chest and spewed out blood profusely.

Giant Tortoise Bixi’s pupils turned bloodshot. It randomly picked up an ice stone and stuffed it into the hole at its chest to forcefully stop the bleeding. It did not show any pained expression.

The effect of water sigils gradually faded away at this moment. Giant Tortoise Bixi violently shifted its body. The surrounding water became a huge turtle soul shadow around it!

This huge turtle soul shadow completely enveloped Giant Tortoise Bixi inside. It also grew spikes on its shell area!


Giant Tortoise Bixi pounced forward, breaking through the entire ocean and crashed towards little Yellow Spring Calamity along with its defense and shell spikes!

Little Yellow Spring Calamity kept shifting its position, but no matter how it shifted, it seemed to be locked on by Giant Tortoise Bixi and would always be facing the approaching crash!


Giant Tortoise Bixi turned into a huge rolling thunder and charged past little Yellow Spring Calamity.

Little Yellow Spring Calamity broke free from Giant Tortoise Bixi’s lock on at the last moment and barely dodged this charge. However, its flank still suffered a long cut by the shell spikes on that soul shadow.


Giant Tortoise Bixi’s body slammed onto land out of momentum. That area was a high rising cliff high ground.

Dust was swept up and the high ground collapsed. A disastrous earthquake was generated and spread inland. Windy Rain City’s buildings and streets also cracked open!

Chu Mu took a glance at the land. This Giant Tortoise was totally a war machine. If that attack hit Windy Rain City directly, this city would have been completely destroyed.

Chu Mu must never fight Giant Tortoise Bixi on land. He let little Yellow Spring Calamity lure Giant Tortoise Bixi towards the ocean.

Giant Tortoise Bixi was so enraged it only focused on little Yellow Spring. It wanted to use its claws and tear little Yellow Spring Calamity into two.

However, little Yellow Spring Calamity was too aile. Not only did it possess the streamline figure of a water dragon, it also possessed the explosive strength of a unicorn. Giant Tortoise Bixi pounced into the ocean a few times, but could not even touch little Yellow Spring’s tail. It suffered from a series of water type technique counterattacks from little Yellow Spring Calamity instead.

Not only was Giant Tortoise Bixi frustrated and enraged, Wupan Navy’s vice chief Tie Jun became furious long ago. His was losing his rationality.


“Tie Jun, stop bothering about that Yellow Spring, return now!” Suddenly, Wupan Navy’s tactician Ning An’s mental voice was transmitted into Tie Jun’s ears.

“I must kill him!” said Tie Jun furiously.

“We suffered a heavy loss. If you continue fighting it, are you going to watch the entire army sink here??” reprimanded Ning An.

Vice chief Tie Jun was startled for a moment. His bloodshot eyes regained a trace of calmness and rationality at this moment.

He used his soul remembrance to check the battlefield at Wupan Navy and was shocked to realize the devastating state of the entire Wupan Navy.

Countless Ocean Iguana Demons crossed between shipwrecks, strong Ice Demon Sharks froze the soul pets of the crews, unknown ocean monsters flipped the ships, even the Freedom Wing army members were getting dragged into the ocean by tentacles.

Wreckages, corpses, blood, fallen flags......

After vice chief Tie Jun witnessed such a scene, he could not believe his eyes.

Even if his 90,000 strong Wupan Navy suffered from the Immortal seventh rank tsunami, the entire navy should still possess a decent fighting strength. How could they end up in such a state when he charged towards the enemy alone??

Where did that large number of powerful Ocean Iguana Demons come from? Who was controlling those ferocious Ice Demon Sharks? Why did countless ocean creatures and monsters gather here as if they had been waiting for Wupan Navy?

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