Chapter 1561: Yellow Spring Vs Bixi (1)


Yellow Spring raised its head and spat out a thick mist.

The mist quickly ascended into the sky and turned into rain clouds. One could see the rain clouds rapidly condensing towards this area.

The sky immediately became dark, the clouds pressed down so low they almost touched the flagpole on Windy Rain City’s stronghold.


A thunderbolt exploded. In an instant, like a dam opening up, rain poured down from the sky.

The ocean started churning by the downpour. The entire ocean surface rose up by a layer. The newly added water was controlled by Yellow Spring Calamity. Gradually, the overall control of the ocean leaned towards Yellow Spring Calamity.

Giant Tortoise Bixi’s water property was not its strongest property. It was clearly no match for Yellow Spring in terms of ocean control. Soon, the tide turned into little Yellow Spring’s power. The swarming waves sometimes turned into rampaging beasts, sometimes turned into flexible water dragons, circling around Giant Tortoise Bixi. The waves would sometimes revolve rapidly and forcefully pulled Giant Tortoise Bixi into the ocean.

Giant Tortoise Bixi no longer competed for control over the ocean. Its body suddenly laid flat onto the ocean surface, letting its huge tortoise shell float completely above water.

Suddenly, the ocean split open in a straight line. Giant Tortoise Bixi’s body furiously shot towards Yellow Spring Calamity!

It was difficult to imagine such a huge creature charging forward with such speed.

Little Yellow Spring was agile both in water and in air. It twisted its body and evaded Giant Tortoise Bixi’s charge.


Raising its head, little Yellow Spring chanted an incantation. It manipulated a water dragon and crashed into Giant Tortoise Bixi’s abdomen!

The dark blue water dragon slammed heavily onto Giant Tortoise Bixi’s solid body, pushing it towards the rain cloud layer.

Little Yellow Spring looked up at Giant Tortoise Bixi which was flung high into the air. Its pupils changed again and reflected the rampaging ocean’s image.

Within the dark rain clouds, water pillars shot out, piercing through the clouds into the black-colored ocean beneath, forming a sky connecting pillar in the literal sense.

The water pillars were clearly visible and scattered around the space Giant Tortoise Bixi was in patternlessly.

Suddenly, all the water pillars rippled and bent into a water diagram in the air!

Chu Mu did not know what techniques little Yellow Spring had. Seeing the water diagram, he was also a little confused.

This diagram seemed different from formations. There was no energy fluctuation.In a normal situation, such a large water diagram would definitely contain a huge energy fluctuation.

Little Yellow Spring took a glance at Chu Mu, as if telling him to watch the show.

Chu Mu looked at the sky incomprehensibly. Giant Tortoise Bixi could not struggle free from the restraint of the water diagram for the moment. Meanwhile, the downpour suddenly stopped!


All of a sudden, a silhouette even larger than Giant Tortoise Bixi appeared above the water diagram!

This was an elemental body completely made of water. Its majestic head, robust body and limbs belonged to none other than a Giant Ocean Unicorn!

The Giant Ocean Unicorn crashed down from the sky and stomped onto Giant Tortoise Bixi’s shell with its powerful body.

Giant Tortoise Bixi’s body sank down a little. The Giant Ocean Unicorn which stomped onto its shell also turned back into water and flowed down into the ocean.

However, the moment that astonishing scene was over, an even larger Giant Ocean Unicorn took shape above the water diagram. Giant Tortoise Bixi suffered another stomp on its shell!


Almost everyone could hear the loud denting sound from Giant Tortoise Bixi’s shell!

The third Giant Ocean Unicorn appeared, and once again stomped onto Giant Tortoise Bixi......

Following the cycle, there were a total of seven Giant Ocean Unicorns created from water. They continuously stomped onto Giant Tortoise Bixi’s back. Each stomp generated a loud boom!

Watching these majestic unicorn soul shadows stomping, Chu Mu suddenly realized.

The water diagram was just a guiding formation. It gathered the power of water towards the diagram and shaped it into the terrifying Giant Ocean Unicorns to execute a destructive stomp. Each time the unicorn appeared, Chu Mu could see the ocean surface level suddenly falling. Little Yellow Spring pulled tons of water to stomp Giant Tortoise Bixi’s back.

Giant Tortoise Bixi was flung into the air by little Yellow Spring Calamity, then stomped all the way to the bottom of the ocean by those unicorn soul shadows.

Water dragon and unicorn, Yellow Spring’s technique clearly explained its bloodline!

“Ni~! Ni~!”

Little Yellow Spring Calamy noticed Giant Tortoise Bixi was stomped to the bottom of the ocean and immediately cheered.

“Don’t let your guard down before the battle is over, and don’t give your enemy any chance to recover,” reminded Chu Mu as he stood on little Yellow Spring Calamity’s back.

Little Yellow Spring was very strong. Furthermore, from the techniques and control over the ocean just now, he could tell that this fellow was almost invincible in an ocean battlefield. This was probably the reason mermaid princess Lan Qie wanted to borrow little Yellow Spring’s strength to take on Calamity Ocean Demon.

With little Yellow Spring Calamity’s powerful control over the ocean region, even a creature on the level of Calamity Ocean Demon might not be able to do anything.

Although little Yellow Spring was strong, its fighting method was not thorough.

The current enemy they faced was Wupan Navy’s vice chief Tie Jun, not those ocean rulers which could tolerate little Yellow Spring. This habit of relaxing after gaining an advantage was bad, Chu Mu had to correct it.

Little Yellow Spring seemed to be obedient and did not just play around with its opponent. It began chanting another incantation......


Suddenly, a loud noise came from the bottom of the ocean. A powerful underwater current shot out from the water and squarely hit little Yellow Spring Calamity’s body. Little Yellow Spring was still chanting and did not take any defensive measure, so it was knocked away by the current.

The moment little Yellow Spring was hit, Chu Mu reacted instantly. He cast a buffering space along the path little Yellow Spring was flung to and helped little Yellow Spring Calamity to ease the impact of this attack.

Little Yellow Spring Calamity was pushed back onto the land and dragged out a long trench on the reef shore.


Little Yellow Spring spat out a little blood and cried sharply out of frustration!

“Calm down, don’t lose your temper,” Chu Mu consoled little Yellow Spring.

Wupan Navy’s vice chief Tie Jun was a human leader after all. He was a real general above the ocean who experienced countless battles. They had to remain calm when facing such an enemy. If the opponent grasped the chance due to their carelessness, the situation would turn around.

Chu Mu did not know what techniques or abilities little Yellow Spring Calamity possessed. He only had a rough estimation of its strength. He could only teach little Yellow Spring how to maintain a stable and calm attitude when fighting. Otherwise, with the experience from Tie Jun and Giant Tortoise Bixi, they would definitely find the weakness of little Yellow Spring Calamity and suppress it.

“Young master, Yellow Spring is the irrefutable ruler of water. Giant Tortoise possessed the powerful body of huge ocean beasts. It has a solid defense and immense strength. Don’t ever let little Yellow Spring clash head on with Giant Tortoise Bixi. There’s no chance of winning. This little Yellow Spring Calamity’s temper is very stubborn, young master has to teach it the ideals of battle patiently,” Old Li’s voice entered his ear.

“Yes,” Chu Mu nodded. He already had a rough method to take on Giant Tortoise Bixi. It was up to whether little Yellow Spring Calamity could cooperate well with him.

The cooperation between soul pet and soul pet trainer required training. Chu Mu just signed the soul pact with little Yellow Spring Calamity, this cooperation was almost non-existent. If little Yellow Spring’s cooperation with Chu Mu could reach Mo Xie’s level, Chu Mu felt that with Yellow Spring’s powerful property and bloodline, it would be very easy to finish off Giant Tortoise Bixi.

Chu Mu stroked little Yellow Spring’s unicorn and appeased the frustration and anxiety in its heart.

Hearing Chu Mu’s persuasion, little Yellow Spring gradually calmed down and no longer intended to clash head on against Giant Tortoise Bixi.

“Do you have any restriction ability, like the whirlpool before?” asked Chu Mu.

Little Yellow Spring Calamity nodded and understood Chu Mu’s intention. It began chanting an incantation on the spot.

The ocean was little Yellow Spring’s weapon after all. When it began chanting, Chu Mu saw some water sigils slowly floating up from the rampaging ocean.

These water sigils were a little similar to the water shield created by mermaid princess. What was different was that those water sigils did not become a thick shield, but floated around Giant Tortoise Bixi like feathers.

Chu Mu looked at those tiny water sigils and became confused again.

What was this technique?

“Young master, these water sigils are restraints. One sigil is similar to the weight of ten thousand tons of water. Giant Tortoise Bixi’s physique is huge, so its mobility is not as agile as little Yellow Spring. After applying these water sigils onto it, it’s the same as adding an extremely heavy weight on Giant Tortoise Bixi!” Old Li immediately explained to Chu Mu with the information he obtained from somewhere.

Chu Mu’s eyes brightened up. This kind of burdening technique usually lasted longer than temporary restriction technique, and it would be difficult to break the technique. If Giant Tortoise Bixi had to shoulder the heavy water sigils throughout the battle, it would never be able to touch little Yellow Spring at all!

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