Chapter 1560: New Soul Pet Yellow Spring, Leader Chu Mu!

“What is he doing? Soul pact light??” Tie Jun stared at Chu Mu on Giant Tortoise Bixi’s shoulder.

The soul pact light was very bright and unique with starry light sigils and special diagrams. When Chu Mu chanted the entire soul pact incantation, Tie Jun was even more certain Chu Mu was intending to sign a soul pact with that Yellow Spring!

What a joke! Signing a soul pact on the battlefield?

Furthermore, they were seriously looking down on him!

Tie Jun sneered coldly. Although that Yellow Spring was a little strange, it was a high class Immortal.

Yellow Spring was a race even more arrogant than his Giant Tortoise Bixi. It was almost impossible for them to sign a soul pact with a human. Tie Jun looked at Chu Mu’s action and felt it was ridiculous.

The starry light pulsed around little Yellow Spring. This meant little Yellow Spring was struggling mentally to some extent.

It did not completely reject Chu Mu’s soul pact. If that happened, the starry light would be shattered immediately. However, it did not accept this soul pact directly, because the soul pact light did not brand its forehead or soul.

During the process of the pulsing light, Chu Mu’s nervous heart was beating with the same frequency.

This was a high class Immortal rank soul pet. Owning it meant Chu Mu would be officially entering the realm of human leader rank.

In this world, there was probably nobody who could actually sign a soul pact with a high class Immortal rank soul pet directly. There was also nobody who could own two creatures from Undying Legends.

If he succeeded, not only would his strength jump a level, he would also accomplish all the targets he set on his path of soul pet trainer.

Chu Mu’s soul pact was almost full. This might be his last soul pet, could he succeed?

The pulsing light brightened and dimmed. Little Yellow Spring’s eyes were also a little confused and hesitant. Chu Mu could not determine whether this soul pact would be completed or not from the expression.

Soul pact carried a spiritual enforcement property. Most soul pets would resist and get angry when getting enveloped by soul pact. Only soul pets which had built up an intimate relationship or become powerless to resist could accept this forcefulness.


Little Yellow Spring called out to Chu Mu confusedly. It could not understand why Chu Mu wanted to forcefully brand a spiritual sigil on its soul. This made it feel like putting on a new shackle.

However, little Yellow Spring also felt that if it broke this sigil, Chu Mu would feel sad. This sigil seemed to be containing Chu Mu’s anticipation.

It wanted to ask Chu Mu, but Chu Mu did not answer. He only kept eye contact with it.

Little Yellow Spring looked back at Chu Mu’s eyes, also keeping eye contact.

This was a pair of human eyes, different from the eyes of Ocean Species.

Regardless of the race, the emotion expressed by the eyes would never be fake. Little Yellow Spring seemed to have seen Chu Mu’s emotion. Not a trace of deception, pure, focused and carried a little bit of feverish anticipation.


Little Yellow Spring cried out. Its eyes no longer showed confusion or hesitation, slowly opening up its soul towards Chu Mu.

The pulsing soul pact light suddenly shined brightly at this moment, as if countless stars were gathering in one place!

The soul pact light gradually shrank while shining dazzlingly, turning into a unique sigil and branding onto little Yellow Spring’s forehead, branding deep in the little Yellow Spring’s soul.

As a soul pet trainer, it had been a very long time since Chu Mu last saw the success of a soul pact. He remembered that the last time he experienced it was when he completed the soul pact with Dead Dream. The excitement at that moment was indescribable.

After so many years, he finally completed another soul pact. Furthermore, this had truly fulfilled all the ideal soul pets Chu Mu set for his path of soul pet trainer. This was extremely meaningful towards Chu Mu who was taught the ideals of soul pets since young!


From the day Chu Mu started off as a soul pet trainer, he held a desire. His desire was to obtain all the soul pets he planned to obtain.

The success this time would be the final stroke to the grand soul pet blueprint he had in his heart!

Soul connected with soul, Chu Mu could clearly feel the emotion of little Yellow Spring through the soul pact.

This sensation was faint yet intense. The two changed from strangers to inseparable families in an instant!

Little Yellow Spring’s thoughts no longer appeared strange to Chu Mu. Its personality was also not so difficult to comprehend. Its emotions felt like his own.

This was the connection between a soul pet and a soul pet trainer. It seemed to be breaking the independence between two life forms and joining into one.


Little Yellow Spring’s calls sounded even more intimate. It even tilted its head and licked Chu Mu’s cheek.

Chu Mu did not avoid this action. His cheek was smeared with little Yellow Spring’s drool, but he was still showing a heartfelt smile.

This smile was very pure, expressing the excitement and joy of most soul pet trainers after obtaining a new soul pet.


During the process Chu Mu chanted the soul pact incantation, be it the New Moon Land members in Windy Rain City’s stronghold or Wupan Navy with Tie Jun as the vice chief, they personally witnessed the scene of Chu Mu successfully signing a soul pact with little Yellow Spring!

The moment the soul pact sigil was branded on little Yellow Spring’s forehead, the entire ocean and city became quiet. Everyone opened their eyes wide and stared at Chu Mu and little Yellow Spring in disbelief!

A super ocean ruler rank creature actually signed a soul pact with a human!

This was an unbelievable story!

Every soul pet would have a dream. They would imagine a powerful creature willingly becoming their soul pet due to coincidence. Then, they would bring that creature and make a name for themselves in the soul pet world.

Dreams were dreams after all. There was nothing after waking up.

However, when they personally witnessed such a scene in reality, the astonishment they felt made them speechless. They even forgot they were still in war, a battle that betted their lives.

The person who could not believe this scene the most was none other than Wupan Navy’s vice chief Tie Jun.

Tie Jun was a true human leader. Only he clearly knew the insurmountable gap between a leader and normal soul pet trainers. He also knew just how much resources had to be spent to nurture a high class Immortal rank soul pet.

Although he could not understand where this high class Immortal rank Yellow Spring came from, he felt that Chu Mu trying to sign a soul pact with such a creature was a ridiculous act.

It was impossible to succeed!

A Yellow Spring, let alone reaching Tenth Phase or high class Immortal rank, even if it was still an infant, the chance of succeeding a soul pact was very low. These kinds of high bloodline creatures had their own thoughts and intelligence. They completely put themselves in a higher position than humans. They would rather die than to become the slaves of humans.

However, the successful soul pact between Chu Mu and little Yellow Spring instantly shattered the common sense of this human leader!

That person actually succeeded in signing a soul pact with a high class Immortal rank creature and joined the leader rank!


This ocean region was temporarily calm on this rare occasion.

Wupan Navy finally reformed their ranks after getting messed up by the Immortal seventh rank tsunami. They lined up in rows behind Giant Tortoise Bixi, becoming a furious and grudgeful storm.

Giant Tortoise Bixi stood on the ocean at the front. The lower half sank into the ocean while the majority front half was exposed above the ocean surface.

On its shoulder, Wupan Navy’s vice chief Tie Jun stood there, his face grim and he coldly stared at the front.

From the moment the soul pact succeeded, this human became a huge threat!

On the continental shelf, the unicorn-dragon resembling Yellow Spring floated above the ocean. Its long tail stretched out along with the ocean ripples.

On Yellow Spring’s back, the person standing upright was none other than Chu Mu. Right now, he already reached the position of a human leader without his half devil transformation. He was a true high class Immortal rank human soul pet trainer!

His eyes similarly locked onto Tie Jun on Giant Tortoise Bixi’s shoulder, fighting spirit burned deep in his pupils!

On his back, it was a solid stronghold. Behind this stronghold, it was the prosperous territory of New Moon Land.

Right now, Chu Mu, who was standing in front of Windy Rain City’s stronghold, already used his actions and back figure to tell all the defenders of New Moon Land that he would stand firmly in front of this Windy Rain City battlefield. He would defeat New Moon Land’s strongest enemy —— Tie Jun!



Giant Tortoise Bixi and Yellow Spring Calamity roared simultaneously!

The calm ocean immediately exploded. The two super ocean ruler rank creatures were both dominators over the ocean. Whoever could control the larger portion of the ocean would be the victor.

Now, the ocean ripples clearly indicated that the ocean was divided into two factions. The water was like their soldiers, slaughtering and invading the other faction!

The battle between two leaders was ignited. Wupan Navy and New Moon Navy’s battle would be set off next!

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