Book 2 Chapter 156 - Imprisoned in the Hibernating Desolation, Transforming Into A Half Devil

Chapter 156: Imprisoned in the Hibernating Desolation, Transforming Into A Half Devil

“Chu Mu, there’s still a small door behind the stone hall halfway down the cliff. If you can break free of that Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect, then flee to there. This entrance has to remain shut. Otherwise, we’ll all be killed.” Chu Ke formed a voice with his soul remembrance and spoke to Chu Mu.

“Young lady Ye, bring my sister inside, I’ll enter from the small door.” Chu Mu naturally knew that these Great Chu Family people wouldn’t open the stone hall’s entrance wide open for the Heavenly Devil Insect Corpse, just so he could enter. He immediately used his soul remembrance to speak to Ye Qingzi.

“But you… I’ll help you…” Ye Qingzi bit her lips, and she couldn’t help but look at Chu Mu face that terrifying creature alone.

However, just as Ye Qingzi was about to step out, the venom from a large group of Heavenly Devil Insects in the air sprayed over.

“Don’t worry, I can break free. You guys enter.” Chu Mu’s soul remembrance immediately transmitted over.

Ye Qingzi still wanted to say something, but if she charged out now, she would definitely be focused by that large group of Heavenly Devil Insects. Not only would she not be able to help Chu Mu, but she would also forfeit her own life.

Chu Xian didn’t think too much; seeing Chu Mu on the outside, she immediately summoned her main pet and jumped on it, wanting to go help Chu Mu.

“He has a way of escaping. Don’t go out and throw away your life.” Ye Qingzi also saw that Chu Xian’s current emotions were somewhat extreme. Once she saw that she wasn’t listening to her suggestion, she directly had the Water Moon use the Water Foam technique and forcibly push Chu Xian and her soul pet into the stone hall.

“Close the entrance!” Chu Ke intentionally glanced at Chu Mu growing farther away. He also let out a sigh, and shook his head. He then ordered people to close the stone hall’s entrance!


From top to bottom, the stone hall’s entrance gradually descended. A Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect happened to try and fly underneath, but it misjudged the speed at which the stone door descended. The stone door promptly crushed the Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect on the floor, resolutely grinding it into meat paste. Fresh blood slowly seeped out of that minute crack in the stone.


The stone entrance having been closed, and the Chu Mountain residence was completely empty. Only Chu Mu and Mo Xie remained, as well as that large group of incomparably savage Heavenly Devil Insects!

Thunderous noises ceaselessly droned in Chu Mu’s ears. More and more Heavenly Devil lnsects discovered Chu Mu. They began beating their flesh wings, and they attempted to cut off Chu Mu and Mo Xie as a group!

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!”

Mo Xie’s nine tails of royal flame wildly danced. As she ran, those Heavenly Devil Insects flying over were knocked flying!


Suddenly, the ninth phase monarch dropped down from above in the air, and it practically followed Mo Xie’s body as it bombarded the extremely stable ground. Instantly,  an incomparably powerful black energy proliferated in all directions. It spread through the bricks and the ground of the courtyard until the residence collapsed, unexpectedly extending a hundred meter or longer hole!

“Wu wu~~~~”

Mo Xie let out a lamenting noise. As she was knocked flying with Chu Mu, she continuously crashed into two or three lofts before finally stopping!

“Wu wu~~~~”

Having been covered by broken stone and wood, Mo Xie peaked out her head and let out an anxious shout as she ran towards the area that Chu Mu had flown into. She wanted to crawl out, but for a while, she was unable to reach Chu Mu’s location.

Chu Mu had a sixth level soul armor on his body. With the water screen armor’s effects, Chu Mu’s defense was barely considered the same level as Mo Xie’s. However, the force just now had, for the most part, landed on Chu Mu’s body. When Chu Mu smashed into the ground and slid over a hundred meters away, his body was full of bloodstains.


A yellow colored light burned inside the hall of the stone hall. Nearly fifty Great Chu Family young disciples sat on the cold stone chairs. No one spoke, and the entire stone hall was especially quiet.

The flames leaped and dances, casting the shadows of these people...

An unknown period of time later, slowly, they could hear a girl attempt to stop her crying noise...

The crying person was Chu Xian. Since entering the stone hall, she had felt guilty, and she blamed herself. If Chu Mu hadn’t gone to save her, he wouldn’t have been shut outside of the ice cold stone entrance.

When the stone entrance closed, the sky of the Chu Mountain was already covered by the flying of hundreds and thousands of Heavenly Devil Insects. Some of them had even already begun to violently attack the people and soul pets on Chu Mountain who had yet to hide.

Presently, ostensibly all of the stone rooms had been shut. Chu Mu was alone; how could he face a ninth phase monarch? This essentially was nine deaths and one life. How could Chu Xian not be so sad...

Ye Qingzi sat next to her, but didn’t comfort Chu Xian. She didn’t say anything either; she only stared at the leaping fire light...

In truth, Ye Qingzi didn’t believe that Chu Mu would be able to survive and reach the small cliff entrance behind the stone hall.

The stone hall was situated on the edge of the mountain peak. When the stone door had closed, Chu Mu was four hundred meters away from the main entrance. Moreover, the stone hall was extremely wide, extending approximately a hundred meters to the steep cliff. This was thus a five hundred meter distance.

In these five hundred meters, even if there wasn’t  a hundred Heavenly Devil Insects flying at a low altitude, there were at least eighty. Even if there wasn’t a ninth phase monarch, it would be abnormally hard for Chu Mu to charge through this five hundred meter distance. Yet, the ninth phase monarch did exist as well...


Outside the stone hall.

“Gezhi gezhi~~~~” a sound that caused one’s blood to run cold circled above Chu Mu’s head. The Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s two red colored eyes closely watched Chu Mu. Its enormous pincer mouth squirmed about and, if one looked carefully, he or she would see a bit of fresh blood stuck on its black colored teeth...

A powerful pressure pushed down on Chu Mu’s head, making it very hard for Chu Mu to climb up.

“Wu wu wu~~~~”

Not far away, Mo Xie let out an angry cry. The double royal flames on her body began to violently burn, and the halo of advancing a stage circled around her furry body, causing her strength to abruptly increase a bit!

Sixth phase eighth stage!!

At a crucial moment, Mo Xie had grown by a stage. Her fighting strength instantaneously erupted, and she suddenly knocked the ruins off her body flying!

Shadow Claw!!!

The sixth level soul armor’s effects immediately condensed into a shining starlight. It attached to Mo Xie’s sharp claws, and as the claws were brandished, a formidable Shadow Claw immediately flew towards the Eight Winged Heaven Devily Devil Insect attempting to attack Chu Mu.

“Gezhi Gezhi!!”

The eight flesh wings faintly vibrated and the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect casually swept up a black colored wing shield. It easily defended Mo Xie’s near eighth rank in might attack that simply didn’t deal it any damage!

Chu Mu knew that Mo Xie was buying time for him, and immediately, Chu Mu didn’t dare hesitate at all; he instantly chanted an incantation!

The devil flame’s aura appeared on Chu Mu’s body. Gradually, they began silently burning on the outside of his skin, slowly extending all over his body and wrapping it in white demonic devil flames.

His black eyes began to flood with a serene and silent white colored devil flame. His pupils were like two balls of white colored devil flames fiercely flickering.

“Chong Mei - Soul Devour!”

The incantation was chanted and Chu Mu began to awaken the White Nightmare while simultaneously integrating its soul into his own soul!


Although it was extremely unwilling, the White Nightmare also knew that it presently was at a moment of crisis. It didn’t create any strong mental obstruction to Chu Mu’s Soul Devour. Very quickly, its white devil soul was assimilated into Chu Mu’s soul!

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~”

The silent white demonic devil flames suddenly sprang up. A cold serene aura that was like cold air from an abyss, launched at the surrounding environment. Several sixth phase Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insects that attempted to attack Chu Mu instantly suffered from this powerful mental burn when they neared him. Unexpectedly, after letting out a miserable shout, they immediately vanished!

The powerful strength that came from his soul spilled out of Chu Mu’s body, and the burning mysterious force began to boil.

As his blood boiled, Chu Mu’s body began to change - his skeleton, muscles, skin...

The force poured into Chu Mu’s muscles and skeleton, allowing Chu Mu’s speed to sharply increase. The half devil devil flames strengthened Chu Mu’s defense, and the devil flames that had the ability to control the soul linked with his heart, permitting Chu Mu’s control. The abnormally evil and violently fierce force filled Chu Mu’s aberrant devil pupils!

Half Devil!!

After assimilating the White Nightmare’s soul, Chu Mu transformed into a half devil, and he controlled the strength that was even more terrifying than the White Nightmare!!

When Chu Mu was in the half devil state, the white demonic devil flame’s soul burning strength was even much stronger than the White Nightmare’s white demonic devil flame. Under the half devil state, all his attributes were increased, and the half devil that combined a spirit master and monarch manifested the half devil Chu Mu that was something a normal monarch could not compete with at all!

Devil Phantom!!

The tips of Chu Mu’s feet didn’t even touch the ground when he used Devil Phantom. His body strangely ascended upwards and continuously trailed several white colored devil flame empty figures behind him. Then he extremely outlandishly appeared behind the ninth phase Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect.

Obliterating Heart!!

A soul penetration that ignored defense!!

Taking advantage of the time with which the ninth phase Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect didn’t have to react, the half devil Chu Mu immediately used the only technique that could instantly kill the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect!

A devil flamed hand silently entered the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect from in between its flesh wings as if it was passing through a layer of space to grab something!!

“Gezhi Gezhi!!!!” the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect suddenly noticed an incomparably quiet and cold fatal threat behind it. Its flesh wings suddenly began beating, and its thick armor on its insect body abruptly split apart. Like several thousand black colored small insects, they flew along in the wind like black colored sand...

Chu Mu’s Obliterating heart instantly failed. He turned around and discovered the dust-like black flying insects quickly assembling fifty meters away from him. They once more condensed into the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s sinister body!

Chu Mu creased his eyebrows. This body splitting then reassembling technique was a relatively strong ability of the bug type. If he was not able to seize an opportunity in battle well, it would be hard to kill it!

“Mo Xie, leave!”

Chu Mu’s body floated in midair. His two hands supported two balls of raging white demonic devil flames that respectively were thrown to the right and left!

The two balls of white demonic devil flames streaked through the air in a gorgeous white flaming line that accurately bombarded two Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insects’ bodies!!

“Hong!!! Hong!!!”

Once the two balls of white demonic devil flames touched a living body, they immediately blew up. They immediately turned the two Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insects attempting to attack Mo Xie into ashes!


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