Chapter 1559: Soul Pact Activates, Yellow Spring Soul Pet

“What’s that?” Vice chief Tie Jun turned around and saw the ocean waves transforming into water dragons and flying up from the whirlpools.

The water dragons were dark blue in color. When they flew above the ocean, they were clustering around a creature swimming through the ocean whirlpools.

This creature had the majestic head of a unicorn, its face was covered in scales and intimidating scale patterns.

Its body was long and robust, mixed between a dragon and unicorn beast.

Its tail was swinging and creating tiny whirlpools at the end. However, it was because of the tiny whirlpool at its tail that the entire ocean flowed in reverse!

The water current was under its control. Hundreds of elemental water dragons flew out from the ocean surface and clustered around it. One could feel this little Yellow Spring Calamity’s tyranny over the ocean!

Tie Jun’s Giant Tortoise Bixi was clearly slower due to its size. When this creature turned around and saw little Yellow Spring Calamity, little Yellow Spring Calamity already reached right in front with the hundreds of water dragons!

The water dragons turned into violent impacts and slammed onto Giant Tortoise Bixi.

Each water dragon splashed into a downpour, and Giant Tortoise Bixi’s island-like body was getting pushed back by the impact.

The water dragons flashily clashed and Giant Tortoise Bixi kept getting pushed back. It was pushed back from the continental shelf all the way back to the ocean region filled with broken ice!

Windy Rain City’s city guards were astonished. Not only that, even Wupan Navy was unable to believe their eyes after witnessing this scene.

Giant Tortoise Bixi’s strength was almost at the peak of the entire soul pet world. High class Immortal rank was an undefeatable rank. They could not imagine any creature pushing Giant Tortoise Bixi from the continental shelf all the way back to the deep ocean!

Powerful tail swings stirred the ocean, water dragons clustered around, when little Yellow Spring Calamity reappeared as the proud child of Eternal Ocean and pushed back Giant Tortoise Calamity, Chu Mu also felt elated!

This majestic appearance, this aura, that was exactly the image Chu Mu had in his mind. As expected, Yellow Spring was his ideal water type soul pet. Chu Mu really wanted to sign a soul pact with this majestic Yellow Spring Calamity right now and fight against Giant Tortoise Bixi with it!

“Ni! Ni!”

Yellow Spring Calamity did not intend to let go of Giant Tortoise Bixi. It poked its tail on the ocean surface and churned the water furiously.

The whirlpool began spinning wilder and wilder. The ocean region around Giant Tortoise Bixi became a rapid whirlpool. This whirlpool generated a powerful suction force and pulled Giant Tortoise Bixi towards the seabed!

Giant Tortoise Bixi’s body was massive. It used its limbs to bash the whirlpool and wanted to scatter the suction force.

Yellow Spring Calamity cried out majestically. No matter how many times the whirlpool was scattered, it would gather the currents and regenerate the whirlpool, determined to drag Giant Tortoise Bixi to the seabed!

Yellow Spring Calamity was born with arrogance. It would never allow any creature within its ocean region to be stronger than it!

In the entire Eternal Ocean, be it the West Ocean Yellow Spring lived in, or the North Ocean with many powerful beings, even this East Ocean which connected with human territory, its infamous name spread throughout all the ocean regions. Yellow Spring Calamity would not even bother to bully some Immortal rank ocean creatures, it only picked Ocean Ruler rank to bully.

Any Ocean Ruler would behave after seeing it, yet this fat tortoise demon which somehow appeared in this East Ocean dared to make a ruckus in its new home!

Yellow Spring Calamity was unhappy. First, this thing which seemed even more arrogant than it was messing up its new home. Second, this thing was actually making trouble for Chu Mu!

Furthermore, its restrictions were finally lifted. It recalled the humiliation it suffered in Exile Ocean and wanted to vent its grudge. This Giant Tortoise Bixi seemed rather thick-skinned, so it would definitely not let it go!

Ocean Manipulating Tail!

Its tails swept violently. The huge whirlpool spread further and further. It even began to spread towards the chaotic Wupan Navy.

Vice chief Tie Jun’s expression was completely darkened.

Did he actually barge into the headquarters of the Ocean Species?

First it was the Ice Demon Shark, then Ocean Iguana Demon, and now even the strongest race which ruled the ocean, Yellow Spring, also appeared!

Vice chief Tie Jun took a glance at the whirlpool which was spreading towards Wupan Navy. He gritted his teeth and could only order Giant Tortoise Bixi to dive towards the bottom of the whirlpool.

If he did not destroy the source of the whirlpool, the whirlpool would continue spreading!

Of course, he would have to pay a heavy price for getting sweeped into it.

Bloop bloop bloop~!

The huge whirlpool slowly swallowed Giant Tortoise Bixi, as if a bottomless gullet swallowing food.

Soon, Giant Tortoise Bixi was completely dragged down by the whirlpool. Nobody could see its huge body above the ocean.

For a moment, the ocean surface returned to calmness. There was only a unicorn-dragon resembling creature standing solemnly above the ocean. Its eyes watched over the ocean region, as if anywhere with water was its territory.


The whirlpool did not sustain for a long time and gradually died down.

After remaining silent for a while, the water suddenly bulged up in the area where the broken ice was. The water splashed all the way into the clouds.

The water splashed to a great height. When it fell back down, one could see a huge silhouette erected above the deep ocean like an island.

The water flowed down along the solid muscles of Giant Tortoise Bixi, tracing out the masculine lines of its limbs, bringing out an intimidating aura!

Giant Tortoise Bixi opened its mouth and panted. The gusts of air exhaled by it blew all the way onto land.

Scattering the source of that whirlpool exhausted Giant Tortoise Bixi greatly. However, it was clearly insufficient to truly exhaust it.

Its eyes stared open widely. Its gaze crossed through the ocean surface and locked onto Yellow Spring Calamity from the distance.

Giant Tortoise Bixi was like a volcano island about to erupt. Meanwhile, Yellow Spring Calamity remained the arrogant and solemn Yellow Spring Calamity. For a while, the staring off between the two super ocean rulers caused the ocean to churn and clash. The waves almost reached the clouds.

High class Immortal rank creatures were rarely seen. Normally, crews would never get a chance to see vice chief Tie Jun personally acting. They also could not experience the strength of the true high class Immortal rank.

However, right now, there were two high Class Immortal rank creatures on this ocean.

Giant Tortoise Bixi, unicorn-dragon resembling creature!

The ocean no longer belonged to Wupan Navy, nor did it belong to Ocean Species. The ocean was completely dominated by these two high class Immortal rank creatures.

Without the need for further explanation, they would definitely determine a victor at this ocean. Who was the one qualified to rule over the ocean region in their sight!

The black clouds pressed low, the wind gushed past, the ocean was divided into two factions. Water kept clashing and competed for supremacy.

Standing on Windy Rain Castle’s stronghold, Chu Mu’s feeling was as churning as the ocean.

“Go, fight alongside it,” Lan Qie smiled and looked at the excited Chu Mu.

Chu Mu was a little hesitant. Little Yellow Spring’s personality was aloof. Even if it was exiled into this ocean region and the royal ocean guards left it to him. Would it be willing to sign a soul pact with him?

After all, the fire property Chu Mu would definitely be no match for little Yellow Spring.

Little Yellow Spring Calamity was still young. Its strength was enough to mess up the entire Eternal Ocean. Would it really be willing to listen to his commands?

Chu Mu had walked the path of a soul pet trainer for many years. This was the first time he questioned his qualification to control a soul pet.

“Go, this is the best chance for you two to become intimate. You have done so much for it, it won’t be so stubborn to the point it neglected your deeds. Furthermore, haven’t you realized it got angry for you because Giant Tortoise Bixi is attacking you?” said Lan Qie as she watched Chu Mu.

“King Chu, this...... is this also your soul pet?” stuttered Sang Ying at the side.

That was a high class Immortal. It could oppose Wupan Navy’s vice chief directly. Sang Ying would never even dream of obtaining such a soul pet.

However, the young soul pet trainer next to him was actually acknowledged by such a creature.

If a soul pet trainer could cultivate up to this level and had such an encounter, there would be no regrets!

“Not yet, but it will be!” said Chu Mu in a serious tone.

Saying so, Chu Mu nodded towards Lan Qie and flew towards little Yellow Spring Calamity.


Chu Mu landed on little Yellow Spring Calamity’s body. The scale armor on its back was a little chilling.

“Ni~!” Little Yellow Spring turned its head around and cracked a smile towards Chu Mu.

Little Yellow Spring was showing gratitude towards Chu Mu, because it knew it would still be in Exile Ocean without Chu Mu.

“I told you I will help you break free from Exile Ocean and your shackles,” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu stretched out his hand and stroked the rather small unicorn and spoke, “This will be your new home, do you like it?”

“Ni!” Little Yellow Spring Calamity nodded, but made a sharp cry, glaring at Giant Tortoise Bixi.

Obviously, apart from this Giant Tortoise Bixi, it liked everything else.

Chu Mu could feel little Yellow Spring Calamity’s friendliness towards him. He suddenly felt inspired and slowly chanted the incantation for soul pact......

It had been a long time since Chu Mu chanted the soul pact incantation. This time, he would be finishing the incantation fully and sign a soul pact with a high class Immortal rank Yellow Spring.

The starry light of the soul pact gradually lit up and fell onto Yellow Spring Calamity’s body.

At this moment, Chu Mu’s heart was beating violently.

Because he was unsure if Yellow Spring Calamity would accept his soul pact despite showing such intimacy......

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