Chapter 1557: Large Turtle Beast, Bi Xi

A white tsunami had appeared in the fog in front. The height of the tsunami reached the clouds and the deep blue water became the horizon.

The feeling was as if the sky was terrifyingly turning over. There was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide! 

Wupan Navy had been established in the ocean for countless years, but this was the first time they had seen such a huge tsunami. 

An immortal seventh rank tsunami was capable of destroying everything. 

Military Adviser Ning An finally realized why the Ice Devil Sharks had swum backward, why the ocean water’s currents had been flowing north, and why the clouds in the sky were moving so strangely. 

It was a disastrous tsunami, and all of these were omens of a disastrous tsunami. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to notice it. 

“All captains listen to my order. Adopt a locked ship formation!” 

“All captains listen to my order. Delay the crushing pace of the tsunami.” 

“All captains listen to my order. Adopt a defensive formation and set up barriers on the ocean!” 

Military Adviser Ning gave three orders in one breath. Three different signal flags were thrown into the air. 

Before the tsunami had even arrived, the mist was already in their faces. The wanton nature and wild howl of the tsunami caused Wupan Navy to tremble in its wake. 

In front of this enormous tsunami, a single person, a single boat or a single legion was incomparably small! 

“Vice chieftain.” Military Adviser looked at the adjacent Vice Chieftain Tie Jun. 

Tie Jun’s eyes were fixated on the enormous oncoming tsunami. His gaze had gradually turned from a violent anger to an icy cold. 

He slowly chanted an incantation. The water under the enormous ship suddenly began to stir. 

A soul pact design appeared on the water as water pillars shot out around the pattern. 

The surging water became increasingly violent. A head that resembled both a turtle’s and a snake’s aggressively shot out of the ocean water design. 

Immediately after, all of the water began to spill in all directions. From underneath the flowing water, it was possible to see a stone island-like body surfacing. 

It was an enormous shell about the size of a human city plaza. If it were floating on top of the water, it resembled a small island. 

However, this creature wasn’t fully a turtle species creature. It possessed extremely robust and developed limbs. It could stand up like a wild beast. 

Ocean waves were swept up as the creature carrying an enormous shell on its back stood up like a giant in front of Wupan Navy’s ships. It was both domineering and imposing! 

All Wupan Navy members recognized this creature. It was Wupan Navy’s Vice Chieftain Tie Jun’s soul pet - Bixi. 

Bixi was a special ocean species. It had an immortal rank bloodline, a large snakehead, a devil turtle shell and an ocean beast’s body. It was one of the few high bloodline leader rank creatures in the ocean.  

Tie Jun was able to steadily maintain his Wupan Navy Vice Chieftain position because of Bi Xi. Nobody in Wupan Navy dared oppose him. 

And right now, Tie Jun had summoned this strongest creature in front of the ships. Clearly, it was going to face the immortal seventh rank tsunami head on! 

“I’ll leave it to you.” Military Adviser Ning An said to Vice Chieftain Tie Jun. 

Vice Chieftain didn’t resemble a ruler. Instead, he was like an undefeatable general that could defeat everything obstructing Wupan Navy’s path. 

Vice Chieftain Tie Jun jumped onto Giant Tortoise Bixi’s shoulder. While every one of the navy’s generals were retreating in fear like lowly insects, he was staring at the surging sea and faced the terrifying immortal seventh rank tsunami, alone.  

Such fear left the Wupan Navy members in shock. 

Chieftain and Vice Chieftain Tie Jun were probably the only ones in Wupan Navy that dared face a deadly immortal seven rank tsunami head on! 

The enormous tsunami grew closer and closer. The air was filled with the stench of salty water and thick destruction. 

Many navy members’ visions turned blurry. They were only able to see Vice Chieftain Tie Jun and his soul pet, Giant Tortoise Bixi, still standing in front of the navy and of course the terrifying tsunami that was so tall, its top couldn’t be seen. 

The top of the tsunami was like a black horizon that enveloped Wupan Navy. Like a deadly wave, it began to swallow them. 

The 90 thousand Wupan Navy members were no longer able to hear anything. The world had suddenly become silent. Their heads were filled with the scene of the oncoming tsunami. They weren’t able to think, found it hard to breathe and their hearts were about to stop...

This was an immortal seventh rank tsunami! 

In front of this destructive force, having a higher cultivation was of no meaning. Life or death was no longer in their hands. 


Finally, the tsunami swallowed Giant Tortoise Bixi. 

Then, it swallowed the ocean king rank ships. 

Afterward, Wupan Navy’s first division was swallowed. 

Finally, the entire navy was swallowed. 

All of the ships had been constructed by wood type soul pets and vine type soul pets. These were ships that were sturdy on water. 

However, they were only sturdy enough to ensure the center ships weren’t broken up. When the tsunami arrived, the enormous ships were scattered and smashed. 


At the top of Windy Rain City’s ocean stronghold city tower. 

Chu Mu, Sang Ying, and Lan Qie were standing under the flag. They stared at the immortal seventh rank tsunami that had swallowed up Wupan Navy. 

Sang Ying was the most shocked. 

An immortal seventh rank tsunami would only appear in the depths of the ocean. If an immortal seventh rank tsunami were to be created in Dark Sky Ocean, the entire surface of the ocean would significantly sink. 

What he found even harder to believe was the Mermaid Princess Lan Qie was able to create an immortal rank seventh rank tsunami by herself. Weren’t the Ocean species too terrifying? If this tsunami had struck land, he didn’t know how many cities would be swallowed up. 

Mermaid Princess Lan Qie maintained a warm smile. Her two different eyes exuded the charm of a different species as she looked at Chu Mu. She said: “What do you think of a present like this? And you were still worried about Windy Rain City’s defense?”  

Chu Mu’s face went red. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe in Mermaid Princess Lan Qie’s strength. There were many things that he wanted to personally see happen since any unexpected mishap would pay a huge price. 

“These types of tsunamis aren’t very effective on Ocean species that can dive into the deep ocean. But they’re rather effective on humans who rely on boats to traverse the ocean.” continued Mermaid Princess Lan Qie. 

Sang Ying emphatically nodded his head. He didn’t understand how Chu Mu, this god, had struck up a relationship with the Ocean species. Moreover, he had even gotten to know Eastern Ocean Princess who was capable of controlling the ocean. 

A portion of the ocean was already under there control. Was there any need to continue the fight on the ocean? 

Wupan Navy was most familiar with naval fights and they had a rich history of fights in the ocean. But could they beat the Ocean species which were innately ocean creatures? 

Humans were land creatures and even with water type soul pets, were never able to take over the ocean. The true rulers of the ocean were the Ocean species. Sang Ying at least understood this undisputable reality. 

As the immortal seventh rank tsunami grew further and further into the distance, the tumultuous ocean was scattered with countless boat wrecks. There were also numerous Wupan Navy corpses that weren’t even able to summon soul pets in time and had lost their lives in the tsunami. 

The Ice Devil Sharks ostensibly didn’t want to let these filthy invaders sink in the ocean. They arranged the corpses in rows on the top of the ocean’s surface. 

A disaster would always be accompanied by a bloody aftermath. 

After a tsunami, there wasn’t any blood flowing or chopped off limbs or heads. Instead, there were intact and grey corpses. 

Human corpses, soul pet corpses and ship corpses. They were scattered on top of the ocean. Some were close and some were far apart. Some were left in the wake of the tsunami while for others, it was unclear where they went. 

It was indisputable that Wupan Navy, despite having adopted defensive measures, had suffered enormous losses from the tsunami. 

On the corpse littered ocean, the water began to mysteriously shake. 

A small island-like body slowly surfaced from underneath the water and the surrounding water that had just calmed down suddenly began to shoot out water pillars! 

There were numerous water pillars that towered like enormous pillars that touched the sky. 

In between the enormous pillars, a giant tortoise suddenly stood on the ocean’s surface with a majestic aura. 

The violently surging around it represented the anger in this ocean hegemon’s heart. 

“I, Tie Jun, will crush your city!!!” 

A seething roar rang out from the ocean, causing Windy Rain City to shake. 

“It’s Wupan Navy Vice Chieftain Tie Jun. He’s going to charge over!” said Tie Jun. 

“He seems very strong,” said Mermaid Princess Lan Qie. 

Chu Mu faintly creased his brows. He thought that Wupan Navy’s only leader rank figure was the Navy Chieftain. 

He didn’t realize Wupan Navy’s Vice Chieftain Tie Jun was a human leader too. His soul pet, Giant Tortoise Bixi, was a high class immortal rank soul pet! 

Mermaid Princess Lan Qie fighting strength wasn’t very strong. Her true strength lay in her control of the ocean and the species in the ocean. 

There probably were no high class immortal rank Ocean species generals among the Ocean species army helping them. If he let the immortal rank Ocean species generals attack the Giant Tortois Bixi, these experts would undoubtedly suffer greatly. 

“I’ll deal with him,” said Chu Mu. 

Mermaid Princess Lan Qie shook her head and said: “You’re a fire type. You’ll be at a disadvantage when fighting the same ranked water type Bixi. You being able to advance a rank at such a crucial moment is already a good thing; however, you cannot exhaust all of your strength before the war is over.” 

“This person is a high class immortal rank. It won’t be easy for your subordinates to deal with him either,” said Chu Mu.

But Mermaid Princess Lan Qie maintained her opinion. Since this city had been entrusted to her protection, she wouldn’t let Wupan Navy take a single step in it. She wouldn’t even let a high class immortal do so! 

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