Chapter 1556: Immortal Seventh Rank Tsunami

“Military Advisor.” Vice Head Tie Jun looked at Strategy Military Advisor Ning An. He was waiting for him to make a decision.  

“Stop our advance. Have the fifth and fourth divisions aid the sixth division.” Strategy Military Advisor Ning An quickly came to a decision. 

They weren’t far from New Moon Land’s shoreline, but they had no choice but to stop the entire navy. If they continued to advance, the sixth division would meet the same end as the seventh division. 

Their army had a hundred thousand. They could afford to lose a legion of ten thousand, but couldn’t lose another legion of ten thousand. 

It required a lot of work to turn around in the ocean because there was a thick layers of ice forming behind them. By trying to smash apart the ice, it would inevitably deal severe damage to their ships. 

When the Military Advisor decided to stop their advance, the ocean ahead of them suddenly surged up. 

As if the ocean was being lifted by someone, the water formed glaciers, ice mountains and icy rivers that stood between New Moon Land’s shoreline and Wupan Navy. 

The Wupan Navy scouts that stayed in the ocean watched this enormous icy world suddenly form in the ocean with disbelief. 

How many ice type soul pet trainers were required to create such an icy world! 

Ice was the natural bane of ships. Although Wupan Navy was fierce and bold, in the face of such thick ice, would they really dare charge head on? 

Military Advisor An Ning stood on the deck of his ship. He faced the biting wind that blew towards him. His expression turned serious. 

The annihilation of the seventh division was his fault. He had underestimated New Moon Land’s powers in the ocean. 

He absolutely wouldn’t commit a second mistake like this that had dealt such heavy losses to Wupan Navy. Moreover, he still had to deal back those losses onto the enemy! 

But an enormous glacier had appeared in front of him. This meant that New Moon Land had a special ice type army that was extremely strong. It was so strong that it could freeze the ocean, could devour the ten thousand members of the seventh division in a short span of time, and could form an enormous wall of ice in the ocean that blocked their army from advancing. 

“Report. The sixth division has successfully returned to the rest of the army. The Ice Devil Shark species has returned to the deep ocean and has stopped their attacks.” a scout reported. 

Tie Jun glanced at the immortal rank officers behind him. He calmly said: “They have killed ten thousand of our army members. We must return the favor 100 fold. You know what to do, right?” 

There were a total of ten men wearing dark blue officer’s uniforms behind Tie Jun. The moment Tie Jun gave the order, the ten officers chanted an incantation, summoning their soul pets. 

Large, sharp-bladed wings. Enormous feet that could step though the air. Shadows that flew through the sky at light speed. Large bodies that charged across the ice. 

The ten officers rode on their soul pets towards the glacier obstructing the path ahead of them. 

“All members advance!!” 

The flag that gave the order danced in the biting, cold, wind as it burned with a deep blue fire. 

The burning flag represented bold and fearless offensive. When it flew into the sky, all of Wupan Navy’s boats became monsters that rushed across the ocean glacier! 

“Hong hong hong hong!!!!!!!!!”

After a wave of violent shaking, the boundless icy land in the ocean suddenly began to sustain countless, enormous cracks. In between these cracks, a powerful energy surged up and shattered the thick ice into scattered pieces. 

The chaotic energy in the obstructing ice destroyed everything. The icy mountains collapsed and the icy land was crushed to pieces. The ten immortal rank navy officers used their absolute strength to shatter the icy world, opening a path for Wupan Navy’s offensive.  

A wave of wind filled energy swept through the icy area. In the wind were countless bits of ice that smashed into the navy’s ships. 

The navy was a bulldozer that showed no signs of stopping. More and more navy members flew in front of the ships and ordered their soul pets to attack the ice! 

In an instant, the heavens were shaking and ground was trembling. No matter how tough the ice was, it was incapable of stopping such a fierce offensive. The enormous ice world began to collapse. 

“We’ve removed the obstacles!!” 

A navy commander flew back to the main ship from the ice and gave a report. 

Military Advisor Ning An sneered and pointed ahead: “Are you sure you’ve removed everything?” 

The commander of the fourth division turned around and suddenly discovered that in the tumultuous water, another huge amount of cold air had appeared. The ice was indeed being continuously broken and destroyed. However, at the same time, new icy mountains were rising out of the water and blocking Wupan Navy’s advancing path. 

“We shall continue to remove the obstacles!” the commander flew into the sky once more towards the continuously forming ice. 

Loud rumbling sounds rang in everyone’s ears as icy shards that filled the sky streaked in front of everyone’s eyes. 

The simultaneous exertion of destructive force by ten immortal rank soul pet trainers as well as the front line navy legion of elemental attacks was capable of turning over an ocean region. 

However, the ice didn’t stop forming. It was as if the icy barricade was incapable of being eliminated. Even after destroying it, it would reform… 

“Let me see how capable these Ice Devil Sharks are!” Military Advisor Ning An said in a deep and cold voice. 

The signal flag in his hands was raised up again and quickly flew into the icy sky. Every Wupan Navy member could see that it became a deep blue colored wing pattern high up in the sky. 

Wings of freedom. This was Wupan Navy’s aerial force. 

This flag was an order to the legion flying above the ocean. 

On the deck of the mass of enormous ships, dark blue colored feathers could be found everywhere. All of the Deep Blue Ocean Eagles raised their heads and looked at the signal flag in the sky. 

When the flag reached the highest point in the sky and began to drop back down, all of the deep blue colored wings instantly expanded on the ship decks. 

“Pu pu pu pu pu!!!!!!!!”

Numerous wings flew into the turbid skies. It was countless deep blue feathers taking flight. These short bodies carried coldness and killing intent as they reached the sky. 

When the signal flag landed in the water, eagle legion of freedom was gathered into a square formation above Wupan Navy. 

“Attack the ice!” the Military Advisor ordered. 

The moment he finished speaking, the blue colored wings transformed into blue lines that shot towards the obstructing ice. 

Blue light pillars shot out from the mouths of these Deep Blue Ocean Eagles. The pillar shaped energy smashed into the ocean, instantly obliterating these frozen water into nothingness. 

“Advance!!” Military Advisor NIng An gave another order. 

The army that had come to a brief half once more summoned torrential waves as they charged towards the shattered icy world. 

This time, the ice wasn’t able to stop their advance. Like a hot knife through butter, the ships pushed straight through the icy pieces on the water. 



When they reached the waters with pieces of shattered ice, the ocean water roared once again. Numerous strange waves had appeared.

In the cold fog, it was possible to faintly see creatures with protruding edges jumping in the icy water. 

Underneath the icy water, black figures that were neither big nor small rapidly swam. A closer look would show that wherever these black figures swam under, the water would be frozen into ice. 

“Are these Ice Devil Sharks finally surfacing?” coldly laughed Tie Jun. 

Military Advisor Ning An watched the rapidly moving figures under water and looked like he was in deep thought. 

“That’s not right. They seem to be fleeing.” said Military Advisor Ning An. 

The Ice Devil Sharks that had created the obstructing ice didn’t jump out after being attacked. They were all swimming into even greater depths of the ocean from the glaciers, fleeing in different directions. They had no intentions of clashing with Wupan Navy. 

“Why are they retreating?” Military Advisor found another problem. 

These Ice Devil Sharks were all retreating behind them. Did they want to launch another sneak attack from behind Wupan Navy? But Wupan Navy formed a square formation and there wouldn’t be a lone and straggling division that could be attacked by them. 

“Military Advisor, should we go underwater to hunt them down?” asked an officer. 

Military Advisor An Ning shook his head. The Ice Devil Sharks had extremely terrifying fighting strength underwater. If they fought with them underwater, who knew how many losses Wupan Navy would suffer. 

“That’s strange, why is the water flowing so smoothly?” Military Advisor Ning An suddenly noticed something strange. 

The ocean had tides and undercurrents, but smooth currents or countercurrents would rarely appear. 

If all of the ocean water was flowing in a certain direction, this meant that there was something awaiting them wherever the ocean water was flowing… 

“How long has the water been flowing in this direction?” Military Advisor Ning An asked a subordinate behind him. 

“When we reached Dark Sky Ocean, the water was flowing in this direction.” 

“Idiot! Did you not research the Dark Sky Ocean’s tide at this time of year?!” Military Advisor Ning An immediately berated. 

This navy members was confused. What effect would the water flowing in this direction have? 

At the same time, Ning An’s expression changed as he abruptly threw up a full army defense signal flag into the sky. 

When the defensive signal flag rached the sky, it formed a defensive pattern. This made all of the navy divisions very confused. Weren’t they just given a flag to attack? Why did it suddenly become a defensive flag? 

“Military Advisor, what’s the matter?” Vice Leader Tie Jun confusedly asked. 

“Did you not notice?” Military Advisor Ning An coldly swept his eyes over the cold fog ahead.

Vice Leader Tie Jun hastily used soul remembrance to explore ahead. His soul remembrance passed the shattered ice world and reached New Moon Land’s shoreline. 

However, he shockingly discovered that an enormous wall was on the New Moon Land’s shoreline. 

This wall was completely formed by water and it reached the clouds. It was emitting thunderous noises as it surged towards Wupan Navy! 

“Immortal Seventh Rank Tsunami!!” Tie Jun’s face turned ashen as he looked with disbelief ahead. 

An immortal seventh rank tsunami was a genuine disaster. Even Wupan Navy’s ships would be drowned! 

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