Chapter 1555: The Mysteriously Annihilated Seventh Ship Legion

“Maintain formation, continue advancing!”

Wupan Navy’s color was blue, covering a large area of this ocean region.

The affected ships were mostly on the edges of this entire Navy fleet. Some ships were sunk, some crews fell into the ocean, blood slowly spread out in the water.

After calculating the death toll, they realized not many people went missing.

This was clearly an attack by New Moon Land in Dark Sky Ocean. To vice chief Tie Jun, this level of harassment could not affect Wupan Navy.

The navy crews summoned their soul pets, most possessing fire type ability.

Raging flame spread out over the ocean surface, melting the thick frozen ocean surface in front.

The ice continued to melt, but the melted ice would freeze up again. Wupan Navy expected this and accelerated after the ice melted to prevent the ocean from freezing again and hinder their advancement.

The obstruction from the ice layer caused the entire fleet’s formation to turn into a narrow straight line. The navy crews at the front would break the ice, the fleet behind would follow up and cruise along the cleared up path.

Wupan Navy mobilized over 10,000 elites this time. This was already close to one third of the five faction alliance.

One faction already mobilized such a large fleet, it was clear to see the determination Wupan Navy showed to occupy New Moon Land.

10,000 elites would take up a minimum of about 1,000 ships. When they travelled along the cleared path, this Navy fleet turned into a long straight row.

When all the ships entered the frozen ocean region, the frozen ocean region remained especially silent.

By right, this place was already very close to Windy Rain City. New Moon Land should have at least set up scouts and watchtowers above the ocean. However, Wupan Navy did not see anything when they passed through. There was only the frozen ocean region.

Crack crack~!

The broken ice rapidly froze again. The few navy admirals had a bad feeling after seeing such a bizarre phenomenon.

This ocean region getting frozen like that was too abnormal.


Pairs of white wings appeared in the sky. Those were military seagull scouts.

Currently, these military seagulls were flying towards the various flagships. They were clearly reporting the situation to every legion commander. Red beak military seagulls represented a dangerous situation......

Something happened again!

“Reporting, Seventh Ship Legion is trapped by ice!”

“Reporting, Seventh Ship Legion suffered attack from underwater. Thirty ships were sunk.”

The information was transmitted to every legion commander, and was also transmitted to vice chief Tie Jun.

Tie Jun’s expression was dark. His eyes glared the Wupan Navy’s tactician at the side.

The tactician seemed to be more rationale and calmer. He raised his head and took a glance at another seagull reporting the situation, then plainly spoke to vice chief Tie Jun, “If I’m not wrong, this report should be Seventh Ship Legion completely cut off by the frozen ocean.”

Vice chief Tie Jun did not speak and looked at the red beak seagull.

That military seagull landed before then and half knelt, “Reporting, Seventh Ship Legion is completely cut off and suffered unknown attacks. Please send reinforcement.”

Tie Jun took a glance at the tactician and waved his hand, telling that military seagull to continue gathering information.

“Our enemy is smart. By freezing this entire ocean, they guessed we will be lining up into a long row to pass through. Hence, when our main force travelled a long distance, they suddenly cut off our tail,” said the tactician.

When the fleet was lined up into a row, it also meant the entire fleet’s cohesion was weak. Furthermore, it was extremely difficult to steer in this frozen ocean region. Once the tail received isolation and ambush, their main force would have a difficult time trying to reinforce.

“Leave Sixth Ship Legion behind, the other Ship Legions continue advancing. They are purposely stalling us in this ocean region,” said the tactician.

Vice chief Tie Jun nodded and issued the order suggested by the tactician.

“The fleet should take a square formation. Even if the ice will severely damage the ship, we have to maintain this formation. Otherwise, we will be cut off by them using the same method. It’s not a big problem if the ships get damaged, the resources in that territory will be more than enough to repair the damages, we can even build an even grander fleet, isn’t that right?” said the tactician.

The tactician’s suggestion was transmitted and Wupan Navy immediately changed their formation.

The ice was crushed. The fleet broke through the ice and kept pushing the ice aside.

The frozen ocean was not simply covered in a layer of ice. The ice surface also contained many sharp ice spikes. The fleet ramming in like that resulted in ships getting damaged non-stop......

However, just like what the tactician said, this loss was nothing. Everything could be recovered after landing.

However, the tactician was very curious just how New Moon Land managed to achieve this. How did they freeze an entire ocean region’s surface? Could it be that New Moon Land possessed an extremely large ice property soul pet army?

“I wonder how much time and effort they spent to freeze this ocean region,” said the tactician Ning An.

“Freezing an ocean region was a huge task, especially when creating a frozen ocean region that could obstruct a fleet of 10,000 like Wupan Navy. Tactician Ning An was certain New Moon Land had spent a huge amount of resources to achieve this.

However, so what if they could freeze the ocean region? It only hindered their advancement a little. A little harassment would not affect the overall situation. It made Ning An feel New Moon Land’s action was just futile.

Seventh Ship Legion and Sixth Ship Legion remained in the frozen ocean. There were about 20,000 people.

The remaining 80,000 navy crews took a square formation and broke apart the frozen ocean, advancing towards New Moon Land’s Windy Rain City.

“Actually, it’s a little redundant to call me here this time. This war is simply advancing our army to a place and then overwhelm them,” The tactician looked at the coastline in the distance and calmly smiled.

Seeing the coastline, vice chief’s eyes also brightened. New Moon Land was a treasure chest. If they discovered it sooner, Tie Jun would have sent their fleet to occupy this much earlier. They would not wait until the other factions come to snatch a share.


In the sky, the military seagull appeared again.

This time, it was a blue beak military seagull. This military seagull was one rank higher than red beak seagull. Wupan Navy would only use blue beak seagull to transmit messages when encountering great danger!

Vice chief Tie Jun and tactician Ning An frowned after seeing blue beak seagull.

“Reporting, Seventh Ship Legion was annihilated, Sixth Ship Legion is retreating, requesting first level reinforcement!”

Vice chief Tie Jun, tactician Ning An and the officers behind them were dumbfounded after hearing this news. They could not believe their ears.

“What! Repeat that!” roared vice chief Tie Jun furiously.

“Seventh Ship Legion’s No.1 Navy army, No. 3 Navy army, No. 4 Navy army...... completely annihilated!” Blue beak seagull lowered its head and repeated the news.

Completely annihilated!

This time, Seventh Ship Legion sent five navy armies. There were a total of 10,000 crews. Amongst them were 500 Dominators and 7 Immortals!

This was a fighting force that could roam freely in Wupan Ocean Region. They were actually annihilated in such a short time!

Vice chief Tie Jun suddenly moved forward and pulled up the kneeling military seagull, as if he was about to tear this military seagull apart!

“Vice chief, calm down,” Tactician Ning An walked up and persuaded the furious vice chief Tie Jun.

Tie Jun was Wupan Navy’s vice chief, as well as a short-tempered person. There were countless Wupan navy crews dying in his hands.

“Military seagull, describe the details,” Tactician Ning An’s elegant calmness already disappeared.

10,000 navy crews were annihilated mysteriously. This was definitely never heard of before. Ning An did not expect New Moon Land to be so capable.

That military seagull displayed the quality of a soldier and reported with calmness, “When Seventh Ship Legion cruised forward, the freezing speed of the ice layer suddenly accelerated. They could no longer advance. Seventh Ship Legion crews summoned their soul pets to break the ice. However, the breaking speed could not catch up to the freezing speed. As a result, the entire fleet was trapped on the ocean.”

“When the other Ship Legions continued to advance and left, every ship immediately suffered crashes from underwater creatures......”

“What creatures are those?” interrupted Ning An.

“Ice Demon Sharks!” answered the military seagull.

“Ice Demon Sharks...... Ice Demon Sharks, that’s impossible. How can there be Ice Demon Sharks in this Dark Sky Ocean??” questioned a general behind the tactician.

They often travelled the oceans, so they knew very well which creatures inhabited which ocean regions.

Ice Demon Shark lived in the center of Eternal Ocean East Ocean. They almost never left their ocean region. This Dark Sky Ocean was very far away from the center of East Ocean. How could they appear here? This was illogical!

“Could it be New Moon Land’s Ice Demon Shark soul pet army?” asked a general.

That military seagull answered, “We never saw any soul pet trainer, not a single one.”

Tactician Ning An frowned deeply. If those were Ice Demon Sharks, it could explain how this ocean region was frozen.

However, why would there be Ice Demon Sharks here? Furthermore, they were clearly not the soul pets of others. Could it be that Dark Sky Ocean was currently Ice Demon Shark’s territory? Their Wupan Navy unfortunately cruised through their territory and was attacked by them?

Ning An was an intelligent tactician. He could see through many things immediately.

However, Ning An could not comprehend the annihilation incident this time no matter how he thought about it.

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